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The Best Small RVs With King Beds

Published on April 22nd, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

dining area inside of a small camper - feature image for Small RVs With King Beds
The Casita Liberty

Small RVs With King Beds: The Best Models For 2022

King beds are a luxury that many people assume are only available in huge fifth wheels and Class A RVs. However, these large and comfortable beds can be found in a variety of smaller RVs including teardrop trailers, travel trailers, Class C motorhomes, and pop-up campers. There are lots of small RVs with king beds if you look for them.

Below we’ve compiled a list of 5 small RVs with king beds. Some are larger than others, but all are under 30 feet long, so they can be towed by most half-ton trucks or strong SUVs.

Harrier 6×10

  • Total Exterior Length: 10 feet
  • Fresh Water Capacity: N/A
  • Mattress Size: 72 inches x 84 inches

If you’re in the market for a simple, cost-efficient RV, the Harrier 6×10 should be on your list. This is a teardrop trailer, but it contains a king size bed that measures 72 inches by 84 inches. The mattress is 6 inches thick and made of memory foam. This trailer doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it will serve as a cozy spot to sleep and unwind after a long day of travel.

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In addition to the king bed, the Harrier 6×10 is equipped with a storage area underneath, exterior LED lights, birch cabinetry, and a rear galley. It also has carpeted walls and R16 insulation to help retain heat.

For a higher price, customers can choose to upgrade to the Deluxe model. The bed size remains the same no matter what, but the upgraded model includes things like a built-in stove, off-road tires, and full skid plates. To view more details about this trailer, visit the product page here.

Casita Liberty

  • Total Exterior Length: 17 feet
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 25 gallons
  • Mattress Size: 76 inches x 82 inches (when fully expanded)

Next up, we have a model with a few more amenities. The Casita Liberty is definitely one of the best small RVs with king beds. Its cozy, compact layout can be adjusted to suit the needs of the passengers. The standard model comes with a dinette that can be converted into a double bed or a king size bed. When the bed is stowed away, some space is freed up for a pair of seats that sit against the walls.

These trailers also come with kitchen setups that include a sink, range, refrigerator, and storage space. The standard Casita Liberty floor plan has a set of double bunk beds along the front wall as well as some storage space. The Deluxe upgrade has a toilet, shower, and corner wardrobe instead.

Customers can prioritize their needs and choose between extra sleeping space or a built-in bathroom. Overhead storage cabinets line almost all of the walls, so there’s plenty of storage. Both plans are great and the remaining features stay pretty much the same between the Deluxe and Standard models. These features put the Casita Liberty among the best small RVs with king beds. You can learn more about it here.

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST

  • Total Exterior Length: 19 feet (in travel mode)
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 23 gallons
  • Mattress Size: 76 inches x 80 inches

Pop-up campers are a fantastic choice for travelers who want a small trailer that can be expanded once they reach the campsite. These RVs often have the beds located in the pop-out sections to save space. The Clipper Classic 1285SST is a model that boasts 2 beds (1 on each end of the camper). The first bed is a queen, while the second is a king.

Between these two large mattresses, there’s plenty of sleeping space on both ends of this RV. This camper also has a nice middle section that includes a dinette that sits within a slideout. The dinette features a center table and bench seat on each side. The seats can flip up to reveal storage space underneath.

The center module also contains a sink, range, refrigerator, gaucho, wet bath, and a couple of storage cabinets. An additional storage box is available underneath the king size bed. Small RVs with king beds sometimes feel a bit cramped, but the Clipper Classic makes great use of its space! For more details about this floor plan, visit the product page here.

Thor A.C.E. 27.2

  • Total Exterior Length: 28 feet, 10 inches
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Mattress Size: 72 inches x 76 inches

Motorhomes are another type of RV that can sometimes contain king beds. Typically, you’ll only find these large mattresses in Class A models, but there are a few small Class Cs that have them as well. The Thor A.C.E. 27.2 is a great example!

The rear of this motorhome has a king size bed that sits partially within a slideout. This helps provide some more walking space around the bed. A dry bathroom sits in the corner across from the bedroom and it’s outfitted with a toilet, sink, and shower.

The center of this motorhome hosts the kitchen and living room. The kitchen has a counter with a good amount of work/storage space as well as a sink, 3-burner stove, microwave, and refrigerator. A booth-style dinette sits across from a jack-knife sofa, so there is plenty of space to sit down and relax.

Finally, there’s an additional bed located above the river’s cab. This mattress isn’t a king, but it’s large enough to host 1-2 people in comfort. A motorhome like this is perfect for the needs of a couple or small family, so it’s definitely one of the best small RVs with king beds.

Cougar Half-Ton 22RBS

  • Total Exterior Length: 25 feet, 11 inches
  • Fresh Water Capacity: 60 gallons
  • Mattress Size: 70 inches x 80 inches

Finally, we have a luxury travel trailer design from Keystone. The Cougar 22RBS is a compact travel trailer that provides the perfect living setup for a couple or single passenger.

The front end of this trailer holds the king bed as well as a pair of nightstands and wardrobes that sit on either side. Overhead cabinets stretch above the bed, so there’s plenty of room to store possessions. A TV is also located in this room, so travelers can watch their favorite shows in bed.

A single slideout is located in the middle section of this RV; it is used to host a U-shaped dinette. Customers can also choose to swap this out with 2-person theater seats. A kitchen sits across from the dinette, and it is equipped with a refrigerator, sink, range, microwave, oven, and plenty of counter space.

The very rear of this trailer contains a dry bath. It’s a comfortable size and has room for a toilet, shower, sink, linen closet, and some overhead cabinets. This travel trailer is cozy and perfect for 1-2 passengers who want to travel in comfort. The king size bed puts it above many of its competitors!

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12 thoughts on “The Best Small RVs With King Beds”

  1. It’s all well and good to have a King Size bed, but at 6’4”, it’d be nice to know if they have headroom to match. I will never understand the reluctance of rv manufacturers to offer 6’6” or over headroom when they will put in a bed to accommodate?

  2. What a waste of space, if one needs to sleep that far away from your other might as well get twin beds. Space is so limited as it is it’s stupid to waste on king bed

  3. Interesting that you omitted the Trailmanor, which tows at 24 feet, and opens up to 30 feet… is a hard sided pop up/travel trailer……the 3124 has a king sized bed. It can towed with an SUV.


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