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5 Small Campers With Outdoor Kitchens

Published on September 20th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

small campers with outdoor kitchen

5 Small Campers With Outdoor Kitchens

When traveling in an RV, it’s important to consider where you’ll be doing your cooking. There are lots of different options available to campers, whether that be buying food as you travel, cooking inside the trailer, using a fire pit, or using an outdoor kitchen. Finding small campers with outdoor kitchens is easier than you might think, and there are several great options available.

Small RVs and trailers are quite popular because they are lighter and easier to tow with everyday vehicles. You don’t need a powerful truck in order to take a little trailer out on the road. Because of their small size, they often have outdoor kitchens because the interior floor plan can’t fit them in. Below are 5 of the best small campers with outdoor kitchens, plus one honorable mention that can be transported in an electric truck!

1. Rockwood GEO Pro G19FD

The first camper comes from the Rockwood line by Forest River. The GEO Pro is a compact trailer, coming in at just over 20 feet long. This model actually splits the kitchen features between the interior and exterior. Inside the camper, you can find a refrigerator, sink, microwave, and a recessed cooktop that combines the functions of a range and small oven.

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The outdoor kitchen includes a griddle with an LP hookup. It also comes with 2 LP tanks that power the cooking setup. This is great for cooks who love to work outdoors. In addition to the outdoor kitchen, this unit also has an exterior shower so passengers can wash off before going inside.

The rest of the interior of the Rockwood GEO Pro is cozy and comfortable as well. It can sleep a couple of people on the Murphy bed and has all the necessities a trailer needs.

2. No Boundaries NB10.6

Despite its small size, the No Boundaries trailer really lives up to its name. It’s only 13 feet long but it has room for several large storage areas, a pantry, TV, fold-out sofa, and a garage space large enough for a four-wheeler!

This is also among the best small campers with outdoor kitchens because the kitchen setup includes a 12V refrigerator and a gas-powered range with 2 burners. There are also some built-in drawers and the whole setup is designed to slide neatly into one of the storage lockers.

This is a fantastic RV for people who are looking to travel light but still enjoy all the benefits of camping in a trailer.

3. r-Pod West Coast RP-202

The r-pod is the largest RV on this list, but it still measures in at a tight 25 feet in length. That’s definitely small enough to be towed by a variety of trucks and other mid-sized vehicles. This floor plan is well-designed and it manages to fit a lot of amenities in the limited space.

Like the Rockwood GEO Pro, the r-Pod West Cost RP-202 trailer has split features between its indoor and outdoor kitchen. The indoor kitchen includes a sink, range, oven, and refrigerator, while the outside kitchen has a griddle and sink. The RV pantry is located almost directly in the middle of these two cooking areas, which is great for accessibility.

This trailer also includes a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a bathroom, a slide-out containing a dinette, and several wardrobe and storage areas. It’s a great model for couples and small families to consider.

4. The Meaner Bean With An Upgraded Galley

Now we can get to the truly small campers with outdoor kitchens! The Meaner Bean is a teardrop trailer, which is one of the smallest types of RV on the market. It’s essentially just a small bedroom on wheels, but the Meaner Bean packs every inch with great features.

One of the best parts of this teardrop trailer is the outdoor galley kitchen in the back. You just need to open a hatch on the rear and you’ll have instant access to your storage and cooking area. The standard Meaner Bean doesn’t offer a kitchen area, but if you upgrade to the Base Plus, Premium, or Premium Plus layout, you’ll be able to add a nice cooking area to your galley.

Depending on the upgrades you choose, the kitchen of a Meaner Bean could include:

  • Two-burner stove
  • 7 gallon water tanks (2)
  • Collapsible/removable sink
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Power-coated cooler/fridge
  • Filter and pump
  • Washable workspaces with backsplash

5. Classic Teardrop Trailer from Timberleaf

Another great teardrop trailer comes to us from Timberleaf! The Classic model from Timberleaf has all the features you need from a tiny trailer, including a tough off-roading exterior, a comfortable bedroom, and built-in lighting and storage spaces.

Like the Meaner Bean, the Classic Timberleaf also has a rear galley that can be used for cooking. It’s built with bright metal and smooth, natural-looking wood. The outdoor kitchen includes a ton of storage space, a built-in sink, 2-burner stove, electrical outlets, and a variety of options for refrigerators/coolers. There’s also a counter with plenty of workspace for food preparation and appliances.

The Timberleaf Classic is a wonderful option for those who want to travel light, but travel in style.

Classic Teardrop Trailer from Timberleaf - small campers with outdoor kitchens

Honorable mention: The Rivian Camp Kitchen for Electric Trucks

If you like the idea of small campers with outdoor kitchens but aren’t sure if you want to commit to the responsibility of a trailer, you could also consider this amazing camp kitchen! This is a new product that is designed to pair with electric trucks. It has a flat top stove with 2 burners and a 4-gallon sink.

This camp kitchen comes with a Snow Peak set of appliances and tools, including:

  • A 3-piece nonstick cook set
  • Prep tools
  • A water kettle
  • A coffee grinder
  • Enough dishes, flatware, and insulated mugs for four people

Because it’s designed to pair with an electric truck, you won’t need to pack fuel tanks or wood for a campfire when you want to cook. This is certainly a pricey option, but it’s a pretty awesome product for cooking enthusiasts to consider.

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5 thoughts on “5 Small Campers With Outdoor Kitchens”

  1. with plenty of storage for all of those grills, firewood, kids tents etc. I am on without the inside sitting, just need a teardrop set up with more storage for all of the kid stuff.

  2. My wife and I have an idea for a perfect travel trailer for us. A fully functional outside kitchen, a comfortable Queen bed, 2 very comfortable places to sit. An inside kitchen not required nor a table inside ! Have any ideas ?

  3. The Teardrops from Camp-Inn @ also have a well organized outdoor kitchen. Definitely at the upper echelon of teardrops

  4. One of the best backroad teardrop is which we just recently sold to upgrade to an r-pod is the Nu Camp Tag XL Boondock. We had the 12v chest refrigerator / freezer along with the two burner stove and sink. Queen size bed and AC which our Honda 1000 watt generator could run easily. Had some of the best times just short of the pandemic roaming out west.


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