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Man Donates RVs For Homeless People in Oklahoma

Man Donates RVs For Homeless People in Oklahoma

Renovated RVs for homeless Oklahomans are putting roofs over people’s heads, thanks to one Oklahoma man who donates his time to help them.

RVs for homeless people

According to Oklahoma City’s 2019 Point-In-Time Count report, almost 1,300 people were without a home. Many factors are responsible for this increase. Oklahoma housing cost increases are one of the biggest.

Ryan Laughlin, a resident of Del City,  aims to help many of these individuals, especially the working homeless population. He provides them with a place of their own to sleep, shower, and eat. 

Ryan explains, “Aside from being presentable which will help them keep their jobs, they will feel better about themselves.” 

Inspiration for RV renovations

One day Ryan helped out a friend who was living in his car. Then he became inspired to renovate more RVs for homeless people. First, he restored an old RV that was sitting on his property. Then he gifted it to his friend so he would have a home in the interim of saving money and securing a job. 

His friend’s life was completely transformed from Ryan’s act of kindness as he is now living in an apartment.  The improvement in his friend’s life inspired Ryan to help others in similar situations.

Photo via GoFundMe

Progressing to a non-profit organization

From donated RVs for veterans to families in need, Ryan is busy refurbishing old but usable RVs for other project candidates.  He uses a portion of his income, outside monetary contributions, and donated RV parts and appliances to get the job done. 

The hours are long and the multiple make over tasks are tedious. Using his background experience, Ryan troubleshoots plumbing and electrical issues. He fixes framing problems, updates carbon monoxide detectors, performs propane safety checks, and ensures escape windows function properly.  RV units include bathrooms and showers.

Ryan is working with lawyers to establish a nonprofit entity and address legal concerns involving the safety and livability of each renovated RV.

How to Give RVs to Homeless People in Oklahoma

You can help Ryan give more RVs to homeless people in Oklahoma. For more information on monetary contributions and supply donations, visit “Ryan’s Campers for the Homeless” Facebook page or GoFundMe page.  He is hoping to raise $8000 towards future RV renovations but is equally open to receiving material donations like wood or any parts and appliances that can be used in an RV.

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4 thoughts on “Man Donates RVs For Homeless People in Oklahoma

  1. I would like to help you build them for the homeless, once I get there this month. I have built several myself to help some homeless out in Colorado during the pandemic when I lived there 2 years. I’m in kansas city now, but leaving to move back to okc this month in my own rv I renovated.

  2. Hi. This is a very beautiful story I just read about your heart. I was doing this in Colorado for a few homeless people until my money ran out after my motorcycle hit & run accident in November of ’21.
    Been in kansas city healing, and now that is over, I’m driving my rv I renovated, to Oklahoma city where I was living about 7 years ago.
    So to make a long story short. I’m a multi highly skilled craftsman that many know there as well when I lived there 5 1/2 years. U.S. Marine veteran.
    And I would like to help you achieve your goals of helping to build any camper or rv you have I our spare time for the homeless. Together we can do more, at a faster pace as needed.

  3. Will you let a homeless person make payments to you for an rv? Any help will be most appreciated. I’m looking for anything reasonable. Thank you so much.

  4. I have a niece who has been homeless for a couple of years. She was living in the hill country in Texas in an unsafe situation.
    Her son and his wife need to get her into an rv to go around following them wherever the air force sends her daughter-in-law. They have 2 children.

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