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RV Women’s Alliance Is Launching A Mentorship Program For 2023

Published on December 16th, 2022 by Jennifer Jennings

A woman fills out a mentorship application form.
The RVWA is now accepting applications for mentors and mentees.

RV Women’s Alliance Launches New Mentorship Program

It’s no secret that women are often underrepresented in the business world, and the RV industry is no different. Because of this long-standing difference in representation (as well as lower salaries), women in the workforce face many problems that their male counterparts don’t have to struggle with. 

Gender inequality is just the tip of the iceberg. Many women also face limited business knowledge, unfavorable work environments, social expectations, difficulties building a support network, and even feelings of inadequacy or fear of failure. 

Luckily, the times are changing! There are more and more organizations and efforts to help support women in business. The RV Women’s Alliance is one such non-profit, with the goal of fostering the next generation of female leaders and innovators in the RV industry. Recently, the RV Women’s Alliance announced a full-scale mentorship going into 2023!

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Womens hands stacked together in a circle
The RV Women’s Alliance aims to encourage and assist women in their RV industry careers. 

What is the RV Women’s Alliance?

Founded in 2019, the RV Women’s Alliance (RVWA) has grown to more than 1400 members. Their goal is to turn the RV industry into a place where women can thrive, no matter their position. Their core values are:

  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Inclusivity
  • Positivity

To the Women’s Alliance, these aren’t just buzzwords they’ve chosen randomly. The RVWA has a plan to achieve their goals. 

To succeed in their mission of elevating, educating, and promoting women in the RV industry, the RVWA mapped out a clear strategic plan. First, they aim to become a trusted resource for the entire RV industry. Open to both women and men, they want their members to spread their mission and provide meaningful value to others. 

The RVWA wants to see actual, quantifiable results, like the advancement of women in their careers. One way they’re making that happen is through value-adds and programs. Members will enjoy opportunities for both education and networking to help them grow professionally and personally. The RVWA Mentorship Program will help lead the way in these efforts. 

2022 Pilot Program

Before announcing its full-scale mentorship program for 2023, the RVWA ran a pilot program in 2022. The pilot program had five teams of mentors and mentees. The mentorship program was intended to offer RVWA members the opportunity to learn and network with other women. The plan was to meet once a month, where the mentees helped the mentors set goals and plan strategies to achieve those goals. 

The six-month pilot program proved successful, with raving reviews from the first group of mentors and mentees. One participant said she hit off with her mentor right away. The duo ended up having weekly calls that helped immensely during a transitional time at work. The mentee now plans to volunteer as a mentor in the future. 

Another participant said her mentor reached out to her when she wasn’t sure how to handle specific obstacles. Relationships with coworkers in the male-dominated industry seemed to be a common hurdle for many women. 

One woman mentors two others in a professional business setting
Since the pilot program was such a success, the Women’s Alliance will launch in full swing in 2023 and continue for years to come.

Expanding the Mentorship Program in 2023

The team at RVWA could not have been happier with the pilot program’s success. They decided to launch the full Women’s Alliance program next year. In 2023, they will transition to include five pairings of mentors and mentees for each quarter of the year, resulting in a total of 20 mentor relationships. 

The program is designed to help women early in their RV careers. They will be matched with an industry veteran who can help them navigate the industry and offer valuable wisdom to newer RV professionals. The resulting relationship helps educate members and gives mentees a head start on networking.

Mentorship has a positive impact on individuals’ career trajectories with:

  1. Support
  2. Accountability
  3. Constructive feedback

The truth is that being a mentor also has many benefits. Both mentees and mentors experience growth and new perspectives. 

Other opportunities from the RVWA

While mentorship has been part of strategic planning since the organization was founded, it’s certainly not the only networking opportunity available to members. Other programs that can help women in the RV industry network with like-minded individuals include:

  • The RVWA Book Club
  • Various Task Forces
  • A calendar filled with local events 

On top of that, the RVWA has other learning opportunities as well. They hold a two-day educational symposium focusing on two tracks to help professionals along their career paths. The RV Women’s Alliance also offers virtual workshops on a wide range of topics throughout the year. 

Apply for the RVWA 2023 Mentorship Program 

This is the first and only mentorship for women in the RV industry that we’ve ever heard of. Who doesn’t love the idea of encouraging and helping women interested in careers in the RV industry? Women in any business increase innovation, creativity, and success, and the work that RVWA is doing to help recruit, promote, and advance women in their field is admirable. 

If you’re interested in applying for the RV Women’s Alliance mentorship program, either as a mentor or mentee, check out the networking page on their website!

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