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The Benefits Of An RV Van Rental

Published on November 29th, 2021 by Kendall Jennings

Camper van at a campsite with awning sset up over table and chairs - RV van rental

The Benefits Of An RV Van Rental

It’s well known that van life has exploded in the last couple of years and continues to grow. The simplicity of van life and the freedom it offers make it appealing to so many people. Now more than ever after the last year, people are looking for that freedom and sense of adventure.

Okay, so maybe you aren’t planning on selling your house and moving into a van. Maybe you are just looking to take a weekend away yourself or plan an epic road trip with your bestie. Whatever the case, an RV van rental can be a great option.

Benefits of an RV van rental

Just in case you haven’t already talked yourself into renting a van, let’s look at some of the main benefits to help you with that decision.

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Ease of travel

RVs of all types provide freedom, however, in the case of travel trailers and motorhomes, this freedom comes with the challenge of maneuverability and space requirements. An RV van rental gives you the freedom to travel without worries. Not having enough room to park, or questioning that windy dirt road to nowhere is no fun.

Millions of delivery vans transit large cities daily. Although your RV van may be larger than your family car, they are much more nimble than a tow-behind trailer or large motorhome. For many people, the task and responsibility of navigating a large trailer limit them from RV life. Vans are much less scary to those without the desire to tow a trailer.

Boondocking is another very popular way to travel and getaway. Lots of people do it with all sorts of RVs large and small. Driving off into the open desert or through a forestry road is much less stressful with a van.

With a van, you will not only enjoy the open highway but can easily explore those small towns and even venture into the big cities! Want to hit that In-N-Out Burger drive-through on your way through a city? With your RV van rental, it’s no problem!

Cost of travel

With any automobile travel, fuel is a huge cost. In comparison to towing a trailer or running a large motorhome, the fuel consumed by RV vans, especially newer models, will be cost-saving for you.

If you will be using campgrounds, odds are your van will only require the smallest sites. If you prefer free locations, an RV van rental will give more options for places to park overnight or just pull into for a quick nap. In both situations, you can save some money on your stays.

Regardless of if it’s a rental or not, you will have to pay for fuel. However, going with a rental eliminates some big upfront costs, most notably buying a van. The maintenance and any unintentional repairs needed will also be covered by your rental contract. Insurance costs will be limited to your rental length and not a year-long commitment like owning.

Investing in an RV is a big financial commitment. Are you considering buying a van, but aren’t sure of what exactly you want, or how much you will actually enjoy and use it? Renting first makes sense, try before you buy.

Van fueling up at a gas pump - RV van rental

They are just so cool!

You’ve seen all the van life photos taking over your Instagram feed and casually peeked inside that sweet Volkswagen parked at the beach. Camper vans just have a cool vibe that intrigues people.

The van community is huge and now more than ever you see at least one van wherever you go. Van meetups and caravans are commonplace and can be a fun way to spend your time with some like-minded vagabonds like yourself.

Vanlifers and many other online groups and forums are a great resource to plan a van trip and get some expert tips from the pros.

You can choose your van

Most RV van rentals will be well-optioned and as homey as any other RV minus the space. Vans are not just a bed on wheels. If you want a luxurious rolling condo, but can’t justify the cost to purchase, a rental is a fraction of the cost.

If your vision of a van is a vintage VW bus with just a table to eat at, there are companies that cater to this. Maybe it’s just a day trip or special event you want a van for. Whichever type of van you choose for your rental, the cool factor will definitely be there!

Whether it’s a romantic getaway in the mountains, a cross-country road trip, or just a fun day at the beach with the kids, an RV van rental is a great way to get away. Need more inspiration or have more questions about RV van rentals? Check out Vanlifers for more information. Looking for a company that offers RV van rentals, as well as other types of RVs and towables? Head over to RVShare to find the perfect RV rental for your specific travel needs.

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2 thoughts on “The Benefits Of An RV Van Rental”

  1. Our family loves to travel and visit different states and like the adventure of riding an RV while traveling. I love the comfort of the amenities of a rental RV. I agree that you mention the ease of traveling, and even though there were problems encountered when it comes to parking, I still find it comfortable it makes me feel at home even traveling.

  2. If you do not own a van, and you wish to camp in one, then renting one is pretty much your only choice. My experience with (motorhome) rentals was as follows:
    1) The rental place does not open until 9AM, so you lose a good part of the morning
    2) Between the paperwork and all the stuff they feel they need to tell you, it takes 1-1/2 hours to get out of the place with the RV
    3) When you get back to the house at 11:00, you have to load all the clothes, groceries, bed clothes, recreational gear, flashlights, campfire wood, etc., etc into the rig. It is now 2:00, and you are hot, tired, cranky and hungry, so you have lunch
    4) FINALLY you get on the road at 3:00. You have spent 2./3 of a day just getting started. Naturally, in the rush, you forgot several important things, so you just decide to buy them instead of going back. The trip to the store takes 35 minutes and costs $75.00 (minimum)
    5) you pull into the campsite at 9:30 on Saturday night.
    6) You have a good time on Sunday- so much so that you do not leave until 3:00PM. This means you get home at 9:30 on Sunday night. You now have three choices 1) stay up until 2:00 unpacking and cleaning the RV or 2) get up at 5:00AM tomorrow morning to get the RV emptied and clean so that you can get it to the dealer at 9:00 and arrive at work at 10:15 when you were supposed to be there at 8:00 (does not matter if you choose choice 1), this will STILL happen) or 3) Take Monday off so you can take care of the unloading and cleaning and returning of the RV.
    7) You have just paid something like $200/day to have 9 hours at the campground, and you are totally exhausted.
    8) You are probably better off buying the damn thing (used, not new) and seeing if you like it. If you don’t, after 5 or so days of camping in it, you can sell it for $1,000 less than you paid for it and still be more rested and dollars ahead. Just my opinion


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