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This New RV Tank Monitor System Is Easy To Set Up

RV tank levels are a constant worry for RVers. Adding to that worry, tissue paper and other debris get hung up on internal sensors resulting in inaccurate or useless readings. Wouldn’t it be nice if the tank sensors were on the outside of the tanks instead of inside? 

The RV industry is ever-evolving with new rigs stocked with all sorts of tech gadgets. It may come as no surprise to hear there are tank sensors that can read the liquid level from the outside of the tanks and display that level on your phone via Bluetooth. But it might raise an eyebrow or two to learn that this new sensor system from Garnet could easily be retrofitted into older rigs. In fact, many RVers can install the system themselves.

The Garnet SeeLevel II Model 709-BTP3 tank monitor system will be available June 1st.

The system includes three adhesive circuit boards or senders. These external tank level sensors can use your existing system wiring and adhere to most tank materials. The sensor strips can be shortened or combined to accommodate various tank shapes and sizes. They are self-calibrating, so they can read from zero to one-hundred percent regardless of tank size.

The system also comes with a display that is mounted inside your rig. For precision, the display shows the fullness of your tanks as a percentage. A smart device such as a phone or tablet can be connected from up to 30 feet away to monitor the tank levels.

For those with older rigs lacking technology, you might think that this system requires a lot of prewiring or extensive electrical skills. Pete Pennington, sales, service, and marketing manager at Garnet, said, “It’s ideal for retrofits, where the tank system or wiring is limited.”

Anyone looking for a DIY project that adds digital flair to their analog system should check out the Garnet SeeLevel II Model 709-BTP3 tank monitor.

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