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Product Review: RV Short Queen Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo

Published on May 31st, 2021 by Levi Henley

Product Review: RV Short Queen Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo

Many RVers have noticed that mattress sizes can get a little strange. The “queen” size mattress in your RV may actually be known as an RV Short Queen. It’s 5 inches shorter than a regular queen and a little narrower. This can make finding things like mattress toppers for your RV bed a little tricky, especially if you are looking for a quality topper.  There is good news for all RVers who want to sleep comfortably while traveling. Dormeo, a  company that makes award-winning mattresses, pillows, and toppers, has released their Premium Mattress Topper with patented Octaspring Technology in an RV Short Queen size.

We had a chance to sleep on the topper for a couple of weeks and couldn’t be more pleased and well-rested. It’s quite a game-changer when it comes to RV sleeping comfort. Let’s look at how Dormeo claims to be different from their competition compared to our real-world experience.

Sleep Science

According to the Sleep Foundation, “Sleep is an essential function that allows your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you wake up. Healthy sleep also helps the body remain healthy and stave off diseases. Without enough sleep, the brain cannot function properly. This can impair your abilities to concentrate, think clearly, and process memories.”

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It’s a good idea for RVers to concentrate and think clearly while on the road, and making memories is why we travel in the first place. If doing that means getting enough sleep, having a comfortable bed is an excellent first step to doing so. But there is a lot more that goes into a quality sleep, other than just a padded surface.

Pressure Points

Our RV mattress has always left us with random aches and pains from sleeping in one position or another. For the most part, when you are getting a mattress for an RV or your home, you are forced to decide whether you want your mattress to be firm, medium, or soft throughout the whole mattress. Unfortunately, the typical human body requires different firmness levels for the various body areas to keep everything aligned as it should be when sleeping.


There’s a lot that happens to our bodies when we sleep. Our body temperature will drop. This drop in temperature signals the release of sleep hormones and promotes restful sleep. According to one study, “In real-life situations where bedding and clothing are used, heat exposure increases wakefulness and decreases slow wave sleep and rapid eye movement sleep.”

There are several products on the market to combat memory foam’s ability to hold in heat. Our memory foam mattress actually comes with a cover that supposedly uses “Phase Changing Materials” to keep you cool, but it still gets pretty warm easily. In essence, one of the most significant factors causing memory foam mattresses and toppers to get too hot is lack of airflow.

Dormeo Octaspring Technology

An X-ray cutout showing the Octasprings inside the Premium Matterss Topper from Dormeo
Octaspring from Dormeo

Dormeo’s answer to both of the issues above is their patented Octaspring Technology. They basically took the concept of a bedspring and memory foam to create a memory foam bed spring. I would have called it a Fring, but I’ll admit, Octaspring has a better ring to it. When you look at the theory, it’s a great idea.

Let’s start with pressure points. Each Octaspring is individually placed and can move in three dimensions. The company claims that this allows them to evenly distribute body weight. Just like bedsprings, they can have different firmness levels. Dormeo uses this feature to intelligently design different firmness zones in both their mattresses and the mattress toppers.

Creating these zones can help the bed give you more support where needed and have a bit more give where you don’t. This can help maintain proper alignment while sleeping in various positions. Dormeo’s site claims you can get 8X better pressure relief with Octaspring Technology.

When it comes to temperature, Octaspring is just as innovative. As mentioned above, memory foam works as an excellent insulator that holds in heat because it allows little to no airflow. Each Octaspring, as you can see, is full of holes. It’s part of their spring-like design. These air spaces carry away hot, humid air and take in cool fresh air anytime you move. Dormeo claims its patented technology is 8X more breathable.

To get a better idea of how this technology works, check out the video below.

Our Mattress Topper Review: 

My wife and I have lived and traveled around the country in our RV for over six years. If you’re reading this, then you have no doubt read some of our other articles on other RV Life websites. Since we live, breathe, and write the RV lifestyle, we were thrilled when RV Life contacted us about testing out and reviewing The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo along with two Dormeo True Evolution Pillows for Camper Report.

Ordering Process

Dormeo gets excellent marks for customer communication. Once our mattress topper and pillows were ordered, we received an email confirming our order. It further explained that we would receive another email as soon as the product shipped. The next day our tracking number was emailed to us before the product even left.

Once the product was officially on the way, we were given an update. About that time, a company representative contacted us via phone to see if we had any questions. He told us that we would be receiving status updates for our order via email. We were even sent an instruction video on unpacking and getting the topper ready to go on the bed.

Overall, we felt that the company took great steps to make the ordering, shipping, and receiving process as customer-friendly and painless as possible.

Our First Impression

The topper comes in a spiffy duffle bag and is vacuum-sealed to compress it for shipping. The moisture-wicking hypo-allergenic cover is easily removable, machine washable, and feels very well made and nice to the touch.

We maintained our skepticism as to how much comfort the 3″ topper would actually add to the mattress. We’ve tried mattress toppers in the past. Aside from adding some cushion, they didn’t do much for support or the overall feel of the mattress. We waited with cautious optimism as the topper laid out uncompressing.

After six hours, we set it up. Each corner has straps that are adjustable and hold the topper in place on your existing mattress. It was time to lay on it.

The Most Comfortable RV Bed

Natalie laying on the The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo® 3" Topper.

OK, let me be honest here. The undiscounted price for this topper is $479.99. That’s not the most expensive mattress topper on the market, but it isn’t cheap by any means. As we climbed on the bed, knowing that we would be writing about this product, we hoped it felt at least half as good as it looked.

I could feel the weight of my body sink just enough into the top layer of Dormeo’s signature Recovery Foam before the supportive Octasprings cradled my body. When it comes to memory foam and toppers, it was the most unique and comfortable experience. It honestly felt like a completely different bed but in a good way.

A person laying on the Premium Mattress Topper from Dormeo.
The Certipur-US™ Memory Foam gives the perfect amount of cloud feeling. At the same time, the Octaspring Technology support prevents the sinking feeling associated with typical memory foam toppers and mattresses.

We really tried to find issues with this product to balance out its awesomeness. So far, we have only managed to come up with one thing, and it isn’t a deal-breaker by any means. The company suggests putting a waterproof fitted sheet over the topper to help protect it.

As RVers who have to make their bed in a cramped space, it would have been a nice cherry on top if the cover on the topper was waterproof. We already had a waterproof fitted sheet that went over our current mattress, so it wasn’t a big deal.

After Two Weeks

We have now been sleeping on The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo  with the True Evolution Pillows for over two weeks. I can feel the difference. I actually have fewer aches and pains in the morning and feel more rested.

Natalie mentioned, “The combination of Octaspring Technology and memory foam give it that “just right feeling.” It’s not completely firm or yielding. It gives support where I need it and the comfort to cradle me to sleep.”

We were both surprised that it’s comfortable for each of us. I weigh quite a bit more than my wife, so finding a bed that fits both our needs support-wise is next to impossible. Somehow Dormeo managed to do it.

As far as their claims of temperature control, we were once again pleasantly surprised. We both tend to sweat if the room is too warm. I have been known to wake up practically in a puddle on our current mattress. We have even tried cooling gel-infused mattress toppers in the past.

We have yet to wake up sweating. The Dormeo Premium Mattress Topper and Evolution Pillows always seem to be the right temperature. We aren’t sure if we can owe the lack of nocturnal perspiration to the moisture-wicking outer material of both the pillows and topper, the airflow of the Octaspring Technology, or both.

Pillow Talk

A Cutaway showing the Octasprings and memory foam layer of the True Evolution Pillow from Dormeo®
The True Evolution Pillow by Dormeo

Though this was a review of the mattress topper, it’s worth mentioning that the Evolution Pillows are excellent too. They use the same Octaspring Technology. One pillow keeps the head aligned with the spine without using a second pillow. They’re comfortable using while on our backs and sides too.

Final Thoughts

Dormeo makes some pretty big claims about their products. We were worried that their topper would be like others we have tried, and those claims would prove untrue. Much to our surprise, The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo and True Evolution Pillows have turned our RV bed into the most comfortable sleeping experience we have had in over six years living in an RV.

On a side note, our cats love it too. If Dormeo started making pet beds, we would be first in line. Their customer service is excellent, and we suggest that all RVers, looking for a good night’s sleep consider this mattress topper.

For those who are skeptical, the company has a hassle-free refund and return policy. The site says, “Dormeo Mattresses and Toppers have a 100-night, risk free trial starting from the delivery date. Sleep on your new Dormeo Product for a minimum of 30 nights in your own home, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you can request a full refund of the product purchase price.”

If you would like to get a Premium Mattress Topper for your RV, head over to to learn more.

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27 thoughts on “Product Review: RV Short Queen Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo”

  1. We have a Sleep Number mattress on an adjustable frame. To give us walking space, we move this frame into the “sitting up” position (close to a 90 degree angle) every day. Then, in the summer months, when we are not traveling, the slide is not extended, and the topper will have to remain at this angle for an extended period of time. I understand we would have about a 3 month trial, but I am wondering what effect this folding will have on the Octasprings over the course of 2-3 years.

    • CathieJo….

      Thanks for your question. Given the material used in our Octaspring technology, we do not anticipate any adverse affect from the topper being stored in a “sitting up” position for longer periods of time.

  2. Hi, Bob!

    Like many companies we use a global sourcing strategy to ensure consistent supply of product. Dormeo manufactures products in the USA (Nashville and Phoenix), China, Canada, and Europe. All of our products are engineered to meet US Certipur regulations which means there are no dangerous chemicals or off-gassing. Backed by our 100 night risk free trial.

  3. I’m in the market for a thinner mattress which could include a topper. Currently our queen size is residential size. The new one would preferably be RV size. Shorter. I’d like to hear from you.

    • The Premium RV Short Queen Topper by Dormeo is 60″x 75″x3″ vs. a Premium Queen Topper which measures 60″ x 80″ x 3″. Please look at our reviews on Amazon and Google and you will see some people doing exactly what you are suggesting. They believe that’s the solution for them.

  4. How does the topper perform on the slide out mattress? How well does it fold and how well does it do over the split? That is the uncomfotable part for us and would like to know if it covers that problem!

    • As long as they dimensions are the same as The Premium RV Short Queen Topper (60″x 75″) by Dormeo, it should be fine. The slide-out should not affect the topper. Because our Octasprings move in three dimensions and we don’t just use a slab of foam, you should not feel the split.

      Remember, we offer a 100-night guarantee! If you’re not happy, send it back.

      • Does the topper fold? We have a slide out for our bed and the mattress foldes up for travel, that’s why I need to know if it folds to fit our motor home. Thank you.

  5. Thanks for a very detailed and informative review of a seemingly very comfortable sleeping experience. You’ve convinced us it might be worth a try. Nearly five hundred bucks for a topper seems like a pretty pricy stretch for most budge though, including ours. However, with Dormeo’s current 30% markdown putting a queen topper at $336, we’re thinking about it. But their $100 price tag for a pillow? Not gonna happen.

    • Jim…appreciate the nice feedback on the Henley’s review. We also appreciate your comment about the price of The Premium Mattress Topper by Dormeo and that we are currently offering a discount.

    • Also wanted to mention that the Dormeo True Evolution Pillow is available at $30 off with Topper purchase in the checkout cart. Super comfy.

  6. We’ve been using one of their toppers at home for awhile now and I like it.
    Unfortunately our RV mattress has one corner cut off to clear the bathroom door so it has a cheaper memory foam topper that I had to take a foam hot knife too. That one came we a separate cover so just the foam was cut and the cover tucked underneath.

    • Thank you for your feedback and for being a customer Raymond! We will provide this feedback to our product development team.

  7. Great review. I really want a different mattress. My RV is a c class. The bed is in a slide out and split in two wedges so one slips over the other. Mattress is memory foam, not gel or breathable, sleeps very hot. I have 4 toppers on it that are supposed to be cooling, not at all, still hot. I can’t find anything that works. Help?

    • Joan. We believe the Octaspring technology in our premium topper will work for you. It is known to have up to 8x more airflow than a regular memory foam topper.

      Remember, we offer a 100-night guarantee! If you’re not happy, send it back.

      • Apologies, but we were not aware there were comments associated with the Henley’s review. We will now monitor this feed and answer questions posted. Please see answer to your question above or below. Thanks.

    • Stephen…this is not just a slab of foam you can wrestle back into a box or bag. Once rolled out and the Octasprings are allowed to expand, it takes on the characteristics more of a traditional mattress. That said, we are currently reviewing storage solutions that will allow for you to store our Premium Mattress Topper.

    • Stephen…you are not able to wrestle it back into a box or bag . Once rolled out and the Octasprings are allowed to expand, it takes on the characteristics more of a traditional mattress. That said, we are currently reviewing storage solutions that will allow for you to store our Premium Mattress Topper.

  8. I have found that the water proof toppers, those expensive sort of rubbery backed things, pretty much cancel out the air flow that is supposed to control temperature. I don’t know why these companies, for the hundreds of dollars they charge for 3” of foam materials, can’t make something with a material that doesn’t require something else on top. If it’s like the expensive memory foam (supposedly a keep cool one) mattress that we bought, the warranty is no good if you don’t have the topper!

  9. Would be nice to know where things were made. It should be required info in any report or veal. Thank you for your report. It was interesting.


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