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7 Ways To Take One More RV Road Trip In 2020

Published on October 10th, 2020 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on July 26th, 2023

RV Road Trip

7 Ways To Take One More RV Road Trip In 2020

2020 will be known as the year of the pandemic, and much more. It will also be known as the year of the road trip, and the Summer of the RV. Here are 7 ways you can extend that RV season and take one more RV road trip in 2020.

1. Rent an RV 

It seems obvious and almost overused, however this late in the game, buying an RV might be difficult. Supplies are low and buying an RV is a big step this late in the year right before the holiday season. Renting an RV from Outdoorsy is simple. You’ll get everything you need to take that family RV road trip. 

RV owners looking to get in on the action and make a few extra bucks can list their RV with Outdoorsy and provide a great RV for a family ready to take in one more RV road trip.

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2. “Skip” school and go on an RV road trip 

If you or your kids’ classroom is currently virtual, take advantage of that technology and do a little roadschooling. Cell coverage is fairly strong all over, and most campgrounds now have WiFi. Enjoy that virtual classroom in the outdoors. What better way to learn about Gettysburg than to go there. There are also hundreds of fascinating museums across the US. Take an RV road trip and visit a few.

3. Put off winterizing your RV

If your RV is being used, you don’t need to winterize it. If temperatures dip below freezing wherever your journey takes you, remember to disconnect the fresh water and sewer hoses. Run your heater as needed to keep everything thawed. It’s still early enough in the year that most places won’t have a hard freeze for very long. Bring a little rock salt for your RV steps and plan a safe RV route for your trip.

4. Turkey Day RV Road Trip

Traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday is nothing new. This year however, instead of flying or driving in and bunking with Aunt Edna, take an RV. You’ll have better opportunities for social distancing and you’ll appreciate the extra privacy.

Enjoy the fall colors from a completely new perspective. Take your time getting to your destination and enjoy the journey. If seeing family is out of the question due to COVID or certain travel restrictions, have your Thanksgiving at a campground in the woods, as the original settlers did. It can be a memorable experience for couples and families alike.

5. Make it a one-way trip

If time doesn’t allow for getting across the country and back, make it a one-way trip. Perhaps you’d like to sneak one last look at Yellowstone this year, but can’t get all the way up there and back again in a time frame that fits your schedule.

Most RV rental companies like Outdoorsy offer a one-way rental option for your RV road trip. Whether you rent on the way there or the way back, you can shave days off your trip and still see the country the way you want to.

6. Skip the RV altogether 

Technically, an RV road trip doesn’t have to include the RV. You can hit the road in your SUV or family wagon and hit up one of the thousands of campgrounds that offer cabins, yurts, even on-site RVs for rent. No RV required.

You can still feel like you are camping and see the sights you want to see. It’s easy to find these great campgrounds with RV LIFE Campgrounds. If you find you love the RV lifestyle, you can take your time and shop for an RV without feeling a sense of urgency to get one before the season ends.

7. Be like Cousin Eddie

You can always just be like Cousin Eddie and drop in unannounced on your family this Christmas. With the popularity of Zoom and other remote conferencing tools, many have the ability to work from almost anywhere. No reservation is required, however, you might want to find a campground as a backup plan just in case you get turned away.

If you do find a spot in the driveway for some prime moochdocking, remember to find a proper RV dump station when the…black tank…is full.

Cousin Eddie's RV road trip - Warner Brothers
Don’t do this on your RV road trip – Warner Brothers

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