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Why Are Rental RVs Gaining So Much Popularity?

Rental RVs are more popular than ever. With summer vacation on the cusp of this “new normal,” people are reevaluating their travel plans. They’re seeking alternative measures to enjoy their getaways while still abiding by CDC guidelines regarding social distancing and safety. Renting an RV seems to be a particularly popular option for vacationers this year, according to RVshare, an RV rental service.  

You don’t need to own an RV to enjoy a road trip in one. Photo via Mitch Barrie, Flickr Creative Commons

Rental RVs are more popular than ever

RVshare provides an online venue for owners to showcase their travel trailers, fifth wheels, or motorhomes for customers to view and possibly rent. Both owner and renter benefit from the exchange. The RV owner makes some extra income, and the renter has a bundled vacation package at their disposal—transportation, a place to sleep, and a full kitchen. This eliminates the need to search for airfare, hotel, and restaurants. Plus, renters are free of monthly RV payments and upkeep.

Since April, RVshare has seen a significant spike, a 650% increase, in reservations. This is a record for the company. The overnight boom can be attributed to a number of factors that were noted in a recent RVshare customer survey. According to the survey, among other features, customers are seeking availability and intimacy in their RV ventures.

Tons of Availability for Rental RVs

There is an ever-present uncertainty with planning right now.  Even so, close to 80% of RVshare users expressed their desire to travel within the next 3 months. RVshare allows customers to book with short notice, extend trips, or cancel reservations. This flexibility with scheduling, especially during uncertain times, has been an asset to the company as they have seen a stream of last-minute reservations and modifications. 

Rental RVs Provide Intimacy

Over 90% of poll respondents want to avoid crowds on their next vacation. Instead of popular tourist destinations, more than half of the testing population prefers vacationing in the solitude of nature–national parks and lakefronts. In addition, 84% prefer traveling with immediate family as opposed to friends or extended family. This is all for the sake of safety and health.

They’re More Flexible Too

The option to rent RVs allows customers flexibility in travel accommodations (what to travel in, who to bring along, how far to drive, and how long to stay). More people may start renting RVs as a means to vacation on a budget. In turn, RV owners could find that their RV is in demand, allowing them a stream of income rather than a storage fee. 

See What a Rental RV is Like

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