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RV Rental Company RVezy Reveals More Travel Survey Data

Published on April 19th, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan

RV rental company RVezy travel survey results show RVing increasing

The Pandemic Has Created 18 Million First-Time RV Travelers

RVezy, a premier North American peer-to-peer RV rental company, recently published the results of its latest travel survey. RVezy revealed that 18 million RVers, either through purchase or RV rental, will take to the roads. While the 2020 pandemic fueled travel boom is well documented, the thoughts of these RV travelers and their expectations for 2021 was not, until now.

Travel has been one of the most affected sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic. With cruise ships docked, planes on the ground, and international travel restrictions in place, the majority of travel over the past several months in America has been local road trips.


Staying Safe is important for those considering an RV rental or purchase for summer travel.
Staying safe is important for those considering an RV rental or purchase for summer travel.

People still want a vacation

As the RV industry discovered last year, people still want a vacation. With most other options off the table, the RV sales and RV rental platforms blew up, seeing record numbers across the board. RVing, camping, road trips, and exploring America’s great outdoors all benefited from declines in other travel and leisure options.

Many families took to the roads, often working remotely or roadschooling, but with vacationing as their primary objective. Years of “Someday we’ll take an RV across the country” came to fruition as it became the only option available to many.

Travel survey explains RV rental & purchase boom

The majority of Americans view RVing as the safest travel option right now. With over 58% seeing COVID restrictions in place until at least October, a vacation in 2021 is likely to involve RVing, either through purchase or RV rental. Not only is the demand to rent an RV higher than ever, those that are not traveling are also listing their RV for rent at unprecedented rates, hoping to earn some fantastic residual income.

You can read the complete RVezy survey here.

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  1. This is just an FYI, I have a 5th wheel an am thinking of renting a motor home for a trip to the east coast,
    Is it me or is it normal for people renting not to state how much they are charging the renter for mileage? I might rent something if the mileage cost was low enough. Do rental people think arll we want to do is drive up to a lake 50-100 miles from home and come back? I mean wear and tear is part of the cost of doing business.


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