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What’s The Best RV Marine Battery Charger?

Published on April 25th, 2022 by Kendall Jennings

RV battery in storage compartment with other electronic components - best RV marine battery charger
Have your RV batteries fully charged and ready for adventure! Find out what’s the best RV marine battery charger.

RV Marine Battery Chargers: What Are The Best Options?

Batteries are the heartbeat of your RV. Without batteries, not much happens in your RV. For this reason, it’s important to properly maintain and care for your RV batteries. This includes keeping them charged and charging them correctly.

Battery chargers are readily available and relatively cheap. But is the cheapest basic charger right for charging your RV batteries? What’s the best marine RV battery charger?

Why RV batteries are different

An automotive battery’s job is to provide a fast surge of power to get the engine started. Once running, the vehicle’s alternator recharges the batteries so they don’t need much reserve power.

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RV and marine batteries are required to provide power without the aid of an alternator. That being said, there is a built-in charger in your RV’s electrical system to charge your batteries. This only takes place when hooked up to shore power. RV batteries are designed to provide power for longer periods and drain to lower levels than automotive batteries. This is where the term “deep cycle” comes from.

The way RV batteries are drained varies, and so does the way they like to be recharged. This is where RV marine chargers come in.

When you consider the high cost of RV batteries and the fact that you often require more than just one, the cost of a charger is minimal.

What’s the best RV marine battery charger for you? Let’s look at a couple of great options.

NOCO Genius 5X2

NOCO started out in 1914 as a battery distributor and creator of the first battery corrosion prevention system. They have been in the battery game ever since with multiple products and accessories relating to batteries.

These smart chargers are some of the most popular on the market. With a long list of different chargers to choose from, NOCO will satisfy with any of their models.

The Genius 5X2 is unique in that it allows for charging multiple batteries at once. Since most RVs are equipped with multiple batteries, this feature is pretty cool.

Designed as a marine charger, it is fully waterproof and has mounting holes for permanent installation. This means when you’re ready to charge up, your charger is right where you mounted it, not somewhere in the garage.

The illuminated charge indicators make it easy to check on your battery’s status at a quick glance. Switching between single or multiple battery modes is as easy as pushing a button. Different modes for your battery type are also selectable.

12-volt, AMG, lithium, lithium-ion, and lead-acid batteries are all compatible and have a precision charge mode. NOCO does make chargers for 6, 12, and 24-volt batteries if you aren’t running 12-volt.

Battery Tender 4.5 Amp

Battery Tender has been a trusted name in battery charging and maintenance for years. They have solutions for different applications, and not surprisingly, even their own line of batteries!

When it comes to batteries and charging, it’s safe to say Battery Tender are experts.

The 4.5-amp charger and maintainer are small but mighty. It comes with all the connections you will need and is water-resistant for use in wet environments.

To get started, simply select 6-volt or 12-volt and your battery type, then connect the charging leads. The charge indicator doesn’t show percentage, just charging and full.

A slow steady charge is important for battery life, and Battery Tender ensures a safe charge. Plug it in and forget it without the worry of overheating or overcharging.

You need batteries for your RV to function, so in turn, you need a great battery charger. The cost of a quality RV marine battery charger should be factored into your budget when talking about batteries.

Keeping a safe, healthy charge on your batteries will extend their life and keep you out of the dark.

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7 thoughts on “What’s The Best RV Marine Battery Charger?”

  1. Hmmm, then it begs the question of whether you should “hook up” at home using the campground hookup method together with the onboard inverter/charger, or use an auxiliary battery tender to keep the RV batteries fully charged.
    Personally I use a battery tender only to maintain the chassis batteries.

  2. How about a comment on better than 1 year RV/Marine batteries. The current realily available batteries do not last. Very poor investment.

  3. I use a motorcycle automatic battery tender
    750 mA 12volt for my tt two
    Napa marine/ RV deep cycle batteries.
    The Batteries are 2019 and going strong with no problems.

  4. What’s the criteria for choosing the two chargers for the article? I see no competitive evidence offered for substantiating the title of this article.


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