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Eliminate Odors With An RV Holding Tank Treatment

Published on July 12th, 2021 by Jennifer Jennings

white bucket of Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment product
Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment from Amazon

Eliminate Odors With An RV Holding Tank Treatment

When you start RVing, you might think it’s all about adventures and camping. But there are some parts of RVing that are less than rosy.

While RVing, you have to deal with your RV’s gray and black tanks. Managing your own waste is something you likely didn’t have to deal with in a sticks ‘n bricks home. In an RV, dealing with waste solids and TP is part of the game.

To make your life easier, there is a great product on the market to make you a happy camper. So what’s the go-to RV holding tank treatment? Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment.

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Why do I need an RV holding tank treatment?

If you’re new to RVing then this might be a new topic. Unlike your regular toilet in a home that’s connected to traditional plumbing, when you flush your RV toilet, it doesn’t just disappear. Out of sight does not mean out of mind.

An RV holding tank treatment – like Happy Campers – helps the solid waste and toilet paper break down so it can be easily emptied from your black tanks into a portable waste tote or the sewer. If that waste isn’t liquefied before dumping your holding tank, you can end up with something called a poop pyramid. (It’s as bad as it sounds).

Your tank treatment also works to eliminate odors that are most definitely going to build up. By using Happy Camper as your tank treatment, you will have absolutely no chemical or sewer smell.

How does Happy Camper work?

Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment is a highly concentrated water-activated mineral blend. It works like an enzyme or a bioactive treatment.

 Happy Camper is a highly concentrated monohydrate blend of minerals and micro nutrients

An enzyme treatment works to accelerate the digestion of organic materials in waste. They also neutralize odors at the same time.

A bio-active treatment contains live aerobic bacteria (need oxygen to survive) that break down waste and crowd out anaerobic (don’t need oxygen) bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria are the odor-producing ones.

 Unlike both enzyme and bio-active treatments, Happy Camper is not affected by residual tank treatment chemicals. So you can switch to Happy Camper without needing to do any extra steps – just start using it! In addition, with Happy Camper, you do not need to regular add more treatment before you dump the tank.

Eliminate odors with Happy Camper

If your RV black tank is making you not a happy camper or your gray water tank is less than fresh, reach for an RV holding tank treatment.

To eliminate odors, simply add 1 scoop of Happy Camper for every 40 gallons of capacity. You can use Happy Camper to eliminate RV holding tank odors in both your black and gray tanks.

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9 thoughts on “Eliminate Odors With An RV Holding Tank Treatment”

  1. I appreciate your article. I’ve been using the Camco packets for black tank in my RV. I guess they’re working, because we’re not getting any smells and no system problems.

  2. I use Borax and Dawn liquid dish soap———1 cup of each –add to 3 gals of water—–mix well—–after emptying the black tank—–pour in mix into black tank and on way home it moves around inside the tank—- deodorizes and cleans the sensors in the tank———-works great

  3. Just saw a new product – “Unique” holding tank treatment. Might be another snake ‘n oil sales pitch but hey – worth a try. I’m only going off the personal reviews vs the company advertising it. The personal reviews claim it’s significantly better than all the other products out there. But like a comment posted earlier, it’s a holding tank not a septic treatment tank. Unless this product outperforms itself, the best one can hope for is some breakdown in the solids and/or just trying to mask the odour. Cheers!

  4. You mentioned “not affected” by other chemical agents. With Happy Camper, are other agents helpful at all for odor prevention?

  5. This product is unbelievable. It just works.
    “No Odor” does not mean a chemical odor to cover sewer odors. It means NO odor even after 90 days sitting in the south Florida summer heat with a half full Black tank. The I started smelling odor (I had not treated the Gray tank). Treated the Gray tank and came back 2 days later. No Odor. I recommend this product to everyone.

  6. Thank you for showing how to use the product. I used to just drop it in how I see how wrong I was using it. I will now use it correctly so I can get ride of odors during camping and traveling.

  7. I have purchased this and used it. And it did NOTHING!! When I tried to get a refund I got NOTHING!!! Thanks but I wont waste my money on it again! They do not want to even respond to any of my calls and or emails! I found another product that worked! Save your Money!

  8. I have tried the Happy Camper and a better one. They do nothing for me but I dump every 7-10 days. I suspect the bacteria need more time. Can you point me to a scientific double blind study that proves these work, otherwise it’s no different than saying ‘I snap my fingers every day to keep the tigers away’ Obviously works since I see no tigers.


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