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RV-DE-Fender Is A Major Breakthrough For RV Safety

Published on January 6th, 2023 by Lynne Fedorick

RV defender system
An RV tire blowout can be a real safety hazard. Photo from RV-DE-Fender

Minimize Damage From A Tire Blowout With This New Protection System

It’s no secret that having an RV tire blowout can be even worse than having a flat tire in most vehicles. A catastrophic tire blowout can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your RV.

That’s because when a tire blows out on an RV, it doesn’t just destroy the tire. RV tire blowouts cause extensive damage to the fender and other components of the RV. If you have the misfortune of suffering an RV tire blowout, you could be sidelined for weeks or months while you wait for repairs to be done. 

There is a lot you can do to avoid having an RV tire blowout, including maintaining your RV tires, keeping the properly inflated, and replacing them every five to seven years. Remember, RV tires will typically still have lots of tread on them when it’s time to replace them. That’s because RV tires nearly always age out before they wear out.

All that aside, RV-DE-Fender has announced a fantastic-looking tire protection system that promises to minimize the damage from a blown RV tire. It looks like a simple concept, but the RV De-Fender is a really innovative system when it comes to RV safety. The RV DE-Fender completely protects the RV’s fender and other components from being damaged in the event of an RV tire blowout. 

How it minimizes damage

The RV-DE-Fender minimizes damage from a tire blowout in three different ways:

  1. The RV-DE-Fender contains the force of an explosive blowout.
  2. After a blowout, the device protects your trailer from the residual effects like flying and flapping pieces of tire shrapnel. In other words, it takes the hit so your RV will stay in one piece.
  3.  The RV-DE-Fender is tough enough to withstand blowout after blowout, so it keeps on defending your RV and enhancing your safety even after multiple tire blowouts.

The RV-DE-Fender eliminates catastrophic RV tire blowouts. Instead of a catastrophe, a blowout is a mere flat tire situation. So, instead of being sidelined from RVing for weeks or months, you can just change the tire and be on your merry way. And being on your merry way is what RVing is supposed to be about, right?

The DIY installation

The system is comprised of a curved upper portion attached to a steel plate portion that goes over the axle.  The plate and fender both bolt onto the axle of your RV.

Installing the RV-DE-Fender is simple enough for RVers who are mechanically inclined and equipped to do themselves. The RV-DE-Fender is currently setting up a network of certified technicians who can come to you.

Available sizes

The RV-DE-Fender is currently available in two sizes. One size fits a 14-15 inch tire. The other size is designed to fit a 235/85-16 tire. To learn more, visit their website at

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7 thoughts on “RV-DE-Fender Is A Major Breakthrough For RV Safety”

  1. Great product. I have had on the road tire blow outs and repaired it myself. This is a great product. I was an rv tech for 15 years and never anything to help an rv hauler like this. Nice product.

  2. I wonder how the tight clearances would work for a snowbird. Travelling from winter to go south, there is usually snow and ice build up sometimes depending on the weather and how late I leave.

  3. It looks like a cool idea but when I went to the website, I didn’t see any way to actually buy them (yet anyway). Am I missing something?

  4. That’s interesting. I’m waiting to see when these become available for the larger RV tires, like the 275/80 R22.5. Replacing them all at 6 years after the stamped-on manufacture date is the only insurance I know of that will protect you from the severe damage of a tire blow-out. If your RV is stored outside, UV and ozone take a terrible toll on the side walls (and on the clear coat of the RV’s paint as well). Even if stored inside, it still happens, just a bit slower. At over $600/tire plus mounting, it’s a guaranteed expenditure you should start saving up for.


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