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What Are QuickZip RV Bed Sheets?

Published on October 11th, 2021 by Peggy Dent

woman zipping quickzip RV sheets

What Are QuickZip RV Bed Sheets?

Zip sheets are a relatively new innovation that simplifies the process of making a bed by letting you just wash the center flat section of the fitted sheet while the bulky sides, with the elastic and fitted corners, remain on the bed.  

The whole system will be a welcome addition to many RVs because this novel idea makes the task of making hard-to-reach beds easier. QuickZip Sheets keep the bottom fitted sheet in place on any size bed from cribs to kings.

Many seniors and people with disabilities have commented on how easy it is to change the bedding with QuickZip Sheets.  These zippered sheets are particularly helpful for difficult-to-make beds, such as RV corner beds, bunkbeds, Class C over-the-cab beds, retractable beds in toy haulers, and wall-to-wall beds in Class B motorhomes or van conversions.  

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How do QuickZip RV Bed Sheets work?

The basic concept of a zip sheet is this: The bottom sheet is a fitted sheet much like a typical fitted sheet, but the portion that goes under the mattress is wider and has vertical elastic at the corners, and a 1-1/2” elastic band all along the edge, so that it stays in place better than a typical fitted sheet.

Once this fitted sheet is in place, there is a zipper that goes all the way around the top edges of the mattress, which allows for the removal of the top center portion of the sheet, while the fitted sides stay in place. The zipper is covered with fabric to provide separation between the cold hard zipper and the bed’s occupants.   

The only portion that goes in the laundry is the flat center portion of the bottom sheet, the flat top sheet, and the pillowcases (both are available in some sets or sold separately). The bulky elastic side panels remain on the bed, and it is this feature that makes it so popular among people who find it difficult to make beds, and for people with disabilities.  

Once the fitted sides are in place, they stay there, and most people report that the bottom sheet stays tucked in better than other sheets.  

What bed types are compatible with QuickZip Sheets?

However, there are some bed types that are not as compatible with QuickZip Sheets, like waterbeds (you probably won’t find any of those in an RV), and Sleep Number beds. These bed types are not as ridged, are prone to shape shifting in the night, and some mattresses just don’t have the square defined edges like foam or traditional mattresses.  

Additionally, Sleep Number beds have air hoses attached at the top of the mattress that could interfere with the heavy-duty sections of the bottom sheet that are designed to tuck under the mattress.

Zip sheet bed sizes

The manufacturer of QuickZip Sheets has created them for all mattress sizes from cribs to twins, full, queen, king, California king, and split king beds. They have also developed a line of QuickZip RV Bed Sheets designed specifically for campers and coaches. But before you order these sheets, be sure to measure your mattress and compare the length, width, and depth with their size descriptions, or the whole concept may not work correctly on your bed. 

Bed sheet types

All the QuickZip Sheets are made of cotton, but you can choose between sateen, percale, or flannel to give you a warmer or cooler feel. The Basic package comes with one fitted bottom sheet that includes the zippered center section and the fitted side. The Classic set also includes a top sheet and two pillowcases.

There are other bedding packages, plus a host of products sold separately including mattress pads, extra zippered center portions, extra flat sheets, pillowcases, blankets, comforters, duvet covers, and pillows. The cost of QuickZip RV Bed Sheets will depend on the size of the mattress and the package, but it would be reasonable to expect to pay $130 to $260 for a matched set.

QuickZip Sheet Color choices are shown below the sheet fabric finish
QuickZip Sheet color choices depends on the fabric finish and the mattress size.

Colors and patterns

The main complaint about this product are the color choice limitations, which the company is trying to address with new colors being added to their line-up often. Some mattress sizes have more limited color choices than others. For example, RV Queen zip sheets in a flannel finish comes in only two colors, while King zip sheets in a sateen finish comes in seven colors.  

Other zip sheets for RVs

There are additional manufacturers of zip-style bedding.  The QuickZip RV Sheets described above only uses a zipper between the fitted side panels and the center of the bottom sheet. However, there are other manufacturers like Beddy’s that offer bedding with a similar idea, but they take the zipper idea to a whole new level. They include a zipper between the bottom and the top sheets and a blanket, making this bedding option more like a sleeping bag than traditional bedding. 

Frankly, this makes me claustrophobic just thinking about it, but it might have an application for top bunk beds, or children’s bedding to keep them from rolling out of the bed. Additionally, some people might find the extra confinement provides an element of comfort, coziness, or security, for a more restful night’s sleep. 

Perhaps someone is sleeping in an Alpine pop-up trailer on a foam mattress and there’s a persistent draft on one side of the bed.  With the Beddy’s blanket, you could just zip up the drafty side for a warmer night’s sleep.  In the morning, just zip up the other side and the bed is made.  

With the Beddy’s covers, you can unzip one side only, both sides, or neither side. Now this might be just what you’ve been looking for. A way to keep your own bed buddy from stealing all the covers.  

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12 thoughts on “What Are QuickZip RV Bed Sheets?”

  1. I’ve used QuickZip sheets for years in my camper AND my home. They are a game changer. Excellent quality and so easy to use. Not sure why this article said they don’t work with Sleep Number beds – that’s what I have and they work just fine.

  2. We have been using the Beddy’s system for a couple of years now and love them in our Fifth Wheel. We have two sets. One to change out when we wash the first. So easy to make the bed and very comfortable with the minkie texture. Check them out at

  3. We have an RV with one slide out which has our bed. The mattress folds in middle when we close slide. Where can we find a replacement mattress that folds in half?

  4. I bought QuickZip sheets a year ago and they are a life changer. They are well made and of high quality fabric. They fit my RV King size Sleep Number mattress perfectly. Once the fitted sheet is on, it is held taut by the strong elastic so it doesn’t ride up when you sleep on it. You don’t have to remove the fitted sheet to wash, so it’s much easier to make the bed. Just unzip the panel, wash, and zip back on. I highly recommend them.

  5. Changing sheets yesterday made me think of Kenny Rodgers song ’The Gambler’ so I switched up the words.


    Kenny Rodgers Gambler song re-worded

    ~The Camper Rambler~

    On a warm summers evening
    In a NL camper bound for nowhere
    I met up with a full time camper girl
    We were both to tired to sleep
    So we took turns a-starin’
    At the camp fire in the darkness
    The boredom over took us
    And she began to speak
    She said, Sir, I’ve made a life
    Out of readin’ truck camper peoples faces
    And knowing’ how their beds are made
    Buy looking at their frustrated eyes,
    So if you don’t mind my sayin’
    I can see your bed makin’ frustrations
    For a swig of your cold beer
    I’ll give you some mattress wrestling advise
    So I handed her her my bottle
    And she drank down my last swallow
    Then she bummed my last cigarette
    And asked me for a light
    And the night got deathly quite
    And her face lost all expression
    Said, If your gonna make a camper bed
    You gotta learn to fight it right
    You gotta know where grab an hold’em up
    Know when sheets under to fold’em
    Know when enough is enough
    Know how to back out with no wrinkles
    You never count you wrinkles
    When sit-in’ at the dinette table
    There be time enough for smoothin’’
    When the frustration done
    Every boondocker’s knows
    That the secret to survivin’
    Is known’ what to through away
    And knowing what to keep
    ‘Cause every camper owner is a winner
    And every camper procrastinator is a loser
    And the best you can hope for
    Is to die in the bed you made as you sleep
    And when she finished speaking’
    She crushed out the cigarette
    Turned back toward her camper
    And faded off to sleep
    And somewhere in the darkness
    Walkin’ back to my camper
    I realized sheet changin’ logic
    I found mattress wrestling holds I could keep
    You got to know how to hold’em
    Know when to sheet fold’em under
    And if your sweating,
    Know when to walk away
    And know to have a cold beer
    You never count the wrinkles
    When starein’ at’em from the dinette table
    There be time enough for smoothin’
    When them cold beers are done

    ~Gasser Classic~

  6. I love our Quick Zip sheets! I have them for our RV Short Queen and for our Queen bed at home. No more fighting the bed to make the bed!

  7. Didn’t have any idea there was such a thing as QuickZip sheets. We are seniors and this will work well for us in our 5th wheel trailer. Going shopping now and thanks for sharing this article with us!


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