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Portable Yard Games You Can Play Almost Anywhere

Published on August 15th, 2022 by Lucinda Belden

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The Best Portable Yard Games For Campers

No matter how old or how young you are, or how many people you do or don’t travel with, having a yard game can bring campers together. You might not always know what RV park you will be staying at, so you need something you can play anywhere. Space is prime real estate in your RV, so you don’t want yard games taking up a lot of space. 

Here are some portable yard games that meet RV travel requirements and campground space.

Portable yard games for kids

  • Capture the flag – Let kids run off all their energy by trying to capture their friend’s flag. There are also glow-in-the dark flags that make for fun night games in safe areas. The strips of cloth are easy to fold and put away. You can also use dish towels you have on-hand.
  • Ring toss – You can place the stakes anywhere around the rig and in any layout. Kids get a set number of rings each and must land the rings on the stakes.
  • Tic-tac-toe – You can use purchased games or make your own. Using glow-in-the-dark sticks makes it interesting, or you can use paper plates and the kids can draw their own x’s and o’s.
  • Giant plastic game cards – There are giant game cards for just about every card game, like UNO. These games are easy to store under beds or behind desks and tables. And they make for a different twist on an old game. The plastic cards allow for easy clean-up when the kids are finished playing.
There are a lot of portable games that don't take much storage space or room to play
There are a lot of portable yard games that don’t take much storage space or room to play

Portable yard games for adults

  • Yard pong – Like ping pong and beer pong combined, yard pong involves hitting ping pong balls with paddles into beer pong buckets on the lawn. You can make it into a drinking game or not. Just use ping pong balls, paddles, and six buckets (buckets can be used for other RV needs).
  • Horseshoes – This game requires two frisbees and two collapsible stands. On top of the stand, you place whatever item you want, and the other team must knock it off with their frisbee.  The game can get hilarious depending on what items you choose as targets.
  • Darts – Use Command strips to temporarily mount a dartboard. Use a lightweight board with mesh grips instead of metal-pointed ends and you can play anywhere. This also makes it easy to transport.
  • Basket Heads – Secure lightweight cups or buckets to your heads and attempt to toss lightweight bean bags or items into your opponent’s bucket. This can be a team game or individuals. The weirder the items, the funnier the game. Just make sure the items selected don’t cause injuries! This is also a game that can be made or purchased.

Outdoor games for all ages

  • Badminton – Lightweight rackets and birdies make this an ideal game to carry in your RV. Just string up a rope between two trees for your net. If that is not an option, use a picnic table as your net.
  • Cornhole – Use foldable, lightweight cornhole boards that can collapse for storage. Purchase bags of actual beans you can leave in the plastic bag. Place bags in different colored socks for teams. Later you can cook up the beans and not have to carry cornhole bags in your RV!
  • Spikeball – This is a new game that only requires a small amount of space to play. A small, collapsible net and tennis ball is all you need to play for hours. Several people can play at one time.
  • Horseshoes – Lightweight horseshoe sets are made from plastic, easy to transport, and quick to set up outdoors on any surface.
Bring outdoor games that everyone can play at any RV park
Bring outdoor games everyone can play at any RV park

DIY outdoor games for everyone

  • Giant outdoor Twister – With eco-friendly spray paint (and campground permission), paint your Twister circles on the grass. Roll dice where the numbers have been associated with the colors and start twisting. Or, use your own Twister mat.
  • Paper airplane races – This game is exactly how it sounds. Have everyone design and race their own paper airplanes and see who makes it over the finish line the fastest.
  • Checkers – With eco-friendly spray paint (and campground permission), paint a square checkerboard on the ground. Use two different colored paper plates for each side of the yard check table.  Or get a checkered tablecloth with large checks on it and use that as your yard checker table.
  • Giant yard dice – Get six cardboard boxes that you can fold the top closed. Use a marker to color the pips on the dice. On six-sided dice, it is usually laid out so the opposite numbers always add up to seven. Now you can play Yahtzee or any dice game.

Get creative! Whether you make your own game from the materials you have on hand or purchase a portable game, you are in for a lot of fun. 

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Just remember when you are choosing your options to think about weight, storage, and space to play the game. But most of all, think about how much fun you will have playing and making new friends with your portable camping games.

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