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Guide to Renovating a Vintage Camper

Often, the dream of traveling around in a vintage camper comes with the need to renovate the bejeezus out of the said camper. The sad fact is that you typically won’t be able to find a 40 year old camper that’s still in prime condition. Well, lucky for you, I […]

8 Awesome Motorhomes with Bunk Beds

If you are thinking about frequenting the great outdoors with the whole family then you are going to need all the beds that you can get. And when we are talking about maximizing bed space you have to think about bunk beds. Here is a list of 10 awesome motorhomes […]

Do RVs Have Showers?

Having a shower in an RV may seem like an obvious necessity since it is essentially a house on wheels. Sometimes going an entire week without a shower may seem like a difficult burden to bear. Do RVs have showers? Most RV’s come equipped with a shower that’s hooked to […]