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Do RVs Have Showers?

Having a shower in an RV may seem like an obvious necessity since it is essentially a house on wheels. Sometimes going an entire week without a shower may seem like a difficult burden to bear. Do RVs have showers? Most RVs come equipped with a shower that is hooked […]

Can Fifth Wheel Trailers Sway and Roll Over?

A lot of people doing research on fifth wheel trailers want to know if they sway and roll over. So, I’ve put together an article that will help you understand the fifth wheel trailer’s towing capabilities and hazards. So, can fifth wheel trailers sway and roll over? Fifth wheel trailers […]

Do RVs Have To Stop At Weigh Stations?

Now that you mention it, how many have been on the road wondering if you’ll need to stop in at the local weigh station?  Well, I never imagined that possibility of perhaps having to do so, but you may wish to read on for the weigh station scoop. The answer […]

Do Fifth Wheels Have Built-In Generators?

While shopping for an RV, some wonder whether a fifth wheel would have a generator. The answer is yes, most fifth wheels do have a built-in generator. The question is whether it is big enough to do the job that it’s needed to do. Some folks don’t require a generator […]

Is There a Lemon Law for RVs?

If I asked you to describe a car that’s a lemon, you could probably conjure up a mental image easily. This is a busted-down vehicle, often produced decades and decades ago. Its paintjob is dingy, its tires are hanging on for dear life, and who knows what problems lie under […]


How Much Do Airstreams Cost? (With 14 Examples)

While looking at Airstream RVs, I was curious about what the prices might be. I found there was a price range of $36,900 to $221,000 depending on size, comfort, and the conveniences provided. Some models sport more luxuries than others. Airstream has long had a reputation for luxury that has […]