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EQ Systems Brings You Automatic RV Leveling

… number of RVs do not come with leveling jacks. Even some of those RVs in some equally surprising price ranges are often not fitted with automatic RV leveling jacks. This is further evidenced by the sheer number of leveling pads, blocks, and ramps available to the RV consumer.

The age of an RV can also …

complete RV trip packing list

Packing List for RV Trips: A Complete Guide So You Don't Forget Stuff

… people use a simple block of wood in between each of their tires for this job. Just don’t assume there will be a suitable wheel chock (block of wood) where ever you go. Always bring wheel chocks from home.

RV leveling pads are also essential. They slide under your RV’s landing gear to …

Latest Survey Recommends SnapPads Come Pre-Installed On RVs

… rubber base to “snap” on securely.

SnapPads can be left on the leveling jacks once installed, creating permanent jack pads. This eliminates the need to manually place blocks under the jack feet or utilize some form of drive-on leveling system.

The heavy-duty rubber base adds about 1-inch of thickness to each leveling

How to Stabilize a Travel Trailer with Manual Jacks

… Tools You Will Need

To get started with setting up your house on wheels before you take a snooze or even get in it. You will be leveling out your travel trailer and you will need several tools to make sure you get the job done. Below are a few simple tools that will help …

Why RVs Have to Be Level (And how to do it faster)

… lego-style Lynx blocks, wooden boards, or the new-dang-fangled Andersen Levelers, it is very important that your wheels are centered on the surface of these items. You cannot just leave a tire dangling off of the edge.

Doing so will put more pressure on the walls of your tire. This is bad …

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Introducing The New Living Vehicle 2022 Luxury Travel Trailer Lineup

… carrying capacity8′ sliding glass door and a self-supporting deck rated at 1,500 pounds.100 gals fresh water tank, 62 gals gray water tank, 45 gals black water tank80 lbs. propane

Interior features

232 square feet of interior space, including 15% more bedroom and living space.Sleeps up to 6 with the option of …

Class B motorhome covered with snow and ice.

Does My Camper or RV Have a Rubber Roof?

… and pin-sized holes which will allow water to leak into the wood structure. Check the edges of the barrier. Look for any areas where the self-leveling sealant might be lifting away. If so, remove as much as you can and replace with self-leveling sealant in a caulking gun.

Caulking is needed once …

Can You Camp in an RV in Costco Parking Lots?

… questions like, Is it okay to run your generator? Can you put your leveling jacks down? Can you extend your slide outs?

Asking specific questions will give you a better idea of what is expected of you, and what you should expect when staying overnight at Costco.

Because this is a free place to …

What a First "Real" trip in a Camper is Like

… let the coupler release completely, but that’s it.
Now you have a car again (well, a Yukon) and the trailer is where it needs to be.
Next step is shore power, so the refrigerator will work, and the slide can be slid. No problem. The recently designed and built lock for the cable …

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go Camping

… Beat the Heat Outside When I Go Camping?

Sitting outside is one of the great joys of RVing. People love to sit around the fire in the evening when they go camping, but what about during the heat of the day? Being stuck inside the camper because it’s too hot really defeats the purpose …