travel trailer and tow vehicle and family of four - the best small RV cover photo

What Is The Best Small RV For A Family Of Four?

… variety of options available for customers who want to take their families on the road. Below we’ve provided recommendations for a pop up camper, travel trailer, Class B motorhome, and Class C motorhome. Fifth wheels and Class A motorhomes are also popular designs, but they are typically too large to qualify as a “small …

camper van with a bathroom

What Is The Best Camper Van With A Bathroom?

What Is The Best Camper Van With A Bathroom?

Camper vans (also known as Class B motorhomes) are popular because of their easy-to-drive design and compact living spaces. Finding a camper van with a bathroom can be hard, but there are several models to consider.

Best Camper Van With A Bathroom (Wet and …

woman in wheelchair on ramp accessing the Winnebago Roam, a new wheelchair accessible RV

Winnebago Introduces A New Wheelchair Accessible RV

… who loves to travel. This commitment is showcased in their newest wheelchair accessible RV: The Winnebago Roam.

Overview of the Winnebago Roam

The Winnebago Roam is a Class B Motorhome (aka camper van) that hosts all the amenities and comforts that anyone could want. There is currently only one floor plan available right now, which …

full efficient RV driving in Utah

What Are The Most Fuel Efficient RV Models?

… example, Class B motorhomes (camper vans) are generally thought to get the best gas mileage. In fact, they are often more efficient than large trucks and big Class A motorhomes!

However, not everyone wants a small Class B motorhome, so let’s look at some of the most fuel efficient RV models on the market …

An Airstream Interstate 24x parked outside a dealer garage.

New Airstream Interstate 24X Goes All-Terrain

Airstream announced the latest addition to its line of Touring Coaches with the introduction of the Airstream Interstate 24X. A new 4-wheel drive Class B motorhome, the Interstate 24X offers a more rugged suspension, four wheel drive, and higher ground clearance. While you won’t be taking it to the Rubicon Trail or Hell …


Why Millennials Are Choosing The Class B Camper Van

Why Millennials Are Choosing The Class B Camper Van

According to various 2020 reports, millennials are taking up the RV life, showing more interest in renting or buying RVs than any other age demographic. 

Among the different types of RVs available on the market, the Class B motorhome, also referred to as the camper van …

2021 Airstream Interstate

2021 Airstream Interstate GT - The Gadget Guru’s New Wheels

… his new 2021 Airstream Interstate. You’ll also get the chance to interact with the man himself, and ask those nagging questions you have about a luxury Class B motorhome that’s just south of $200,000.

Viewers and readers alike will enjoy Andy’s authenticity, as he is talking about his actual motorhome, that …

Will This Be The Next Class B Camper Trend?

… others, drivers are embracing the EV market. It’s only a matter of time before that crosses over to the RV market as well.

Why an electric Class B camper?

The new Ford E-Transit van lends itself to being converted into a Class B motorhome or van conversion without much modification. Let’s break …

RV Types: A Complete Beginner's Guide

… to more places. They are a self-contained unit with designated rooms for sleeping, eating/cooking, lounging, and taking a shower. Gas and diesel options are available.

Class C motorhomes basic figures:

Length: 22 to 35 feetSleeping Capacity: 4 to 8 peopleRetail Price: $70,000 to $200,000

Class B motorhomes

Class B motorhomes are …

The Gadget Guru Takes On Airstream Touring Coaches

… What is an Airstream?

If you thought Airstreams were only iconic silver travel trailers you pulled behind you, then look again. The latest trend in campers and motorhomes are the van-based Class B campers. Airstream has upped the ante with their line of Touring Coaches. Andy begins a new series of videos focusing exclusively …


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