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20 Beautiful Camper Destinations for This Winter

Looking for Warm Snowbird RV Paradises for the Winter? We looked around for some of the best campsites in the country for fun and staying warm. Snowbirds like to migrate south to warmer climes. Check out our list of twenty beautiful, warm, winter campgrounds. South Padre Island—Texas KOA on the […]

The 7 Things Every Trailer Kitchen Should Have

Several months back, I wrote an article here at Camper Report about RV kitchen accessories. While all these extras are nice to have, they’re not exactly necessities. Could you live without a dish strainer or drawer organizers? Sure! Your trailer kitchen might be a little messy, but you could still […]

17 Tips for Towing a Small Camper Trailer

If you often travel with just your immediate family or a few friendly passengers, then a small camper trailer is all you need. Now, it’s important that I define what a “small” camper trailer is for the sake of this article, because there are some trailers out there that are […]