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Do RVs Have Wi-Fi?

How many times has this happened to you? You leave your house and go out for a while. During your adventures, you assume your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, only to find out the hard way that wasn’t the case when you get slammed with an astronomical data overage […]

Vintage RV

How Much Does a Vintage RV Cost?

Does the thought of owning a vintage RV sound appealing to you? There’s a prestige to owning such a vehicle and a certain culture of individuals that follow the vintage look. But what’s so great about vintage RV’s besides their unique aesthetic? Behind their classic looks comes quality construction and […]

How Long Do Camper-Trailer Tires Last?

I noticed the tread on one of my camper tires was wearing down. Although the other tires looked fine, I wondered if there were other things to look for to see if my tires needed replacing. I found with tires, there are two areas to be concerned about: tread and […]

The Complete Guide to RV Tire Safety

When was the last time you’ve given your RV tires some love? These hefty rubber behemoths may be several sizes larger than the average car tire, but they’re still susceptible to many of the same issues: underinflating, overinflating, low pressure, punctures, and other external damage. Changing and replacing your vehicle’s […]

8 Top Must-Have Appliances for Your RV Kitchen

Description: Tired of flights, bookings and tickets, hours of flights and additional documents, hotel reservations, car rental, numerous calls, and correspondence, but want to go on holiday. These issues are increasingly affecting tourists and travelers. At the same time, many of us come to the fact that we want more […]

How To Flush And Clean An RV Black Tank

Now this is a topic that’s on everyone’s mind that owns an RV with a toilet, but one that few want to think about, let alone talk about.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty dirt on keeping that RV black tank like new and running clean! Starting with the […]