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Our Favorite Fifth Wheel Floor Plans for Families

Published on March 11th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 28th, 2021

When considering what kind of fifth wheel to purchase, size is one of the most important things. Of course, you are going to want to make sure there is enough room for you and your family. Here are some of the best fifth wheels out there for a family who want to travel around.

So what are our favorite fifth wheel floor plans for families out there? The top trailer floor plans for families are listed below:

  • The Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB
  • The Heartland Sundance SD XLT 295BH
  • The Grand Design Reflection 28BH
  • The Keystone Avalanche 321RS
  • The Jayco Talon Platinum 385T

These fifth wheels are spacious, have multiple beds, and storage, making it great for big family trips. Of course, each is great its own way, and they all differ slightly, so we will take a closer look at each fifth wheel on this list.

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Our Favorite Fifth Wheel Floor Plans

Fifth WheelLengthGVW
HeightSleeping CapacityCost
Chaparral 373MBRB41′ 9″15,00012′ 6″6$70,000 –
Heartland XLT
33′ 11″9,900 11′ 10″10$45,000 –
Reflection 28BH33′ 10″10,99512′8$50,000 –
Avalanche 321RS35′ 8″11,53413′ 2″4$50,000 –
Talon Platinum 385T

41′ 5″16,900~10′8$68,000 –

These fifth wheels are diverse in why there on this list, besides being good for families. If having a plush experience is important to you, picking something like the Avalanche 321RS is a great option.

If you need a lot of beds, it might not be the best option on this list. The Heartland Sundance is a better option. It really just depends on what you need!

Let’s break down the benefits for these family-friendly floor plans.

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

Overview of the Floor Plan:

This long trailer has a lot of great features. One of my favorite things that about this fifth wheel is the dual entrance. There is one near the middle, entering into the corridor in between the bedrooms and the living room.

The other entrance is into the second bathroom in the rear. This is so great for a family, especially for the person who has to clean everything at the end of the trip.

Instead of going through the whole fifth wheel in mud covered boots to use the bathroom during the day, you can just access the bathroom through a door.

Both of the bathrooms have showers which is a very nice bonus.

There are two sofas, one is theater-style in the living room. The kitchen is fully loaded with a large refrigerator and a bar.

There are two private rooms for the sleeping areas, another great feature of this fifth wheel. There are bunk beds in one room (double beds) with storage area.

The master bedroom has a queen bed. There is a door that makes this room nice and private. Just to make the room even better, it has a lot of storage with a small wardrobe and drawers.

There is also an outdoor entertainment center, so spending a lot of time outdoors should not be a problem.

Why This Fifth Wheel is Great for the Family:

Now that you have a great idea of what I am talking about let’s address why this is a great fifth wheel for the family.

The Chaparral 373MBRB has a lot of sleeping room, and private areas as well, for the whole family. The bunk beds add a bit of fun for the kids. The beds are roomy as well.

There is a lot of space in the living room area because these bedroom areas are on opposite sides of the trailer.

The dual bathroom helps the adults and kids stay clean while also having a bit more privacy.

Having an outdoor entertainment center helps keep everyone in the family happy whether outside playing or inside hanging out.

As you can tell, there is a lot to love about with this fifth wheel.

Our Favorite Things About This Fifth Wheel:

  • Double entrance
  • Dual bathrooms!
  • It feels more like a home than a trailer
  • Luxury feel

It Might Not Be the Best Option for You If:

  1. Don’t have the greatest towing capacity on your truck
  2. You want only one entrance
  3. If you don’t want to have to vacuum and sweep.

There is not a lot to complain about when you are looking at this Coachmen. However, it is such a big and heavy fifth wheel, it might not suite the truck you have.

You will need a truck with a large towing capacity to tow this baby, making it hard to be a fifth wheel that works for everybody.

Something else that might make you hesitant is the dual entrance. It’s nice for some people, but some find it uncomfortable to have a door that leads right into the open.

Having kids around, it might be harder to monitor their whereabouts with two ways in and out of the trailer.

This fifth wheel features carpet and hardwood floors which means cleaning might be harder. Stains are something to worry about with the carpet when you have children and dirt all mixed together. This is not much of a setback.

Heartland Sundance SD XLT 296BH

Overview of the Floor Plan:

The Sundance XLT 396BH really gets down to business. the entrance leads right into the living area/kitchen. There is a dinette and as well as a couch directly across from the door.

The kitchen is equipped with all of the basics. There is storage which makes this trailer really usable. The amount of natural light coming in makes the room feel a lot roomer as well.

One of the best things about this fifth wheel is the two private bedrooms. The back bedroom has a double bed bunk bed, which is why this trailer is considered a bunkhouse.

There is a door that separates the bunk area. This helps to keep things nice and quiet for the parents in another room.

The couch and the dinette area make for an additional sleeping area if you need it.

Towards the front is the full bathroom. There is also the main bedroom located at the very front of the fifth wheel.

Something else that makes this trailer awesome is the camp kitchen on the outside of the trailer. There is a sink, stove and exterior refrigerator so it is a very nice addition.

Why This Fifth Wheel is Great for the Family

The Heartland Sundance is a great option for those who are looking for a practical, usable fifth wheel, without the superfluous things that a lot of trailers have.

There is a lot of space for sleeping. Room for 10 people to sleep means you could possibly bring two families on this trip, doubling the fun.

This fifth wheel really supplies what you need and helps you spend a lot of time outdoors, which is what camping really is about.

The slide-outs add some extra storage which is always going to be a plus for a family who wants to extended traveling.

It has good reviews and is known for holding up really well This is really nice because having kids around, and even adults, fifth wheels really take a beating.

The price on these babies is really nice. Since there is not a ton of extra features, buying this trailer is not as much on your wallet, especially if you buy used. I’ve seen this floorplan for around $23,000.

Our Favorite Things About This Fifth Wheel:

  • The PRICE!
  • It’s very practical
  • The sleeping capacity
  • It’s lightweight!

It Might Not Be the Best Option for You If:

  1. You are looking for luxury
  2. Need a big fridge
  3. You want a lot of extra space

Like I mentioned before, this fifth wheel checks off the list of necessities for travel, but does not always accomplish all the wants.

The kitchen area is not super big or fantastic. Some of the other models and floorplans in this article have huge refrigerators and more storage in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, this trailer does not. This is a smaller trailer (at least compared to the others on this list) and it is a lightweight fifth wheel.

Everything in this trailer is packed in, in order for the length and GVW to be what it is. That being said, there is not a lot of room to run around in.

This prompts owners to spend more time outside, which really is not a bad thing, but is not for everyone.

Grand Design Reflection 28BH

Overview of the Floor Plan:

This fifth wheel definitely packs in a lot in its 33 feet. You walk into the living room area, where there are a sofa and a u-shaped dinette area across from the door. In the kitchen, there is an oven, microwave and lots of counter space.

The fridge is next to the dinette, instead of next to the other appliances. This is to make room for the entertainment center.

In the very back of the trailer, there are double bunk beds. There is a lot of storage, but not a ton of wiggle room. This area is definitely just meant for sleeping.

To the front of the fifth wheel, there is a full bathroom. The bathroom is located next to a private bedroom with a queen bed.

There is a lot of storage in this room, with overhead cabinets and drawers. A lot of natural light is let in through the windows which really brighten up the space.

Some of the best features of this fifth wheel are actually found on the outside. There is unobstructed pass-thru storage, allowing you to have a ton of room.

There is also rear storage, so plenty of places to tuck in your camping necessities.

Included in this floor plan is also an outside TV, and outside kitchen and fridge. To clean off your truck, or anything else, there is also a spray port.

Why This Fifth Wheel is Great for the Family:

The amount of sleeping room is definitely one reason that this fifth wheel is great for the whole fam.

There is room enough in the middle of the trailer for kids to play on rainy days. The two TVs also are phenomenal for movie nights or some boring days.

The kitchen is great for long family trips. You can travel for a long time and have the ability to cook anything that you mean.

The storage is also great for a big family. You can pack all that you need.

This trailer is also pretty lightweight compared to a lot of other fifth wheels so towing might be easier on the truck you already have.

Our Favorite Things About This Fifth Wheel:

  • The outdoor extras (TV, kitchen, and spray port)
  • Open floor plan
  • The amount of storage is amazing!

It Might Not Be the Best Option for You if:

  1. You want two bathrooms
  2. You want one of the most popular and trusted brands
  3. You want a bathroom far away from the master bathroom

Sometimes finding everything that you want for a reasonable price is not all that easy to do.

There is only one bathroom located inside the trailer, which might be a major bummer to some. If you have your Reflection fifth wheel full of 8 people, sharing one bathroom can be hard.

Another thing that detracts from this trailer, compared to others is the brand. Grand Design is a mighty-fine company, with average reviews between 3.6 stars and 4 stars, depending on the website you are looking at.

However, Grand Design does not have the same name recognition as Jayco or Coachmen which is a turnoff for some people.

Something that is a drawback for some is the placement of the bathroom. It is right next to the master bedroom, which is good for the parents. But it’s kind of like sitting near the back of the airplane if you catch my drift.

Keystone Avalanche 321RS

Overview of the Floor Plan:

This fifth wheel is great, really spectacular. It has 3 slides outs, so it creates a lot of room. The floorplan feels very homelike. There is theatre seating, in the rear living room. Also in the living room, there is a fireplace!

One of the reasons that the Avalanche is on this list is because it really feels like a home. It makes it really easy to stay out traveling with the family when your fifth wheel is this luxurious.

The kitchen features a nice island in the center. There is also a huge refrigerator. The dinette is free standing and it looks really classy.

At the very rear of the fifth wheel, there is a hide-a-bed. There is also some theater seating – which comes with heat and massaging abilities.

Near the front of the fifth wheel, there is a full bathroom.

The bed up front is a 70″ by 80″ bed in a private room as well. This includes a slide out, so there is more space inside the room itself which is very nice.

In this room, there are also hookups for stackable washer/dryer. This makes it easy to go on long trips without packing as many clothes.

To see what I am talking about, watch this video!

Why This Fifth Wheel is Great for the Family:

There are plenty of good reasons why this makes for a great family fifth wheel. Having enough room for the kids in the rear living while having a private area for the parents is just one of them.

Some other reasons why it’s great is because of how much storage there is. When there are kids to bring along, there is a lot more to pack. The Avalanche has plenty of space to store food and clothes, and whatever else you need.

The nice fireplace is great for the family to warm up after a long day playing. Having a space for a TV and all that is

The awning is a great space to hang out in the shade while watching kids play.

Really, Keystone is a great, reliable brand and this fifth wheel is well loved and definitely up to par. There are a lot of positive reviews and going with the Avalanche is going to a good decision.

Our Favorite Things About This Fifth Wheel:

  • The slideouts create so much space!
  • Entertainment center looks so nice.
  • The stackable washer and dryer prep area
  • The theater seating
  • The giant refrigerator

It Might Not Be the Best Option for You If:

  1. You have a large family (more than 2 kids)
  2. You want a bathroom far away from the master bedroom
  3. Want a fifth wheel that can haul toys
  4. Are worried about the price tag

Let me explain why these things are not really compliant with this fifth wheel.

Firstly, this fifth wheel does only sleep 4 people. I would argue that you could fit another person a floor mat if you really needed to, but there are some bunkhouse-style fifth wheels out there that are better for larger families.

Besides, sticking a person on the floor seems ridiculous if you are going to spend $60,000+ on a fifth wheel.

Similar to some of the other fifth wheels on this list, there is no space for hauling toys, so bringing along a razor and a couple of dirt bikes is a lot harder.

The price tag might make this amazing fifth wheel out of reach. There is a lot of luxury features that drive up the price.

Jayco Talon Platinum 385T

Overview of the Floor Plan:

This is a fifth wheel toy hauler and it is great for the family! This floorplan is over 40′ which makes it long and spacious.

There are two entrances for this trailer. One goes to the garage area of the trailer, where there is a queen size bed. The table/seating converts to a pair of beds as well. Don’t worry! There is still lots of room for toys!

The other entrance leads into the living area. There is a couch, which you can choose to become a u-dinette if that better suits your needs.

This floorplan includes a full kitchen. The TV is included in the kitchen area as well.

Towards the front of the RV is the main private bedroom. There is lots of storage space in here and wiring to install another TV if you want.

Also included in the floor plan is a bathroom with a shower. It is a little tight in this area.

Going to the back of the trailer now, this is an awesome feature. There is a party deck that has a railing. This is a great spot to enjoy the day.

The garage area has nice padded floor and lock-ins for your toys. Jayco is really high quality. The ramp is really sturdy too, and it is easy to get your toys in and out of the trailer.

You can watch this video below to see what the Talon looks like.

Keep in mind that it is not the exact floor plan, but it helps you get a picture of what I am describing because it is a Talon by Jayco.

Why This Fifth Wheel is Great for the Family:

There are a lot of reasons why this fifth wheel toy hauler is our favorite floor plans for families. It has a lot of room and a lot of nice touches.

Everything inside looks very polished but is really built to last so you get the best of both worlds.

There are some extra bonus features as well if you would like to add those on. An outside kitchen is a great option if you really like to cook and it’s a tight squeeze inside. You can get an extra fridge and a cooktop.

The large awning helps cover the kitchen area if you are cooking outside in the sun.

Another great part, the greatest part, is it IS a toy hauler so you can bring all the fun stuff along with you for you and your family. There is still a lot of sleeping room as well.

You can have a big family for this trip and still have enough for the toys that make camping even better.

The party deck in the back is really fun with the family. It has LED lights back there is you can use it during the day and at night. The railings make it easier to keep little ones from wandering too far.

Overall, this fifth wheel makes it onto our favorite list because it has so many fun and useable features. Jayco is one of my favorite brands because of its durability.

Our Favorite Things About This Fifth Wheel:

  • It can haul your toys
  • Lots of sleeping area
  • Dual entrance
  • Party deck area

It Might Not Be the Best Option for You If:

  1. You don’t have any toys to haul
  2. You would like to have the kids closer at night
  3. Want a more open concept kitchen/living room area

If you don’t have any fun toys that you want to bring along with you camping, then you probably shouldn’t get a toy hauler. It is nice to have some storage area, but it can cost you a lot of money.

However, if you are planning on getting a bike or 4-wheeler eventually, it could be a great investment to get a fifth wheel that has a garage.

Something about the Talon is that most of the sleeping area is in the garage. Walking between the master bedroom and the garage can be quite a pain to walk through the whole trailer in the dark, especially because there are stairs.

If you’re a parent who checks on kids a lot at night, I would keep this in mind. It’s not that it is a big deal or a deal breaker for most, but it is a personal preference and something to consider.

If you are looking for a trailer with a not-so-crowded kitchen and living area, maybe this fifth wheel is not going to be for you. The kitchen sink makes a dent into a lot of the living space.

Overall, there is not a lot of open floor space and it can feel a bit cramped. If you plan to spend a lot of the time inside the fifth wheel itself, the tightness can be a bit much with kids running around.

I would recommend going with the outside kitchen option, so you can choose to cook in a more open area on some days.

Picking a Fifth Wheel for Your Family

All five of the fifth wheel floor plans on this list are amazing and highly recommended. However, when it comes to picking out what trailer, the most important thing is to know your needs.

Fifth Wheels are an investment, so I always recommend making a needs and want list.

Here are some of the things that you should be thinking about when picking out a fifth wheel for you and your family:

  • The sleeping capacity you need
  • Your budget
  • Your kitchen demands
  • The bathroom situation
  • The weight your truck can handle towing

An essentials list will help you figure out which trailer is best for your families needs.

Related Questions:

What are the best fifth wheel brands? The best, most reliable RV brands include are Coachmen, Jayco, Keystone, Forest River, and Heartland. There are a lot of great quality brands that do not have name recognition. The best way to check is through reviews.

Are fifth wheel bunkhouse floor plans good for families? Bunkhouse fifth wheels allow for a lot of sleeping room, which makes it great for large families. Bunkhouse floor plans all vary but are typically good for large traveling parties and big family trips.

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