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National Indoor RV Centers – Changing the Future of RV Service

Published on December 13th, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on December 21st, 2021

exterior shot of nirvc rv service facility

RV Service Tracking App and a Warranty Rating System Will Reshape the Industry

RVers that have been around awhile know the ropes when it comes to RV service. They’ve learned that you try to delay service, particularly in-warranty service, at all costs during the camping season because it might be weeks or months before you get your RV back. These RVers become handy at fixing things themselves, or simply getting by without a particular feature of their RV until they have time to get it serviced. Sure, that awning or outdoor TV might not work, but it’s better than not having the RV available at all.

The RV Service Model – A Shock to New RVers

For the millions of new RVers entering the market however, this is both shocking and unacceptable. These new road warriors have grown up in an always on, always accessible,  24-hour instant gratification era. They have been getting automobiles serviced for years, and any delay longer than a day or two is rare. To think that their RV, their brand-new RV, should have to sit for weeks, even months for a warranty repair is ludicrous. Yet, it happens. Every. Single. Day. Fortunately, there is hope on the horizon.

These tech savvy new RVers are also quick to head to Social Media and take on “Big RV” and their local RV dealer, a tactic that works when you get a bad burger or surly service from your barista, but has little effect in getting your RV back any sooner. Many of these dealers are too busy, too detached from their customer base, or too overwhelmed to do anything about it.

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The RV Service Problem

The problem starts with an insatiable demand for RVs. RV manufacturers are churning out RVs as fast as they can make them and we all know what that means…quality control issues. Most RV dealers have discovered they are the quality control for your new RV. Hopefully they discover any issues before that RV is sold and hits the road. Much of the time they do not.

After that shiny new RV gets its first shakedown trip, the new owner generally has a punch list of items that need to be tweaked, fixed, or replaced. The cheerful and understanding new RVer contacts their dealer to schedule those repairs and finds to their dismay that it may be several weeks before they can get it seen, and the repairs will take several weeks afterward to complete…on the new RV they just bought. What? How is this possible? Why does it take so long, where is the bottleneck?

Where Is the RV Service Bottleneck?

Although in the current climate, parts availability is scarcer than in times past, this isn’t where the problem lies. For some dealers, sufficient technical RV staff is a concern as well. Still, this isn’t the primary issue. The real RV service bottleneck, at least with regard to new in-warranty service, is the warranty repair approval process. 

The Typical In-Warranty RV Service Procedure

So you, the RVer, have dropped your in-warranty RV off at the dealership or repair facility. Here is a breakdown of what you can probably expect.

First, your RV technician grabs the service invoice and heads out to your RV to perform a quick visual inspection to ensure he can safely bring it into the shop. Now remember, this isn’t like the mechanic at the Toyota dealership hopping in your Camry, trying to avoid sleepy customers looking for the shuttle to work. The RV technician has to manipulate your 30 to 45 foot RV in the same slow, careful way you do when navigating that campground or Walmart parking lot. It might be 15 minutes before the RV is finally snuggled into the shop bay for actual work to be performed.

Approval Just To Diagnose

With the rig finally in the shop, the RV professional inspects and tests the problem area. For example, if the complaint is no heat from the furnace or on-demand heating system, the technician tests to see if this is indeed the case. If the complaint proves to be accurate, the next step is to diagnose the problem. However, before diagnoses can occur, approval to proceed must be granted by the manufacturer of the RV, the part in question, or a 3rd-party warranty provider. 

Bear in mind that this is just to be allowed to diagnose the issue, for an in-warranty repair. If you are lucky, the repair facility can submit several of your issues at once. While waiting for those approvals, your RV sits…either in the repair stall or more likely, back out on the lot, while the technician moves on to the next RV. 

If it is a major repair, or any other criteria that suits the manufacturer or warranty provider, they may choose to send someone out to inspect the RV to approve the repair in person. Here’s a tip…those folks aren’t sitting in the office next door. They are also busy, and might not reach the dealership for several days.

Approval To Repair

Once approval is received to proceed with the diagnosis, the technician again retrieves your RV, and begins the diagnosis process. Once a complete diagnosis and estimate of parts and labor are determined, this estimate is now again submitted to the manufacturer or warranty provider. Meanwhile, knowing the above process could take several days or even weeks to get approval, your RV technician is once again schlepping your RV back out to the lot to await its fate while he brings in another RV for the same process. 

If approval to perform the in-warranty repair is given, repairs can begin. If any parts are needed that are not stocked by the dealership or repair facility, then parts must be ordered from the manufacturer. These parts will typically be shipped via ground transportation to the manufacturer, who then forwards in the same way to your RV technician. The result is several days or weeks before your parts arrive.

When that part finally arrives, the technician will go through the whole process of retrieving the RV again, making the repair, and finally testing and approving the work. Here’s a little-known fact…if the entire process takes more than 30-days from the day the warranty work was approved by the manufacturer or warranty company, they can often deny your claim, leaving the big repair bill for you and the repair facility to fight over. 

If you have multiple items that need attention, hopefully you’ll get a multi-threaded approach and the delay won’t be exacerbated. However, if multiple part manufacturers are involved, you may end up with one completed or nearly completed RV repair, while still waiting on another part, or warranty approval. Of course, if the in-warranty repair is NOT approved for some reason, the RV owner is left to foot the entire bill on their own.

older woman frustrated at rv service summary she received on her phone
RVers are shocked and frustrated with service times and practices in place at most dealerships.

Brett Davis of National Indoor RV Centers Has Had Enough

We said earlier that, “Many of these dealers are too busy, too detached from their customer base, or too overwhelmed to do anything about it.” Brett Davis, the President and CEO of National Indoor RV Centers is none of those things. National Indoor RV Center is a unique group of indoor RV centers  that offer top notch sales, service, collision, paint & body, as well as indoor storage options for your RV. They are also innovators in safety, recently releasing their Rettroband tire blowout protection product, and are the exclusive distributors of the Proteng Fire Suppression System. 

The growth and success of NIRVC is due in part to Brett’s involvement in the day-to-day issues facing his staff and his customers. Recently, Brett took to the keyboard to connect with a broader RVing audience to learn even more about the issues they face. Rather than choosing a flitty and volatile platform like Facebook, Brett chose, an RVing forum known for its longevity, depth, and true value to the RVer. 

Much like Brian Clemons has done with his participation in the Forest River Forums, Brett and his team are reaching and helping customers directly, and getting valuable feedback from thoughtful RVers offering their comments, criticism, and kudos. Their participation in the forum has added fuel to the fire already burning at NIRVC…enough is enough.

“How do we communicate, inform, and educate the most important stakeholder… the coach owner? I only know of two ways. One is at our rallies, and the second is through social media such as this IRV2 Forum. Since I’ve never had a Facebook account, I’ve chosen IRV2, and specifically this thread to keep coach owners informed of the progress, solicit their feedback, and yes, put them in a position to vote with either their wallets, or their feet. At the end of the day, coach owners are truly the only stakeholders who have the power through their pocketbooks to make these muc-needed changes come about.”

Brett Davis – President and CEO of National Indoor RV Centers

Shaking Up the RV Service Model

Through a new program only available at NIRVC, Class A motorcoach maker Newmar, already a leader in quality coach manufacturing, is all-in with Brett and his team to shake up the RV service model. Now, when you bring your in-warranty Newmar motorhome into a National Indoor RV Center, they will fix your warranty repair issue during that first service event, if at all possible. No more waiting weeks for approval or additional weeks waiting on parts, no more back and forth, and no more finger pointing.

Here is the plan set forth by Newmar and NIRVC

1. No more authorizations needed. NIRVC’s highly qualified technicians are free to identify the problem and start work immediately.

2. NIRVC will stock the 200 to 300 fastest turning parts at each one of the NIRVC locations. The stocking level at each location is determined by the historical mix of the models sold and serviced at each National Indoor RV Center location.

3. The larger, slower turning, more expensive parts will be housed at NIRVC’s Texas facility where Southwest Airlines has multiple flights every day to each one of the other NIRVC location cities. Needed parts can be put on a plane from Texas very quickly to help get your Newmar motorhome back on the road. Naturally, there will be limits to what can be stocked, furniture comes to mind for example. Still, the goal is to have every part where it’s needed in under 24 hours.

4. The manufacturer, in this case Newmar, would relocate one of their senior service personnel to be based at that same Texas facility, but will be able to travel to all NIRVC locations in order cut through any friction they may encounter with any supplier.

The Warranty Rating System

The upcoming 2022 release of National Indoor RV Center’s Warranty Rating System website is revolutionary as well, and is not without some resistance. Change comes hard, and when you add transparency to that change, it opens eyes. NIRVC’s Warranty Rating System will likely be a catalyst for change in the RV industry. The Warranty Rating System will rate manufacturers and warranty providers on criteria such as; Time to approval, Percentage of first-time approvals, and Average days per warranty repair…just to name a few.

Moreover, NIRVC will make the small print on those warranty contents larger…quite literally. Visitors to the Warranty Rating System website will be able to click and open the warranty contract and small print information that RVers typically skim over when they buy an RV. Presented in large easy to read type, complete with highlighted clauses that affect the customer, the Warranty Rating System will hold these providers’ feet to the proverbial Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act fire.

It’s been a long and expensive process to bring this system together for the benefit of RVers, but it’s consistent with the type of radical, customer-first thinking that has driven Brett and his team, and led to the success currently enjoyed by National Indoor RV Centers

Our goal, our mission, has been from the very beginning to try and bring the “automotive service” experience to motorhomes.

Brett Davis – President and CEO of NIRVC on

What’s Different About National Indoor RV Centers?

Visit any of the five NIRVC locations and you’ll find a completely different culture than you’ll see at most dealerships. In fact, dealership is almost a bad word at NIRVC, whose roots are in quality RV service and RV storage. The entire environment at a National Indoor Facility just feels different. From big things like a clean and orderly RV service shop to little things like spotless bathrooms and customer waiting areas, you get the sense that the entire staff is onboard with the same objective; excellent customer service. Their goal is to deliver an automotive-like service experience to the RVer.

In fact, those superior service and storage offerings led to the first National Indoor RV Center in the DFW area becoming a sales center as well. Customers that were storing their new RVs at that location were dismayed to find that under Texas franchise laws at that time, NIRVC could not perform in-warranty repairs for those customers because they did not sell those brands, or any other for that matter.

The addition of becoming a sales center allowed NIRVC to increase its repair business, which now averages over 255,000 RV repairs each year. National Indoor RV Centers are able to offer an all-in-one solution for RV owners consisting of sales, service, collision repair, paint & body, and storage.


As we stated, at the core of NIRVC is service. Providing quality RV service is a complex and demanding operation. NIRVC will introduce a new internal workflow system that will make managing that process more efficient, and more reliable. 

An average repair goes through 88 “touches” at NIRVC, spanning 16 departments from the first repair inquiry to returning the keys back to the customer. That process will soon be managed by an internal workflow system that outlines who has the coach at that moment, what is being serviced, what parts are needed, and the status of any warranty approvals and parts. The latter is a huge part of the tracking process, making sure your RV doesn’t languish in limbo waiting on parts or warranty approval from the manufacturer or 3rd party warranty holder.

This internal workflow system eliminates the wonder and confusion. No more calling your RV service provider and getting put on hold while they “check on that”. NIRVC will instantly know the status of your repair, what it needs, what it’s waiting on…and who it’s waiting on. Even more, they are willing to show this to you and put that power in your hands.

NIRVC will work on any brand of motorhome, whether originally purchased at NIRVC or not. Most brands will also allow them to perform in-warranty repairs, if applicable, and where state laws allow.

In-House App Allows Customers to Track Service

In what NIRVC estimates to be available sometime during the 2nd quarter of 2022, their RV service customers will be able to follow the status of their RV repair with an in-house app developed by their own I.T. department. Via the app, customers will know exactly what their RV service status is, and where the holdup is, if any. This kind of transparency will be a boon to customers, and potential death knell to those manufactures and warranty providers that are not holding up their end of the warranty agreement.

App wielding customers will see when their beloved RV is waiting on approval for in-warranty diagnosis, repair, or parts. If denied any of these, they’ll be able to see who denied it and why. The app will also provide a dashboard where RV owners will be alerted to recall information and technical service bulletins applicable to their RV’s VIN. The NIRVC service app will also be able to send notifications at each step of the process so the RVer will know exactly when their repair was started, parts ordered, and parts arrived. Even more, the RV owner will also know when a warranty claim was denied, who denied the claim, and their contact information.

Paint & Collision

RV paint and collision repair is much different than that of automobiles. It’s closer to boats in fact. RVs use different materials, lots of fiberglass, and some unusual shapes. RV paint and body processes are significantly different in technique, paint application, and cost. That professional challenge and lucrative income is often what lures high-end paint and body professionals into the industry.

NIRVC is a leader in RV paint and body repair. Few facilities can offer a 60-foot paint booth for your high-end coach, as NIRVC does. National Indoor not only rolls your coach into that full size paint booth, but a lifetime guarantee on the work and decades of experience roll with it.


Another one of their core operations is motorhome storage. NIRVC offers powered, climate-controlled storage for all types of motorhomes. As one would expect, the majority of their storage business are the larger Class A units that most RVers can’t store in their driveway. 

Each RV that NIRVC stores receives a barcode on the windshield. Using this bar code, they know exactly where the coach is, and what the status of that RV is during the storage and valet process it offers. Ready to hit the road? Contact NIRVC ahead of time and they’ll have your RV ready and waiting for you with fuel, fresh water, proper tire inflation (based on 4-corner weighing) and even have it washed for you, if you desire.


National Indoor RV Centers sell RVs too. While initially resistant to becoming a dealership (there’s that word again), Brett finally moved forward with selling RVs, but set high standards for every facet of the process. Starting with brands like Newmar and Entegra, and later adding top names like Winnebago, American Coach, Holiday Rambler, and Fleetwood, the goal of NIRVC was to provide the best coaches and the best experience for those RVers spending their hard earned money on their dream RV. 

A core of the initial selling experience at National Indoor was hiring Angie Morell. Not only did Angie bring a fresh approach to the selling process, her detailed walk-through videos are now legendary. If you have purchased a motorhome in the last few years, there’s a good chance you’ve spent considerable time watching those videos.

If customization is your thing, NIRVC is the place for you. The majority of the new motorhomes sold at NIRVC are custom built. Walking into the materials area of an NIRVC showroom is reminiscent of a high-end tile or carpet store. Choose your coach, its paint job, tile, furniture, carpet….anything that’s customizable. You can order that motorcoach of your dreams as easily as ordering a new car.

Newmar motorhome for sale on nirvc lot.
NIRVC is a leading dealer of high quality Newmar Motorhomes.

Understand Your New RV Before You Drive Away

When you buy a new RV from National Indoor RV Centers you’ll leave the lot with a full understanding of your new RV. After a 223 point inspection and a lengthy and detailed walk-through, NIRVC provides the opportunity to spend a few nights camping on their full-hookup lot, at no additional cost.

This gives you the opportunity to learn more about every new bell and whistle on your dream motorcoach, before you ever leave the lot. Each morning, you’ll go over your questions with your personally assigned delivery technician. The longer you stay, the more you learn. You’ll leave NIRVC knowing your new motorcoach, not having to resort to frantic Social Media posts trying to figure out how to bring in the slides or flush the tank.


Such a significant change in the way RV dealers do business will likely have an impact on sales and brand desirability. Well-known brands that fail to conform to the new standards will surely falter, while those that embrace them will thrive. 

Brett Davis’ leadership of National Indoor RV Centers is surpassed only by his passion. When a busy executive continues to devote significant time to providing detailed answers and insight, you can see that passion on display. This change is a long time in coming and promises to shake up the RV service industry.

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65 thoughts on “National Indoor RV Centers – Changing the Future of RV Service”

  1. On the strength of this article I tried to book a repair at NIRVC, and discovered that they do motorhomes only… or another type of RV only if they sold it to you.

  2. Brett I can totally understand your feeling of heart burn on the consignment I bought from you in Atlanta ! Never do that again ! warranty I bought also seems to not be as was expected ! Dave

  3. Hey Brett— You MUST open NIRVC in New Jersey. You’d have no competitors. You could build the biggest supercenter in the country and it would be busy from day one. Please, I’m begging you, come to New Jersey!

  4. OK, I’m sold Brett. I’m picking up a consignment sale from you on January 6th and looking forward to seeing and experiencing your operation. I’d like to continue working with your service department but the closest store is in Vegas. Bit of a drive from SF. Think you could open a new store in San Luis Obispo so those of us in Northern and Southern CA could meet halfway for service? Real estate there is more reasonable than either the north or south. How about it??

    • Good morning Rob,

      Thank you for your kind comments. Why there is no way to know which dealer sells the most consignments in the country, I do believe we are one of the largest, if not the largest. And, every consignment sale gives me heartburn. Please allow me to explain myself.

      First, we don’t own the unit which at times can really tie our hands. In a consignment sale we are playing “match maker,” and just like in high school it can at times become embarrassing, so please don’t shoot the messenger.

      Secondly, we truly care about the quality of what we sell, because we’re in the business of making customers for life. We DO NOT want to be pawning off someone else’s problem for sake of earning a fee, which is “penny wise and pound foolish” in my mind. Because of this concern, we do perform a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) on every consignment we sell. Depending on demand, and available capacity in our shops, your PDI will either be performed by NIRVC, or a third party RV Inspector. The major difference between the two is NIRVC will test drive the coach, where the third party will not. Regardless, I believe we are in the minority of dealers who perform a PDI on consignments.

      Third, whatever repairs are uncovered by the PDI continues with the “match making” proceed by seeing what the seller is willing to pay for, versus what you feel is a must. Not a fun process, but it’s transparent, and that’s all I’ve ever demanded in business. You will not be buying a “pig in the poke.” Fortunately, most people selling their coaches on consignment have some form of extended warranty which can make this part of the transaction easier.

      Fourth, and again I believe is fairly unique in the industry, you will receive a full walkthrough of your coach at delivery. And, I’ve always said “the longer you stay with us, the better off we’ll both be.” Yes, our technicians will go through our 223 point checklist when performing the PDI, but they’re doing just that… checking. The hot water may be hot when they check it, but after you’ve lived in it a night or two, it could stop. Like you, we’d like to know while you’re still on our lot and can repair it.

      Number next, I hope you will try us for service. Currently, I feel we’re the best of a sorry lot when Motorhome service.. However, as we roll out various elements of our new service system during 2022, I would hope when we roll into 2023, we will be delivering “automotive type” service. Right now we can only be as good as a manufacturer let’s us be. Hopefully, by arming you the coach owner with all the information, you’ll be able to make manufacturers as good as you would like them to be.

      Lastly, as for a future California location, that’s a tough one. We had a property under contract for 18 months in California, and it was zoned to allow us to perform all nine of our revenue streams. However, the city wouldn’t issue us the required SUP (Special Use Permit), and stated we’d never be allowed in their city, or county to perform Paint & Body work. California is a HUGE market, and we haven’t given up trying, but I do have to be realistic, and keep my feet on the ground when it comes to the probability of opening new locations. Our buildings are big, they’re expensive, and we need to be able to conduct all nine of our revenue streams in order to justify the investment while remaining competitive in our pricing.

      I hope I’ve answered your questions adequately Rob, and set some realistic expectations.


      • I would be SUPER happy with Reno or Sparks if we can’t make Northern California work out. A four-hour ride to Reno from the S.F. Bay Area is much better than a 10-12 hour drive to Vegas. (Although we’re headed to your Las Vegas center next month; just hard to do it on short notice or often. =)

        Whatever the case, I can’t wait to use and see the results of your new system. And, until it’s able to provide a positive impact, I sincerely hope that the extended warranty (Warrantech Automotive) purchased through your Texas center is still as helpful and efficient as you believed them to be when adding it to the purchase of our Newmar.

        Meanwhile, happy holidays and a wonderful and healthy new year!

    • Rob,
      Well, I had a another problem with the extended warranty plan that NIRVC sold me approving necessary repairs. I called NIRVC to voice my frustrations and low and behold Brett Davis called me back.

      Needless to say, ALL the repairs were approved expeditiously.

      Without a doubt, our next RV will be purchased from NIRVC. Thank you Brett Davis and his team for realizing that change needs to happen for this industry to thrive when these rigs are costing what they do.

  5. I bought our third Rv from NIRVC and had a great experience. I bought another coach for the second one from a major dealer in Arizona and it was bad, bad, and bad. Buy from NIRVC and you won’t regret it.

    • Hi Warren,

      I’m glad you had a great experience with NIRVC! I’m sorry we missed the opportunity to do business with you on your second purchase. We really appreciate your kind words, and hope to take care of you in the future!

      We have a location in Surprise, AZ if there is anything we can help you with. Stop by for a visit!

    • Thanks Allen! I’m sure we’ll have a few hiccups as we implement this, but we are dedicated to changing the service experience for our customers!

      • Hi Angie. Is the 2019 newmar Dutch star 4369 with the euro dinette that you showed in the video still available? If not do you have a similar version?

  6. I still don’t understand how warranty repairs work.
    If NIRVC starts warranty work without waiting for an authorization, who eats the cost of the work performed if that authorization is denied?

    • Good afternoon Henry,

      Currently, manufacturer warranties, and extended service plans require us to obtain an “authorization” before we can even diagnose your motorhome.

      Once we’ve received an “authorization,” and have diagnosed your motorhome, we now need to obtain an “approval,” wherein the amount of time and parts needed for the repair are agreed to.

      Once we obtain an “approval,” we are now free to order the parts from the manufacturer.

      Now, if we skip either the “authorization,” or the “approval,” the warranty claim will be denied, wherein the service provider, or the customer will be forced to “eat” the cost. Remember, for the most part, just like insurance, warranty providers are looking for reasons to deny a claim, not approve one.

      National Indoor RV Centers is just like a hospital. A hospital doesn’t care how you came to have heart attack, nor do they care who your doctor is. The hospital only cares if you have insurance that will pay them. NIRVC doesn’t care where you purchased your coach, we don’t care which one of our doctors/technicians will perform the repair, we only care if you have a warranty policy that will pay us if we dot all the i’s, and cross all the t’s. The transparency of our new service system this coming year will let motorhome owners know just how many”i(s)” and “t(s) there really are, who requires a service provider to jump through the most hoops, and who in the process drops the ball.

  7. I agre wholeheartedly with your review of NIRVC and Brett Davis. After owning Five Class A Motorhomes since 2002 finding NIRVC in 2018 was a breath of fresh air.
    We bought an Entegra from Brett in 2018 and that began a “world of difference “ in our ownership experience.
    Service experiences since that time have been leaps and bounds better than all the years before.
    We applaud all the changes that NIRVC has made to make our life better!

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Alan! We thoroughly love having you and Janie in the NIRVC family! I hope you all are coming to our Chula Vista AIMCLUB rally, or to the Tucson FMCA rally! If you are coming to Tucson please get with Diane Stewart to make sure you are camping with AIM! 😉

  8. Been Full timing 7 years. In 2017, bought new, 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4040. After our terrible, uncaring experiences with Newmar and the dealer we bought from, what I am reading here seems unbelievable.
    I will definitely be trying NIRVC when I need work again.
    Like John O below, we do not let them keep our RV in or at their shop while we just wait.

  9. I take delivery on an Entegra Accolade from NIRVC Atlanta next week. Leaps and bounds above my previous RV purchases. Brett even sent me a personal message

    • Congratulations Jim! I’m sure you have been anxiously waiting for your new coach! Thank you for trusting your business with us!

      Brett Davis and I will be in Atlanta on Tuesday to celebrate Atlanta achieving their dealership goals in November. We would love to have you join us for dinner and the celebration if you are in town for your delivery! Please let me know at [email protected]

    • Hi Stan,

      Thank you for your interest. Here is a list of our current locations. We will be announcing a new location next year!

      Atlanta – GA  
      Dallas – TX  
      Las Vegas – NV  
      Nashville – TN  
      Phoenix – AZ  

  10. Where can I find information on sire locations and storage rates? Is NIRVC “approved” by any major RV clubs (Escapees, FMCA etc)?

    • Hi John,

      Below is a list of our current locations. Please call 469-277-1330 for our storage rates.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “approved” by certain organizations, but we are members of FMCA and we attend their events. We will be at their next big show in Tucson with coaches to show, and with our products that are exclusive to NIRVC, Proteng and Rettroband. Please come and join us in the campground for dinner and nightly entertainment while you are at the FMCA show!

      Atlanta – GA  
      Dallas – TX  
      Las Vegas – NV  
      Nashville – TN  
      Phoenix – AZ  

  11. We bought our (then brand new) 2018 Newmar Dutch Star from Angie and Brett in Lewisville, Texas and never looked back. A wonderful experience from day one. Brett has always said NIRVC is a family and his mantra is “customer for life”. We’ve had our issues with our motorhome, and have been to every NIRVC location except Atlanta in our four years on road. NIRVC has always taken exceptionally good care of us. I can’t even imagine going anywhere else. We are customers for life.

    • Hi Bill!

      We consider ourselves the lucky ones to have you and Nettie in the NIRVC family! So glad we met you back in 2018! Can’t wait to see you again at our Chula Vista AIMclub Rally!

      Merry Christmas!🎄

  12. Sounds great in theory. It will be interesting to see if the Georgia center will live up to the hype. I found that a bad google review was the only way to get any satisfaction. Hopefully things will improve.

  13. We met Brett @ an AIM rally in Las Vegas. He is right on & very proactive to improve our RV service experiences. We have an Entegra so wondering if anything being considered in the Seattle area? Thanks for keeping our faith.

  14. I love this idea. It was what “The big dealership that shall not be named” was supposed to be.

    Now, if they just open more locations (the closest one to me is 725 miles away) and truly follow through with what they plan, it will be great.

  15. We bought our Newmar DS in 2020 at Lewisville location and met Brett. We got all of our warranty work done there. We also have used the Las Vegas location for service and Paint/Body. We are Retroband and Proteng customers as well. We are early retirees and full-time RVers and cannot imagine not having NIRVC as our go to centers. Integrity, customer service, and now an exciting new APP – we are loyal customers.

  16. These changes sound like a major step forward in NIRVC’S service model. However, our experience does not reflect any of the new features mentioned in this piece so I have to classify Brett Davis’s declarations as a lot of wishful thinking. We ordered a new New Aire from NIRVC in February 2021 and it was was delivered in July of 2021, one month later than had been predicted.
    The sales experience was a dream
    Our sales person , William Hopkins, was incredibly helpful, responsive, easy to contact and work with. Unfortunately, we had already planned a trip out West after a shakedown cruise but the delay in delivery forced us to eliminate the shakedown trip and cut some days off our planned itinerary. As we travelled from Georgia with stops in Alabama , Louisiana., Texas and New Mexico and our final destination in Colorado, some seven or eight minor but annoying problems arose such as defects in the HVAC system controls making it impossible to shut down except by disabling the entire electric system. We also had a minor encounter with some bollards on our way back to Georgia at a gas station in Arkansas denting a couple of basement doors. We drove straight back to NIRVC near Atlanta to have the repairs made dropping it off on September 7th, 2021. We havent seen it since. Our service rep took a list of 7 mechanical problems and within a month he told us the repairs were done. At the same time, a representative from the body shop took measurements and told us he would have to order 2 replacement doors from Newmar and it would probably take about a month to receive them. Late in October, after many phone calls, we learned that the body shop man had left the company without placing the order for replacement doors. Many phone calls, text messages and emails later we learned that the replacement doors had finally been ordered and just this month (mid December), we found that the doors had arrived and the rig had been taken into the shop for the body work.

    our greatest cplaints have been the failure to order the doors in a timely way and the maddening need to call NIRVC over and over to get updates on the repairs. We even had to appeal for information to our wonderful sales person, William Hopkins, to intervene with the body shop to update us.

    So, the new service model announced by Brett Davis sounds great but the changes he announced have not yet filtered down to the operational divisions at NIRVC Lawrenceville, GA.

    • Good afternoon Daniel,

      I’d like to start with a great big “thank you” for trusting the purchase of your new New Aire to National Indoor RV Centers. It truly means the world to all of us here at NIRVC! However, I’m sorry your coach came offline a month late, but unfortunately, we have zero control over the manufacturing of these coaches.

      However, we apparently dropped the ball with something we do have control over… ordering bay doors and communicating. As I continually remind our people, we are currently the best of a very sorry lot when it comes to servicing motorhomes. At the same time, I do feel I’ve been extremely blessed with a team of people who truly have customer service in their DNA. I know not a single one of our people come to work in the morning wondering how they can inconvenience some poor customer of ours. Sadly, I haven’t provided them with the tools necessary for them to be great! Hence, the need for the new service system we have been building for the past few years. This new system will eliminate the ordering of bay doors from falling through the cracks like they did with you, and it will be the ultimate in communication, because you will see everything we’re seeing in real time.

      Now, it’s not that it “has not filtered down” to our Lawrenceville location yet, instead it’s about our system not being complete yet. None of our locations are operating on our new system yet. Building this system was an expensive and major undertaking. All of the functionality of the new system has been programmed. Currently, our team is painstakingly importing every single transaction, big or small, that NIRVC has ever completed since our first day in business. We are talking about millions and millions of transactions, but our entire history needs to be in our new service system before we can “flip the switch,” and transition to it. This is being done month by month, and then is audited. We are currently up to to the year 2015. This is why we expect implementation to begin in Q1 of 2022, and full functional by Q3 2022. But, it is new technology, so who knows how smooth or rocky next year will be. However, once our new system is completely implemented next year, I’m quite confident what you experienced this fall you will not experience again with us.

  17. Great article. Spot on! We are new RVers and our new 2021 Airstream Atlas has been in the repair shop longer than traveling for leisure! One additional comment, not only quality control is horrible from the manufacturers, but for us, the dealership did not even check for possible issues. As a result we had it in service BEFORE our first rad trip! We are at our 4th work order in less than 9 months! The unit is still at the shop!

  18. 1. Is there a link to the specific thread on IRV2 mentioned in this article?

    2. NIRVC is not located near everyone. Do they have plans to open more facilities? The closet to me is 700-800 miles away.

  19. Brett, I am so glad to see this. I purchased our first motor home from NIRVC in 2014 . In 2016 we wanted a new Winnebago, but unfortunately NIRVC was not able to sell Winnebago at that time. We purchased a 2016, 36 ft Winnebago Vista LX, class A motor home from Camping World. The same warranty problems you mentioned in the article happened to me. In 2018 I was told by Gander RV, who is part of Camping World, that my roof was bad, my large slide out needed replacing and the automatic steps didn’t work correctly. The roof and slide out was suppose to be under warranty. After 2 months all was suppose to have been fixed. When I picked it up, nothing was fixed properly. I finely got the roof fixed, but The large slide out took 11 months to completely get repaired. As for the step, I took it to INRVC in Ga for a completed and happy job. I am so glad I can now take it to NIRVC whom I have complete Trust. Thank you for the article and Your concern for your fellow RV ‘ers.

    • I have a 2014 Newmar Dutch Star model 4369 that I have had repaired and serviced at (3) of the (5) NIRVC locations. I have been full time RV since June of 2017. They have allowed me to book an appointment DATE,……..provide me with a 50 hookup when I get there,………with water and electric as needed during the repair. They NEVER played the “did you buy it from us” game,………..although knowing what I know now, I wished I had! This level of excellent and professional service comes at a price. But it has been my experience that THEE MOST expensive repair is the one you have to do two or three times, or that never “is quite right”. NIRVC has, and will remain, my go-to place. And if I have a problem with something they have done, they will work to get it right. It simply can’t get any better than that!

      • Hi Mark!

        We are so grateful to have you and Sue in the NIRVC family! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be your go-to RV dealer! Thank you so much for trusting us with your business! 💙

  20. All that you’ve said about NIRVC is accurate and welcomed.

    Like many, I’m new to the culture of RVing, but not to yachting. I hold a USCG Masters license, and am familiar with yachting systems. I did my due diligence on line, studied the market, YouTubed the videos and shopped for price. The deal was easy. NIRVC paid for my flight, introduced me to the features even though I ran late that day, and provided transport for my sons back from the Phoenix airport. Did I mention that the initial ask for best price was terrific and remains terrific?

    Now the unit is housed indoors in Atlanta, where minor warranty work continues. Call 24 hours in advance, and the motorhome awaits, with full water and correct tire pressure as you have noted. Next year I will base out west, but certainly with NIRVC.

    • Hi Steve,

      The app is still in the works. We have beefed up our IT department in order to deliver the app as soon as possible. We will send out an announcement as soon as the new app and program is live!

  21. We’ve been full-timers for 9 years, and have had to wait weeks for parts sometimes, but never for warranty approval, either manufacturer’s warranty or extended service plans. Service facilities don’t keep our rig overnight unless it cannot be moved during the work, and then our hotel is paid for. That only happened once, when a waste tank had to be replaced. Sometimes we go in twice, once for diagnosis and the second time for repairs, maybe a few weeks later when parts and technician time are available. But we don’t let them keep our RV in their shop while we’re all just waiting.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for your interest in National Indoor RV Centers! We aren’t in Florida YET, but it is in our plans. Until we are in Florida, I hope you can visit us in Lawrenceville, Georgia for all of your RVing needs!

      Atlanta – GA  
      Dallas – TX  
      Las Vegas – NV  
      Nashville – TN  
      Phoenix – AZ  

  22. We live on the Central Coast of California but purchased our Newmar Mountain Aire from NIRVC in Lewisville, TX. We passed a whole lot of RV dealers between
    CA and TX and we’re sure glad we did too!

    Brett Davis sets a high bar for excellent customer service and his team always
    met or surpassed our expectations.

    NIRVC is very much the Real Deal and as you most aptly stated, “This change is a long time in coming and promises to shake up the RV service industry.”

  23. Great report on something that has desperately needed to be done. Personally, when starting to shop for our first class A, I discovered NIRVC when browsing online and trying to research different brands. I want to give full credit to Angie for her video on the 2022 Newmar New Aire. Her in depth video not only sold me on that particular product, but also led me to buying from her company NIRVC. While I wait on delivery, I have to say that I think this company’s sales persons are leaps and bounds above any of the others that I dealt with in my pursuit of finding a dealer I was comfortable with. I feel very fortunate that I stumbled onto this company.

    • Hi Sherry!

      You just made my day ! 💙 I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your kind comments about my videos! I am so glad that they led you to National Indoor RV Centers! I’m thrilled that you trusted your purchase to us, and I hope you don’t have to wait much longer for your New Aire! Welcome to the NIRVC family!! 🎉

  24. But what about repairs to Class A engines, chassis air conditioning, brakes, etc.?

    Does NIRVC do that kind of work, as well? It’s very hard to find anyone to work on these issues, and when you do it’s $175 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum. (Chassis manufacturer, i.e. Freightliner).


    • Been Full timing 7 years. In 2017, bought new, 2016 Newmar Ventana LE 4040. After our terrible, uncaring experiences with Newmar and the dealer we bought from, what I am reading here seems unbelievable. I will definitely be trying NIRVC when I need work again.
      Like John O above, we do not let them keep our RV in their shop while we’re all just waiting.
      I am replying to Paul Hott because I could not find any other way to comment on the entire posting.

    • Paul- the easiest way to say it is- you just have to visit one of the facilities. They can change your oil…they can change your engine. They can refinish any damage to the body of the coach and refinish the kitchen counter. In short, the company is truly a one-stop for everything: sales, service, exterior cleaning, bodywork, and storage.


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