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This New Winnebago RV Is Their Most Affordable Camper Van Yet

back of new Winnebago RV

This New Winnebago RV Is Their Most Affordable Camper Van Yet

Winnebago has long been known for their Class A and C motorhomes but more recently they have stepped into the Class B market as well. Their newly introduced Solis Pocket is the latest addition to their camper van lineup with a flexible living space, innovative storage solutions, and built-in features to keep you comfortable while camping year-round. 

The new Winnebago RV runs on a fuel-efficient RAM Promaster chassis with a high roof and 136-inch wheelbase. At just 17 feet long, the Pocket’s small size makes the van easy to drive, navigate, and park, while it can still handle significant ground clearance.

“What’s nice about the Solis Pocket is that its compact design easily navigates urban areas but stays true to the Solis’ surf-to-slope design and accommodates all facets of life and travel on the road,” Said the Winnebago Project Manager, Chris Beinert.

interior of new Winnebago RV

The interior features a versatile living space with a dinette that converts into a sofa, an adjustable/removable table, and swivel cab seats. In the back of the van is a high platform Murphy+ bed with enough room underneath to store two bikes (even when the bed is down) along with L-track tie downs to keep your gear from moving.

The galley comes equipped with a stainless steel sink, a two-burner cooktop, and a forward-facing fridge. When the Murphy+ bed is raised, there is additional counterspace available for prepping meals.

According to their website, the new Solis Pocket is one of the first camper vans in North America to come with a refillable 20-pound propane cylinder. The van stays comfortably warm at night and during the off-season thanks to its Truma VarioHeat system and extensive insulation.

The 36A floorplan places the new Winnebago Pocket as the cheapest camper van in their lineup. The price starts at just $95,736 while the next level up is the Solis van starting at $107,821.

The van will be available in bright white, bright silver, and deep cherry. It is coming soon in Fall 2021 to RV dealers across the US. You can learn more information about the new Winnebago RV on their website at Check out the video tour below for a closer look.

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4 thoughts on “This New Winnebago RV Is Their Most Affordable Camper Van Yet

  1. Wow, come a long way. Love it. I love camping, unfortunately not much time for the season living in the north. This kind of vehicle, I would have this to ride. But it would be duable, I would think. How much for this one?

  2. We have had similar to almost identical for years in Australia,
    Look for Horizon Motorhomes . Fiat Ducato is a diesel though.

  3. “Affordable”? That’s certainly an interesting way to put it. While it might be Winnebago’s least expensive RV, I’d say affordable is a relatively imprecise way to describe it, since affordable probably means something different to everyone.

    1. Remember that RV Dealers typically don’t charge full MSRP. So yeah, affordable in the “brand new RV built by a reputable mfg, with a warranty” sense for sure.

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