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You Won’t Believe The Interior Of These New Luxury Campers

Published on November 12th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

living vehicle 2022

You Won’t Believe The Interior Of These New Luxury Campers

When it comes to innovations in the RV world, many of us are used to seeing small tweaks and updates as new models are released. However, sometimes there are new releases that step outside the box and create something that’s truly fresh and new. This kind of innovation is evident in the new 2022 luxury campers from Living Vehicle. These travel trailers provide a masterful combination of comfort, design, and utility.

With the release of the LV 2022, Living Vehicle has created a powerful impact in the RV industry. The layout and design is a far cry from the standard building practices of competitors, and it promises to be a durable and comfortable place to live. There are so many details to explore, so let’s take a deeper dive into the interior of their newest luxury travel trailer.


To start off, let’s look into one of the most important spaces in any RV: the main bedroom. This is where you’ll retreat for personal time, relaxation, and to get a good night’s sleep for tomorrow’s adventures. The LV 2022 bedroom is equipped with a queen-sized mattress that’s 8 inches thick and made from cool-touch memory foam. It’s a soft surface that easily conforms to your body and will prevent overheating.

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The ceiling above the bed also comes with a built-in skylight. This is a large window that allows any resident to sleep under the stars in the comfort of their bed. It also can be used to let in tons of natural light during the day, so you can avoid the dingy artificial lighting that some RVs are infamous for.

The bedroom can also be outfitted with a fantastic entertainment system. Buyers can choose to add a 70″ HD television in the room, as well as a SONOS surround-sound speaker system. Your favorite music and TV shows will always be within reach, and you can enjoy them in their highest quality.

Finally, the bedroom contains built-in storage spaces and a washer/dryer unit. It’s a very adaptable space that can transform into anything you need it to be.

Home office

Living Vehicle also understands the importance of adaptable spaces. That’s why the bedroom can be converted into an office space with minimal effort! The bed is designed to fold neatly against the wall and a long desk can fold out from the sides.

This desk is large enough to fit multiple monitors, as well as all the equipment you would need in a home office. Multiple outlets are spaced throughout the room and you can opt to install extra packages for superior Wi-Fi connectivity.

Even luxury campers don’t often provide dedicated office spaces, so this feature puts the LV 2022 above and beyond the competition.


No RV would be complete without a bathroom! This feature is usually just another box to check when creating an RV, but Living Vehicle put a lot of care and thought into the bathroom design of the LV 2022. This travel trailer offers a spa-style bathroom package that uses high-quality natural materials.

The shower is made with waterproof hardwood that creates a beautiful focal piece. It is also equipped with a folding shower seat that can be used for soap storage, sitting, or shaving. The toilet is electric-powered and also comes with a bidet. If you would prefer, you can also replace this toilet with a composting model that will reduce waste.

There are even luxuries like a towel warmer, so you can enjoy a warm, fluffy towel after every shower. With these innovations, the RV bathroom has become an inviting and relaxing space where you can clean and rejuvenate yourself.

bathroom in LV 2022 luxury campers


Cooking space is sometimes limited, even in luxury campers. The amount of storage and energy needed to power a kitchen is significant, but the LV 2022 has hit it out of the park again with its residential-style kitchen design.

In addition to standard appliances like a microwave, oven, and range, this model boasts a 13 cubic foot refrigerator that is solar-powered. Buyers can also choose to upgrade their refrigerator to include a built-in ice maker. This will be a great feature if you want to travel to warmer areas.

Customers can also choose to add a stainless-steel dishwasher in the kitchen. If you hate doing dishes and dealing with the clutter of washing and drying everything, this could be the perfect upgrade for you!

The kitchen also comes with a ton of storage space. There are cabinets above and below, as well as open countertops and a removable island. With this setup, you’ll have plenty of room to store all the ingredients and cooking utensils you would ever need. There are also large windows all around the kitchen, so you can enjoy natural lighting as well.

kitchen in Living Vehicle luxury campers

Patio & outdoor amenities

The comforts of this travel trailer extend beyond just four walls and a roof. There are even ways to expand the living space and enjoy yourself when you step outside.

The LV 2022 comes with a fold-down patio that you can access from a sliding door. It’s elevated off the ground, so you can use it in a variety of different areas. Even if there is mud, snow, or plants on the ground, you can still enjoy your floating patio. With the Chef’s Kitchen upgrade, you can even add a stainless steel BBQ grill and an aluminum table to your outdoor cooking experience.

The patio isn’t the only thing to enjoy outside! If you select the spa bathroom upgrade, you can also add an outdoor shower with hot and cold temperature options. This is perfect for cleaning off pets, shoes, and equipment after a long day out in nature. You can also take a quick outdoor rinse before heading inside, so the outdoor shower helps keep the RV interior clean and comfortable.

patio on LV 2022

Off-grid capabilities

Living Vehicle has always had a focus on clean energy and sustainability in its builds. The LV 2022 is the latest in a lineup of luxury campers that were designed to be good for the environment. This travel trailer is designed for off-grid camping and it can be self-sustaining for quite a long period.

Solar power is integrated into this design on many levels. It can generate 1.3-3.5. kW of solar power and store 14.4-57.6 kWh of lithium energy. As long as you have access to the sun for a few hours, you’ll be able to live in comfort.

This travel trailer can also carry 100 gallons of fresh water, which is well above the industry standard for a vehicle of this size. You’ll never have to worry about running out of water in your kitchen or bathroom, and this peace of mind is what draws many people to this brand.

Other benefits

There are countless ways to upgrade and customize this RV. However, even the most basic model is designed with comfort and utility in mind. Let’s briefly cover a few additional benefits that the LV 2022 can offer:

  • Pet-friendly
  • Built with natural materials
  • Sleeps up to 6 people
  • Low emissions design
  • High-quality air and water filtration systems
  • RV can be used to charge electric vehicles

For more details about the LV 2022 and the other luxury campers offered by Living Vehicle, check out their website.

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2 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe The Interior Of These New Luxury Campers”

  1. Interesting that there is no picture or even a mention of a living room. I assume that’s because there isn’t one because owners are expected to spend all day every day outside as if there is never inclement weather when you’re camping. I love a lot about this trailer but the lack of a living room is a deal killer.

  2. While we don’t have *this* rig, we do have a Grand Design 399TH, and it has the side patio. Being a toy hauler, it also has a back patio / ramp, but space limitations (we’re loooong) frequently keeps us from being able to use it. But the side patio goes out almost every time, even when we’re just stopped at a Harvest Host for the evening. It was a big reason we selected this rig, and I’m glad we did. I love the side patio!


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