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New Keystone Arcadia 5th Wheel Sets High Marks

Published on January 13th, 2021 by Patrick Buchanan

Keystone Arcadia Debuts at Tampa SuperShow

Keystone RV recently introduced their latest 5th wheel RV, the Keystone Arcadia, at the Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida. The new Keystone Arcadia is the latest creation born with ideas from Keystone’s Innovation Labs whose recent successes include KeyTV, HyperDeck, and Blade High-Performance air handling. By definition, Arcadia means “any real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity”. The new Keystone Arcadia is definitely real, and will certainly offer you peace in knowing you have one of the most technically thought-out 5th wheels imaginable.

Introducing NGC2

The new Arcadia has several interesting features, but the new Next-Generation Crawlspace Chassis is by far the most compelling. Dubbed NGC2 and sounding more like a starship designation than RV technology, this new crawl space drops the cross members 3” below the two 10” I-beams that run the length of the frame. This creates a cavity that runs the length and width of the coach, much like the crawl space foundation of a home. 

This new crawl space feature allows air ducts, plumbing, and Keystone’s color-coded wiring (another pain point addressed by Keystone’s Innovation Labs) to run freely throughout the underside of the RV. The result is fewer joints, bends, and elbows in those important RV systems, creating more durable connections and fewer failure points. For the RVing consumer, this means your water, heat, and electricity still work after thousands of miles of bone jarring roads on your way to great destinations.

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A Walk-In Closet in an RV

RVs are supposed to be cramped and minimalistic, right? Not the Arcadia. Utilizing Lippert’s Space Saver Upper Deck design, the Keystone Arcadia uses one 6” x 6” header beam, which allows for a flush-floor walk-in closet, in an RV. Really. Additional techniques to achieve this were needed, so Keystone reduced the pitch of the front cap and raised the height of the cap’s most forward point.

This change to the front end didn’t affect the turning radius however. With Keystone’s MaxTurn Technology you’ll still get a 95-degree turning radius.

The fixed bed and large flush-floor carpet offer a true master suite experience.

Another Crazy Simple Solution

In most RVs, the master bed moves with some type of slideout. This sensible solution has worked for decades, so why change it? The folks at Keystone Innovation Labs thought, we can do better. Although it doesn’t have a catchy name like NGC2 or Super SolarFlex, the simple idea of an unmovable master bed base meant that they could bring the bedroom slides high enough off the ground to walk under them. Yes, no more adorning your luxury RV with $3 pool noodles to keep from banging your head.

This little tweak also allowed Keystone to add additional room for fresh water, up to 100 gallons for the ¾ ton models. Say it out loud…One Hundred Gallons of Fresh Water.

It’s Always About Storage

Big or small, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome…it’s always about storage. In the Arcadia, Keystone addressed several storage issues. The first thing they did was take the Control Center out of the storage area. No more moving tangled fishing poles out of the way to bring in your slides. The Arcadia team moved all controls out of storage into separate, easy-to-access compartments. On every fifth wheel, the convenience center will be located behind the pass-through storage on the off-campsite side of the coach. Leveling controls also have been separated and moved into their own housing at the front of the coach. 

As for the storage area itself, it’s been finished cleanly, much like you would expect in the trunk of your car. No longer will you accidentally jab that kayak oar or lounge chair into critical wiring or plumbing. The Arcadia’s fully lined storage includes a front pass-through storage with equal-sized doors on both sides and features d-ring tie-downs.

Keystone Arcadia Interior
The Keystone Arcadia interior is bright, modern, and spacious.

Keystone Arcadia  – The New Secretary of the Interior

Though it’s unlikely that the Keystone Arcadia 5th wheel will hold a cabinet position, it will provide slides that extend and drop so that both the galley slide and the living area slide floors are flush with the main coach when extended. Owners will find that Arcadia slides are not only wide, but extra tall. The arched roof design opens up the ceiling height throughout the coach.

Speaking of cabinets, the Arcadia’s are all custom designed to provide maximum usable storage. Additionally, the television pivots upward to reveal hidden storage and the Arcadia pantry features fully-adjustable shelving and a finished appliance center with power. When combined with the front walk-in closet, under-bed storage, and cabinets that don’t have heat ducting running through, owners should find more usable, well-thought-out, interior storage than they’ve come to expect from fifth wheels.

You would think that all that extra space would lend itself to larger windows, and it does. Arcadia includes larger windows in every floorplan. Those large windows highlight modern interior colors, design, and furniture with longer sofas and wrap-around styling. This is definitely not your father’s 5th wheel.

Sun’s Up, Fun’s Up

While Texas Tech alum may recall that phrase a little differently, it’s perfectly fitting for the solar options available on the Keystone Arcadia. All Arcadia’s are prepped for solar with two (2) roof ports that can support four (4) 300W or higher solar panels. Arcadia is factory-wired for all components required for a solar power system. Prep also includes three outlets, the power to Arcadia’s theater seats, and wiring to one air conditioner that owners can replace with a soft start model should they choose to add solar power. Bulkhead storage has been configured to conveniently fit two 265AH Lithium GC3 batteries.

If you just want to jump in and order a Keystone Arcadia with the full optional solar package, you’ll be delighted to know that those components are fully covered under Keystone’s warranty. The solar package operates three outlets, theater seats and one (1) soft start air conditioning unit and includes; 

  • Two (2) 300W solar panels (with room for two additional panels for a total of four)
  • One (1) 50 AMP MPPT charge controller (expandable to add a second to support additional panels) 
  • 3000W inverter with transfer switch 
  • 160 AMP battery guardian 
  • One (1) 265AH Lithium GC3 battery (with an option for a second)
  • Victron energy BMV-712 Smart with phone app for total visibility to and control of energy usage 
  • Plug and play connections

Will There Be a Keystone Arcadia Near Me?

Arcadia fifth wheels will be produced at Keystone’s Goshen, Indiana headquarters and will be available at dealers nationwide in late January. Dealer information and early shipping details can be found on the company’s website,

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2 thoughts on “New Keystone Arcadia 5th Wheel Sets High Marks”

  1. We already have a 2019 Keystone Cougar 30RLS 34′ 5th wheel trailer.

    The walk in closet on the new 36.6 is very nice, would prefer a darker color interior like what
    we have now.

    Also a note to the product designers, on the cabinet doors increase screw size from #6 to #8
    the stock ones keep coming loose while traveling.


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