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The Most Popular RV Lengths for Sale

Published on August 22nd, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on August 11th, 2021

There’s a reason the most popular RV lengths and RV styles depend on what kind of camping a buyer will do. RV newbies, diehard off-grid dry camping fans and RV resort lovers all have different RV needs. The right RV length can make or break the experience. If you’re buying a new RV today, this is the time to research what RV lengths and styles might work for the kind of camping you enjoy.

What you will learn in this article.

1) When a Class A Motorhome is best for you

2) Reasons why Class B Van lovers appreciate their small size

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3) How the length of a Class C RV saves you money

4) Why towable RVs offer more interior living space and comfort

The features of each RV style affects the most popular RV lengths people buy. But beware the danger of “going with the crowd.” Sometimes getting what’s popular is not always best for you personally. This article dives into the different classes of RVs. By the time you finish, you will know what’s not only popular but what is best RV style and size for you.

The Most Popular RV Lengths in Different Models

Take a look at the best RV blogs and RV manufacturer websites to get a feel for popular RV sizes and styles. You’ll notice that within each RV class, RV lengths vary. And within each RV length, there are many pros and cons associated with it. You can cut through the confusion by focusing your search on one class of RV that sounds good to you.

The Most Popular RV Lengths At-a-Glance

  • Think you want a Class A Motorhome RV? You’ll be hauling a rig about 33-ft long
  • Class B van lengths are generally about 20-feet long
  • If you want a Class C motorhome RV, lengths average about 28-feet long
  • Towable Fifth Wheel lengths RVers love range from 32 to 36 feet long
  • Travel Trailer RV lengths are generally in the high 20s to low 30s.

If you’ve got an idea of what kind of RV you want but you’re not sure if it’s compatible with national parks or trailer parks, this post will help you out. Let’s take a look at RV classes one at a time. Even if you are on the fence about the best RV to buy, this will help you make a choice.

Class A Motorhome Overview

Ah, A’s in the American school system are the best. It can be found that in the Class A section of RVs the same could be said. The pros and cons of Class A motorhomes are something to consider.

Class A motorhomes are the most popular RV you can buy because of its superior features and quality. I recently saw a 2 million dollar luxury motorhome. These RVs are definitely the luxury center of the camper universe.

These RVs range in length anywhere from 29ft- 45ft. That’s a pretty big gap in sizing. As 29ft is the size of a slightly larger passenger van. Motorhomes do sleep 6-8 people and have all the perks of home inside with showers, full kitchens etc. It is nice with this design to not worry about towing or correct compression brakes as everything is already built-in.

However, one of the biggest Class A motorhome cons is that they are pretty hard to maneuver. They are the largest size of the motor home you can get. Plus, they are the most expensive. You will always be traveling in style and comfort if you choose to go with this option, but this is something to be aware of when searching for the best RV length and size for your needs.

Most Popular Length of Class A Motorhomes

The most popular motorhome lengths are seen in the highest sold motorhomes. This table shows popular class A motorhome models and lengths.

Newmar Essex45 feet
Thor Palazzo34-38 feet
Winnebago Grand Tour42-46ft
Forest River Berkshire38-42 ft

Of course, there are a lot more factors than just length that makes these motorhomes some of the best selling ones around. As we can see from this chart that even in the most popular class A motorhomes, there is a wide range of sizes. The type of floor plan that you want, especially in high luxury motorhomes like this is a large factor.

A lot of the Class A Motorhomes that you will find can be customized on the inside and depending on what you want in it, will determine that company’s ability to give you a certain size and price range.

The customization is really nice especially since a lot of RV owners enjoy RVs as a “hobby expenditure.” Just meaning this is something you can put your fun money into. However, because this machine is so large, it is really hard to maneuver. So unless you are able to and feel comfortable with driving such a large machine, it may not be the best fit for you.

Class B Vans Overview

Class B Vans are nice, compact and mobile. The lengths of Class B RVs make choosing campgrounds and RV parks quite easy. You can fit anywhere! In addition, the nice thing about having a smaller RV is that you sometimes pay fewer fees for accommodating your vehicle.

Many RVers love Class B vans, and are willing to overlook the pros and cons of Class B vans. For example:

A con of Class B vans is they are one of the smallest RVs you can buy. Class B vans lack storage and space in general. They are best for just one or two people.

On the Pros of Class B vans side, are highly mobile. They are the same size as regular passenger vans. And they are more fuel-efficient compared to other RVs. If you are an adventurist on a budget this is a great match for you.

Popular Lengths of Class B Vans

Interested? Check out these popular RV lengths for Class B vans on the market:

Winnebago Grand Tour18-22ft
Airstream Interstate Grand Tour22-26ft
Hymer Akiv18-22ft
Coachmen Galleria24ft

Class B+RVs Overview

These trailers have become so popular in its style that they have become their own category, like teardrop trailers. They look a lot like Class B Vans, but the with a size upgrade. These van campers are bigger and still pretty maneuverable.

As B+ class trailers are still relatively new, model selections are limited. In the video above, it describes the bonuses and features of these trailers.

Popular Lengths for Class B+ RVs

Typically you can find popular lengths of Class B+ RVs ranging anywhere from 18-feet to 28-feet long.

If small size and easy RVing is your style, you can’t really go wrong with this model. They are a good middle ground for RVs. Whether you’re a first time RV buyer or are looking to downsize from a big rig, this might be a nice fit for you.

Class C RV Overview

Class C motorhomes are like Class A RVs, but often cheaper.

The most popular lengths of Class C motorhomes are generally 30-feet to 33-feet long. They offer similar luxuries as a Class A motorhomes, but without the price tag if you’re creative. For instance, some motorhome owners rent their RVs for extra money to lighten the costs of ownership and maintenance.

One of the biggest pros of motorhomes like Class C models is what you get with this style of camper:

  • You won’t need to tow it with a truck
  • They can sleep up to eight people
  • Class Cs can be super affordable

A quick guide to popular Class C RVs lengths

Winnebago Minnie Winnie22-26ft
Thor Motor Coach Quantum30-34ft
Jayco Greyhawk Prestige30-34ft
Tiffin Wayfarer25-27 ft

This type of RV is extremely popular since most include a full kitchen, a cab-over bed, and the ability to sleep 4-6 people pretty comfortably. Many Class Cs can tow other vehicles behind them.

Popular Lengths of 5th Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheels require the right tow vehicle that can pull them.

This type of towable RV trailer is popular, and with good reason. Since there is no engine inside the unit, you have tons more living space in a similar-sized RV. Towing a fifth wheel trailer requires a heavy duty truck, but fifth wheels are super easy to pull when you have the right tow vehicle.

The most popular lengths of fifth wheel trailers are 32, 34, and 36 feet long. Like any RV, different floor plans determine the total RV length. Below you’ll see some classic 5th wheel styles and associated lengths.

A quick guide to popular fifth wheel lengths

Redwood RV Redwood 36-41ft
DRV Luxury Suites34-44ft
Coachmen Chaparral 33-41ft
Forest River Cardinal 34-41ft

Many RVers say they love fifth wheel trailers because they feel more like a house than other types of RVs. They don’t have a windshield, or an engine, and when they need work you can still live inside them, unlike most motorhome RVs. Again, you’ll need the right kind of truck to tow it safely. But once you’re set up with the right tow vehicle, you may never go back to a motorized RV.

Travel Trailers Overview

The last type of popular RV lengths to check out are towable travel trailers. They are affordable, come in many different travel trailer floorplans, and when it comes to RV depreciation, they hold value quite well. Another pro of travel trailers is because there is such a large variety of sizes and styles, they can be towed by a wide range of vehicles from trucks to passenger cars.

Let’s review a small sampling of the most popular travel trailers and their lengths. You’ll see that most people buy larger trailers, not the cute DIY teardrop trailers many people love but could never tolerate. Keep in mind that like motor homes and 5th wheels, floorplans and related lengths varies widely. The most popular travel trailer lengths range in the high 20s and low to mid-30s in feet.

A quick guide to popular travel trailer lengths

2020 Keystone Passport32 ft 11 in.
2019 Heartland Mallard30 ft 4 in.
2019 Outdoors RV Creek Side25 ft 7in.
2019 Keystone Springdale32 ft 1 in.
2019 Coleman Lantern32 ft 8 in.

Because of the popularity of travel trailers, there is no shortage of research you can do. If you know you want a towable RV, don’t buy anything until you check out travel trailer reviews, and what people say about their travel trailers.

Ten questions to ask before buying any RV

When you’re RV shopping, popularity shouldn’t be the only thing you consider (though it is a great indicator of the best RVs on the market). Start your search by making a list of features you want in a sweet new ride. These features will help you determine your ideal RV model, length and manufacturer. Then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How much RV can I afford?
  2. Do I want to take short RV trips or long ones?
  3. What is the maximum number of people who might travel with me?
  4. How much weight can my vehicle tow?
  5. If I need a new tow vehicle, what can I afford to buy?
  6. What kind of RV storage space do I need?
  7. Where do I like to camp? Full hookup RV resorts or off-grid in the back country?
  8. Am I happier RV glamping, or do I like to rough it?
  9. Does my RV need room for pets and kids?
  10. Where will I store the RV and can I afford storage?

Go deep to find your perfect RV

Having these questions on the back of your mind allows for common mistakes to be avoided. It also helps you find your perfect fit, so you will be much happier with the results when shopping.

Just addressing the questions individually, these are why we chose these questions to help you. First question, “what’s my budget?” Keep in mind that sometimes the longer the RV, the more expensive it will be depending on whether it’s new or used.

Secondly, it is good to know how long you will travel with your RV. Small RVs usually don’t have space for luxuries like showers, full refrigerator and freezer combo, and sometimes toilets. If you plan longer trips, you will probably be happier with a Class A, C or longer trailer or fifth wheel RV.

Thirdly, ask yourself: how many people will with me? Sometimes when we are young we don’t mind squishing into the car with others. But as an adult, after a few days, this gets old. The more passengers you have, the more you are going to want a little bit more space to accommodate them.

The amount of weight your vehicle can tow is also critical. Your goal is to never overload your RV or tow vehicle or the damage gets very expensive..

And lastly, if you need a lot of storage space, smaller RVs won’t cut it. If you aren’t a minimalist RVer, go for the longer length. You’ll be happy you did.

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