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Most Popular Motorhome Models in the UK

Published on March 20th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

If you’ve ever wanted to take your motorhome adventures across the pond to the UK, or if you live there are are looking to buy, then you’re going to need to know what the most popular motorhome models in the UK are.

So, what are the most popular motorhome models in the UK?

  • Hymer Motorhomes
  • Devon Conversions
  • Auto Sleeper Motorhomes
  • Bilbo’s Motorhomes
  • Volkswagen Vans

Now in this article, I’m going to go more in-depth into the different manufacturers, the pros and cons of each type, and the most popular models from those companies. So buckle up and let’s hit the road (driving on the left side!)

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Hymer Motorhomes

Hymer Motorhomes is a German company, but they are popular throughout all of Europe, including in the UK. They are known for constantly trying to bring the weights of their motorhomes down while continuing to deliver on the quality and comfort of their vehicles for the maximized enjoyment of their customers and clients.

In a recent survey, Hymer Motorhomes received a satisfaction score of 93%. This means that they are one of the most popular and most often purchased motorhome manufacturers in the UK, and most likely in the entirety of Europe as well.

Their Class B motorhomes are their most famous motorhome models. In fact, Class B motorhomes are the most popular model of motorhome in Europe. A Class B motorhome combines a compact frame with comfort and space, making it easy to dive and easy to live in.

The Hymer B 708 SL

Of the many models Hymer Motorhomes puts out, one of the more recent ones that has received a lot of good reviews is the Hymer B 708 SL.

The Hymer B 708 SL would cost you around €123,679 if you bought it when it first came out in August of 2018. However, now you could probably find a much cheaper one. If you buy it used or from overstock, you can probably find it for less than €100,000.

The Hymer B 708 SL comes with a rather large garage in the back of the motorhome to hold a scooter, bikes, or other small recreational vehicles. You can use these vehicles to get around after you’ve parked your motorhome. You can also use the garage for extra storage and mount a small vehicle carrier to the back of your motorhome.

This model can seat and sleep four people with its four seatbelts and two full sized beds. The top of the motorhome pops up, allowing access to the second bed in the loft above the driver’s seat. The ceilings in this motorhome are high enough to walk around without the top popped as well.

This model contains plenty of storage as well. You can find hidden compartments under all of the floors, inside stairs and even underneath chairs in addition to the typical storage in cabinets and drawers.

There is a gas stove with three burners and an oven, though this requires the sacrifice of more counter space.

Everything is made of high-quality lightweight materials, not a combination you can pull off most of the time. Even the retractable curtain seperators in the Hyrum B 708 SL are made of quality material and don’t tear as easily as most of the blinds and curtains you find in other RV’s and motorhomes.

There is a full kitchen, a shower, and a toilet, meaning you have all of the thing you need for a fun and comfortable trip in your Hyrum B 708 SL. For more in depth specs, view the tables below.

RangeB Class Supreme line
ModelB 708 SL
Weight4,500 kgs
Berths (Sleeping Capacity)4 berths (can sleep 4)
Chassis layoutRight hand drive 
Chassis makeFiat Ducato Maxi 
EngineFiat 2.3 180 bhp (Euro 6) 
FloorplanIsland bed over large garage 

The information provided in the tables above is taken from and provided courtesy of Visit their website here and learn more about the Hymer B 708 SL. You can also visit Hymer’s website here for more information and for purchasing options.

Devon Conversions

Devon Conversions find their roots in Southern England (they are actually the oldest RV manufacturer in England), which means that people in the UK will buy their motorhome van conversions out of pure loyalty. Of course, it helps that their products are really good quality as well.

In a recent survey, people from the UK gave Devon Conversions motorhomes a satisfaction rating of over 89%. They mostly focus on Class B motorhomes and conversions, as the name indicated.

2019 Devon Arizona

One of the most famous Devon Conversions models is the 2019 Devon Arizona. The Devon Arizona is a great model because it includes a full-sized shower and toilet that still manages to be out of the way of everybody in the van.

There are no cab blinds, but the Arizona makes up for that by offering satellite navigation, a stereo, and cruise control, as well as some cup holders thrown in for good measure.

The extra seat behind the driver’s seat and the couch along the side combine together to make up an extra double bed that sleeps two people. You can install a TV over the table, which is definitely large enough for three people to eat dinner with elbow room to spare.

The sink has a permanent drainer, which is a rare find and extremely convenient. However, this amenity does mean that you will have to sacrifice some counter space. Despite this, there is plenty of counter space located opposite the sink.

There is a fantastic amount of storage space in the kitchen, both along the gas stove and sink as well as opposite the hall. There are drawers, cabinets, shelves, slots, lockers, and racks galore.

This model contains a gas burner stove and a 90-liter fridge and freezer combo as well.

With the large barn doors on the back of the Devon Arizona, you can easily load things in and out, as well as access the bathroom from the back. Also located in the back of the van is a full-size wardrobe and all of the seats have storage underneath them as well.

You can find more of the specifications for the 2019 Devon Arizona in the table below:

LayoutVan conversion, rear washroom
Travel Seats3
Length5.99m (19′ 8″)
Width2.05m (6’9″)
Height2.59m (8’6″)
Fresh Water Tank Capacity66L
Waste Water Tank Capacity50L
Leisure battery100 Ah
External OptionsElectric step
Kitchen Equipment3-burner gas with electric hot plate
Combined Oven/Grill
WashroomSeparate shower cubicle
HeatingTruma Combi heater

The information in the table above is taken from and provided courtesy of practical Visit their site here for more information on the Devon Arizona 2019. You can also visit Devon Conversion’s website here to learn more about the different models they have and what services they offer.

Auto Sleeper Motorhomes

One of the more popular models of the Auto Sleeper Motorhomes is the 2016 Auto Sleeper Fairford. Van conversions make up half of the Auto Sleeper’s motorhome output, and they have some pretty luxurious ones.

The Auto Sleeper 2016 Fairford is built on an extra large long-wheelbase to make room for the extra double bed in the rear of the van while still making sure the whole thing is compact and easy to drive.

The engine in this model offers more power, which comes in handy on the highway and when driving up gradual slopes. The pedals and the steering and easy to control and light. There is also a rear-facing camera to help with backup up or backing in. When you are parked, you can extend the canopy over the side sliding door for a makeshift porch.

For the front lounge, you have two options. You can either set up the table and have the two diners face each other, or you could take down the table, combine the seats, and have a side facing couch instead. The seats, couch, and table all combine to turn into the first double bed of the van conversion. The table is suited for dinner for two, but it can be manipulated in the space to make room for more.

The second bed can be found in the second lounge, located in the rear of the Auto Sleeper Fairford. Two couches face each other and can be combined to form the second double bed. There are two small tables that can be stored in the back of the couches when not being used.

You can either use this extra space to travel with another couple or two kids (after all, there are four travel chairs), or you could leave the rear bed made up to save time and energy when you want to sleep. You could just have a dining room up front and a bedroom in the back without having to constantly convert furniture.

In this model, you get a fridge, a combined oven and grill, a microwave oven, and clip-on drainer and dish drying rack. The cooking and preparing space can be enlarged by the sink covers. There is enough space for somebody to clear away the food while another washes the dishes without bumping into each other, and there is a splash guard on the stove to prevent grease from popping into the rear lounge.

The toilet is a cassette toilet, which means that you are going to have to empty it yourself. The sink is on a sliding track, which means you can slide it over to the hang above the toilet to give you more room for when you shower. The washroom is big enough to use as a dressing room without hitting your elbows, knees, and head on the walls while trying to put on your pants.

There is a small wardrobe in the kitchen, and it is positioned in such a way that you can still access it even when you have already made up the bed in the dinette. There is storage in the kitchen and under the seats as well.

You can find the specifications for the 2016 model of the Auto Sleeper Fairford in the table below:

LayoutVan Conversion
Travel Seats4
Length6.36m (20′10″)
Width2.26m (7′5″)
Height2.64m (8′8″)
Engine (power)150
Engine (torque)236
Fresh Water Capacity69L
Waste Water Capacity40L
Leisure Battery105 Ah
External OptionsDirectional TV aerial, Electric step
Kitchen 3-burner gas hob, Combined Oven/Grill,
Microwave, Extractor fan
HeatingTruma Electric/Gas Blown air heater, Truma
Electric/Gas water heater

The information in the table above is taken from and provided courtesy of practical Visit their site here for more information on the Auto-Sleeper Fairford 2016. You can also visit the Auto-Sleeper Motorhome website here to learn more about the general models and amenities they offer.

Bilbo’s Motorhomes

Bilbo’s Motorhomes are most known for their conversion of VW vans into motorhomes and for their use of a small space. Their vans aren’t really intended for full-time living, but they offer plenty of space and amenities for short trips.

2006 Bilbo Lezan

The specific model we will be looking at in this list is the 2006 model of the Bilbo’s Lezan.

The Lezan can drive four people in safety, but it only has room to sleep to people. However, if it’s an adventure you’re looking for, two people can always sleep in a tent outside. The two passenger seats behind the cab are still within comfortable talking distance of the two seats in the cab.

The lounge area also has room to comfortably accommodate four people. You can swivel the two front seats around to face the two back seats or you can turn the two back seats into a couch. There are also two tables you can set up to feed all four people.

The larger of the two tables makes it a little harder to move around and it limits leg room. However, the smaller of the two tables is too small to hold more than two people’s worth of dishes and food. So if you are traveling with just the two of you, it’s best to use the smaller table. The large table can be broken out for guests.

This model has two twin beds instead of a double bed. So this model of Bilbo’s Motorhomes probably is not the best model for a married couple to travel in!

The Lezan tries to make a lot out of a little bit of space. Everything is fairly small, but it gets the job done and I was impressed about how much you can do with such limited space. The kitchen is small, but the workspace for preparing food is big enough to work with, and the fridge can easily fit groceries for two. The grill is small, but you still get two gas burners and a full sink.

There is enough storage inside the van for two people, but the lack of exterior storage means that you don’t have room for much else. If you are a minimalist, then I suppose this might be heaven for you, but if you like to hoard books, then you might want to find a different van. There is plenty of storage in the kitchen for dishes and food, and enough storage throughout the van for storage of clothes and hiking gear as well.

The washroom has plenty of room to shower, and if you open the rear doors, you can turn the shower head outside and use the shower outside the van as well. This comes in handy when you are rinsing off from a swim or cleaning your shoes from a hike. A cover can be placed over the toilet when you use the shower.

For more specifications on the 2006 Bilbo’s Lezan, see the table below:

LayoutLong wheelbase, high top tourer
Travel Seats4
Payload Capacity680kg
Length5.29m (17’4″)
Width2.04m (6′8″)
Height2.46m (8′1″)
Waste Water Capacity36L
Kitchen EquipmentWaeco Compressor Fridge, 2-burner gas hob
WashroomThetford C-250 toilet, Shower curtain

The information listed in the table above is provided courtesy of the website You can visit their site here for more information on the 2006 Bilbo’s Lezan. You can also visit Bilbo’s Motorhomes website here to learn more about Bilbo’s Motorhomes in general, their models, and the kind of amenities they offer.

Volkswagen Vans

Everybody can recognize the Volkswagen symbol, thanks in part to the very popular Volkswagen Beetle. Well, aside from manufacturing some pretty timeless cars, Volkswagen actually has a line of popular van conversions, especially in Europe.

2016 Volkswagen California Ocean

Like the 2006 Bilbo’s Lezan we just looked at, this model is more of a “bare minimum” kind of van conversion that still offers luxury and space. It’s actually the only campervan that is completely manufactured by Volkswagen themselves instead of specialist manufacturers.

This van has a pop-up roof, which gives you more head space and standing room when moving about the van when it is parked. It has four travel seats, which can fold down to a bed that can sleep four people.

The kitchen is along the side of the van and contains two gas burners with a splash guard, a sink, and a fridge with some additional storage space. This setup is simple, but effective and quite enough for you to prepare dinner with. The top of the fridge has a countertop on it for extra workspace.

The back of the van is a lift up door as opposed to barn doors. This rear door contains two lawn chairs, and a table is stored in the side sliding door. When the travel seats are up, there is an additional table that can be set up as a dining table.

There is no bathroom, but storage cabinets are used in the extra space.

For the specifications on the 2016 Volkswagen California Ocean, view the table below:

LayoutCamper without washroom
Travel Seats4
Length4.904m (16′1″)
Engine (power)201
Engine (torque)332

The information in the table above was provided courtesy of the website For more information on the 2016 Volkswagen California Ocean, visit their site here. For more general information on Volkswagen vans, you can visit their site here.

Related Questions

What is a Class B motorhome? A Class B motorhome is what is usually referred to as a van conversion. It is a van that has been converted to have a kitchen, bathroom, and lounge area that can be converted into a sleeping area. It is valued as a small, motorized, motorhome.

How popular are motorhomes in Europe? Around two billion pounds are spent per year on caravan holidays in the UK, and there are around one million caravans in use as well as 100,000 trailer parks in use. While full time RVing is not popular, RV holidays certainly are in the UK.

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