List of Manufacturers that Make Fifth Wheel Campers

Recently I have been looking into buying a fifth wheel but did not know where to find the best bang for my buck. So I did some research and here is a list of companies I found that make awesome fifth wheels.

What is a list of manufacturers that make fifth wheel campers? Redwood, DRV Luxury Suites, Coachmen Chaparral, Forest River Cardinal and Coachmen Brookstone are the top five fifth-wheel manufacturers. Purchasers find that they make trustworthy and reliable campers.

I took a closer look and found four awesome companies that have incredible reviews when it comes to their fifth wheels. If you want to know more about any of these leading fifth wheel companies keep reading as I give my insight into every single one.

Redwood RV Fifth Wheel

Redwood is an RV company that has been around for just 8 years and is already ranking in highly in the satisfaction rate of customers. This company is Indiana based and people from all around the nation are loving it. Why do people love it so much?

Well, 18 different floor plans are offered. That’s a lot of floor plans. Because there are so many options you have the chance to pick a floor plan that best meets your needs and your wants.

This offers a lot of happy mediums for couples purchasing a fifth wheel that have different wants for this new toy.

There are 4 to 6 sleeping capacities in each fifth wheel depending on how many you need. This offers a lot of room and versatility you may not have found elsewhere.

Overall, they have a 36 to 41 feet footprint, this is a massive amount of space to have fun, not step on one another’s personal time and just simply feel the classic cramped feeling that is associated with fifth wheels. Another desirable quality is the two 15,000 BTU air conditioners.

These are placed in such a way that the whole fifth wheel will stay evenly cooled. It makes summer trips much more enjoyable for everyone. Also, included is 35,000 BTU furnaces to keep every warm during winter trips.

Often times privacy seems to be missing in fifth wheels but with Redwood, the outside world stays out with dual pane windows and a private bedroom with blinds and curtain toppers. This private bedroom also comes with HGTV for when you need a touch for home.

Just like at home, you will want to cook on the road. Their fifth wheels have solid surface countertops with tops of space for you to prepare all types of food to bring your family together.

These are placed just below the solid maple hardwood cabinets. While you are cooking you may want to have a little extra fun and play some music, their RVs come with fully equipped sound bars so you can blare your tunes!

The last thing that really stuck out to me was safety. And you can feel safe with their oversized electrical breaks.

DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites Fifth Wheel

The DRV Luxury Suites are LARGE. As long as you have something strong enough to tow it, this is a wonderful and truly luxurious option. These fifth wheels are built for war.

They are strong and oversized. They are 34-44 feet in length and are considered some of the most spacious options in the fifth wheel community.

You can feel safe while in this specific fifth wheel. Although not like to ever happen, this fifth wheel can take a few punches and come out on the other end just fine. They weigh in at 13,8000 – 19,8000 pounds.

You will feel as if you are in an open space with 8 in interior ceiling height, giving the fifth wheel a feeling of a wide space.

DVR Luxury Suites really are upscale. They are built to impress. They come with custom hardwood dinette, hand laid vinyl laid tiles, hard polished surface counter tops, and hazelnut/ mocha cherry cabinets.

You may even decide you want to host a party for your campground when you hear about the LED lighting. You will feel the style while staying in this EXPERIENCE of an RV.

Each of the 20 different floor plans comes with four season perimeter heat ducting in the floors, which is a huge plus during the cold months. One other exciting and lovable feature is the frameless tinted window glass to keep your privacy while also looking incredible.

Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel

Coachmen Chaparral is all about helping you have more sleep space. Often times while traveling in a fifth wheel we do not have the best sleep options and they wanted to help correct this.

You can fit 11 full grown people in sleep spacing thanks to their bunkhouse floor plan.

Luckily the floor plans generally reach or exceed 40 feet so there will be no feeling cramped even with 11 adults around. And there is no need to worry about being uncomfortable because everyone keeps changing the temperature. Coachmen Chaparral has a dual zone thermostat controllers so everyone stays happy.

You also do not need to be worried about the weather wearing on the outside of your new beautiful fifth wheel. It is painted with UV and weather resistant decals to ensure that year-round, weather regardless, your fifth wheel stays in pristine condition.

Also included is dual USB charging ports, a panoramic sofa, 50/55″ TV, wide electric fireplace, and dual pane windows!

Forest River Cardinal Fifth Wheel

Cardinal comes in 7 exciting floor plans! For a more close experience, these fifth wheels can hold up to six people in there 34 -41 feet plans. It is also considered to be extremely safe! It comes with an LP leak detector.

To relax sit down on one of the three leather rear sofas or pull out there hide-a-beds. Maybe you want something a little more. Head to the back and take a nap on the King sized bed with premium innerspring matters. You will wake well rested! So not only is the Forest River safe but comfortable.

It is beautiful to be in with its 15,000 BTU ducted domestic quite cool AC system. But it is beautiful to look at with its solid hardwood slide out fascia frame! Also on the outside is a full outside shower so you can keep clean and not make a mess inside your beautiful new fifth wheel.

This is connected to your fifth wheel with a sliding glass door enterace on one side so you can sneak out, clean up and sneak back in. All in a very private manner.

Related Questions:

Which camper (manufacturer) is the most family friendly? After going through all the campers it would seem that the Coachmen Chaparral Fifth Wheel. Family trips usually have a high number of attendees and what is one thing we always run out of on family trips? Room. But this will not happen in a Coachmen Chaparral fifth wheel.

Which camper will be best to take out in all seasons? Coachmen Chaparral also takes the win for this as well. Between its heating and cooling as well as its UV and weather resistent decal and paint those inside the fifth wheel and the fifth wheel its self will be in their best condition all year round.

Can I make payments on my fifth wheel? More often than not, the dealers you purchase your fifth wheel from will be willing to take month-to-month payments for your fifth wheel. Think of purchasing a fifth wheel like purchasing a vehicle.

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