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Kicked Out Of Campground For Receiving A Package

Published on July 31st, 2020 by Patrick Buchanan

Kicked Out of Campground

Kicked Out Of Campground For Receiving A Package

Popular YouTubers Jason and Abigail Epperson recently shared a video of their experience of suddenly being kicked out of a campground for receiving a package via FedEx. In the video below Jason and Abby relate their unusual experience while hurriedly packing up the kids and the RV to find a new location to stay, all under the watchful eye of the local sheriff.

According to the video and the posted comments, this is not an unusual event at this campground. The rule against receiving packages is not easily apparent, according to the campers.

Jason and Abigail and their three sons travel and produce a wide array of RV content under the names of RV Miles and Our Wandering Family. The family began their RVing journey with a converted school bus, and last year purchased a 2020 Heartland Pioneer. Through videos, blogs, and podcasts Jason and Abby share their experiences, both good and bad, with RVers all around the country.

The campground in question has just average reviews on . When reviewing what an RV resort should look like, one wonders about the use of the word resort in this campground’s name. Still, RVers need to judge for themselves.

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  1. That was amazing and surreal. After doing this to many guests in the past, I guess the manager had no idea what the repercussions would be when he picked on the RV Miles people in front of their network of fans. I hear it’s under new management now.


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