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Is RVing Worth It? Here’s How to Decide.

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If you’re unsure about RV ownership, here’s what to consider.

RVing is hot right now. More people are getting into it than ever before. If you are wondering if RVing is worth it, here are my top advantages and disadvantages of RVing. By the time you finish reading this, you’ll understand why I’m a fan.

Yes, RVing is Worth It! Here’s Why.

So is RV camping fun and worth it? While everyone’s opinion might be a little different, mine is “absolutely, yes!”

  • Having an RV really lets you experience camping at its best: without sacrificing comfort and amenities.
  • With the wide variety of RVs and trailers available today, you can find one that fits your needs and your wallet.

There are so many reasons to love RV camping, and I am excited to tell you about my favorite advantages of RVing. And to be fair, I’ll also share some disadvantages of RVing too..

RV Camping Advantages

When people say the word “RV” they can mean everything from a trailer to a van with a bed, stove, and sink. In this article, I mean all recreational vehicles.

Sleeping on a real bed.

If you are wondering if having an RV is going to take you away from nature, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you enjoy camping and being outdoors, you are going to really enjoy RV camping. Just don’t spend all day in your RV.

The fun that you have when camping is very dependent on your comfort level. What an RV brings to the trip is comfort which makes the fun flow freely.

Growing up, my father always had a pop-up trailer. Although it was never the nicest thing in the campground, it had the basic necessities. By basic necessities I mean the bed. I love camping in a trailer. Sleeping in a tent can be fun, but you really can’t even compare it to a nice, warm RV.

Having an actual bed is so nice. There is nothing like coming home after a day playing on a lake, hiking, or whatever you like to do in the great outdoors and then hitting a nice mattress that isn’t the ground. You really can’t go wrong with RVs.

Bugs won’t annoy you as much.

I have always hated bugs. Bugs are the worst part about camping hands down. With a camper, you eliminate the need to hangout outside at night and therefore prevent a lot of the normal bug annoyance.

Sitting by the campfire helps keep the bugs away, but I really hate campfire smell. With a trailer, you can stay warm without a fire and stay away from the pesky critters.

You can bring all your camping gear.

One of the things people take for granted is the amount of storage that comes with any RV. I really hate trying to stuff more junk into an already overpacked car, and an RV is a perfect answer to that problem. You will be able to fit your entire families packing list with the added space.

RV camping brings good people along on the trip.

My mother, bless her soul, hates tent camping. She hates bugs, sleeping on the floor, cooking on a fire, not being able to shower, not having privacy, etc. I love my mother more than she knows, and I love having her come on campouts with my father and I. The beautiful thing about a trailer is that you can bring people on adventures with you that won’t normally come, like my mother.

Camping is easier on everybody with an RV.

If you are the type that is going to buy a huge RV, you will see a different side of camping. Everybody seems to flock to these RV’s because it is like being a house guest.

People will come over to play card games late at night, or even choose to bring dinner over to share. Your big fat party bus will be a big invitation if you let it.

I have some great memories of spending time in somebody else’s huge RV. If you are a people person and love going camping because of the people you meet, then having a big RV will be great.

RV Camping Drawbacks

It’s hard to think of any RVing drawbacks. I can only think of these: cost, parking, towing, and less interaction with the great outdoors.

RV costs can be high.

When asking the question “Is RVing worth it?”, consider the cost of RV ownership. RV’s can be really expensive if you want something that will last. My father for example, bought a cheap pop-up trailer for several thousand dollars. It was cheap, and he was only able to use the thing for a few years because it fell apart.

Some RVs are known for their longevity. For instance, Airstream durability is legendary. That’s why they are so expensive. It’s smart to compare the price of the trailer you want, with how many vacations you’ll take each year, or how many cabins you can rent for the same price. For example, if you will only use a $50 thousand dollar Airstream twice a year, then that means you could have rented a cabin costing $500 dollars a trip for 25 years! Is RVing worth it in that case? That is up to you.

RV towing and parking costs

Most people don’t think about this, especially when it comes to parking. An RV is not a little 4×4 that you can hide away in your garage. Most RVs are quite large, and will require special parking. If you live in the suburbs, chances are you can’t park it in your driveway. You need to answer the question of “Where am I going to park this thing?” before even thinking of buying an RV.

Also, if you want a trailer, can your vehicle tow that camper? You would be surprised at what can pull a tiny little pop-up, but you should have the power to do it. If you want a trailer instead of an all in one RV unit, then this is something you really need to consider.

RVs can take you away from the great outdoors

A camper should make you feel as comfortable as possible. You will cook inside, sleep inside, go to the bathroom inside, and do most of your little daily tasks inside.

When camping in a tent, you wake up earlier because the sun heats up your tent. In a camper you will end up sleeping in because the natural sunlight rising in the east probably won’t touch you for a while.

Spending time outside has value, but an RV is intended to make life on the road more enjoyable. If you go camping to enjoy nature for better or worse, then getting a camper might not be the best decision for you. But if you go camping mainly to see new places and stay away from the worst parts, then an RV is perfect for your needs.

Is Getting an RV Right for You?

Everybody has a different attitude about RV camping. You may only go camping once a year, and if that’s the case then you probably shouldn’t get an RV and rent a cabin instead. If you leave home for weeks at a time then a big 30-foot trailer might be what you need.

If you are unsure about getting an RV, rent one for a weekend and then decide. You might feel that you are not “roughing it” like you did when you were a kid. Or, you might find that you are a lot happier on vacation after having a full nights sleep on a bed.

When RVing is not worth it:

You shouldn’t get an RV if you only go camping once or twice a year. If you are telling yourself you would go camping more often if you had a camper, you are probably wrong. RVs augment the camping experience but you shouldn’t go camping just because you feel the need to get your money’s worth.

Also, if you don’t have a truck to pull your RV or don’t have a place to park it then you really need to have caution when making that big investment.

Conclusion: RVing is worth it when:

An RV is perfect for people that go camping often, have the money/space for it, and want a home away from home experience.

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