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How Much Is My RV Worth?

Published on March 18th, 2022 by Peggy Dent

this red and white retro travel trailer in a dealer lot might cause you to ask yourself, how much is my rv worth?
Vintage travel trailers are very popular RVs.

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What’s My RV Worth?

The answer to the question, “How much is my RV worth?” might surprise you. In fact, it might be a pleasant surprise! If you have an RV that you’ve been thinking about selling, now is the perfect time to get it into the marketplace. You might kick yourself later if you miss this opportunity because the demand for RVs continues to exceed the supply. 

Why is this the perfect time to sell? There are two time-driven market conditions that are working together to make this a seller’s market.

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  1. First, the camping season is just getting started, and after two years of pandemic anxiety, people are extremely eager to get out of their homes to enjoy some outdoor recreation. One key indicator of this enthusiasm is the continuing well-documented increase in RV show attendance.
  2. The second phenomenon that makes this the best time to sell your RV is that the industry manufacturers are simply not keeping up with the demand. That creates a seller’s market for used RVs.
a Class A motorhome by Outlaw park under some pine trees
A used Class A motorhome in great condition would be a good RV purchase for new RVers.

How to get an RV valuation

These two market variables are driving up the value of all RVs, new and used. If you’ve researched the value of your RV in the past couple of years, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that it likely has not depreciated significantly, or it may have even increased in value. That’s why you need to know what your specific RV is worth in today’s market. Doing that isn’t as easy as going to a Kelly Blue Book like you would for a car’s valuation, however. You could do extensive research by looking for comparable RVs online, but finding other RVs of the same type, brand, model, year, floorplan, mileage, and condition can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating.

However, you can get an accurate RV valuation based on today’s market for free by contacting National Vehicle’s team of experts. They have their thumb on the pulse of the ever-changing used RV market because they value and help RV owners sell their rigs every day. The real value of an RV (or anything else for that matter) is what someone will pay for it, and right now, people are willing to pay more for your RV if you take advantage of the opportunity.

What if your RV isn’t in new condition?

Even if some of your RV’s components are in less than perfect condition, your RV may still be in demand. Maybe the air conditioner is on the fritz or the tires are worn out, but there may still be interested buyers.

Perhaps you don’t have the time, resources, or inclination to correct the problem areas, and you just assume you won’t be able to sell it until you do. That isn’t always true. To sell an RV that is not in “As-New” condition, you simply need to disclose the defects when you get the valuation from National Vehicle and be ready to share the details of the RV’s condition with prospective buyers.

The value of your RV will be adjusted for the defects to help a buyer pay for the repairs. Of course, your RV will sell for more if the deficiencies are corrected before you list it for sale, but that is not always possible, and some buyers are looking for RVs that need attention because they are less expensive, and the buyers want to put some extra time and money into the RV to make it their own.

an orange Minnie Winnie travel trailer parked in a car port.
Eager new RVers might find this small travel trailer to be a perfect fit to their needs.

Why would someone keep an RV they’re not using?

Most people who keep an RV after they’re done camping do so because they simply don’t know how to sell it. The first hurdle they encounter is that they don’t know what their RV is worth, and they lack the knowledge and resources to determine its value. If they can get past that obstacle, they still have no idea how or where to sell their RV. Many people end up putting the process on hold and do nothing, while their valuable asset continues to deteriorate and lose value. A few obstacles to selling an RV are:

  • The idea of parking it on a busy street corner with a “For Sale” sign in the window doesn’t seem like a viable or safe method.
  • Taking it to a dealer is intimidating and often financially detrimental.
  • Going through all the steps to prepare the RV and list it online is just too complicated.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity!

If you’re one of those described above, don’t despair, you’re not alone. There is help available to overcome every obstacle. This helpful resource is a safe, simple, and readily available solution that will enable you to quickly sell your RV at the best possible price. It starts by taking the first step. Find out what your RV is worth.  Don’t wait! Take this first step today—it’s FREE.

Then, if you want to go ahead and sell your RV and put that extra money in your pocket, just contact the team at National Vehicle. They will walk you through the whole process to get your RV prepped, listed, and sold.

For a small fee, the professionals at National Vehicle will:

  • Create ads that will attract buyers
  • Submit the ads to all the national publications where people typically shop for used RVs
  • Assist with calls from buyers
  • Help buyers secure financing
  • Arrange for an RV inspection, if needed
  • Assist with transport of the RV, at the buyer’s expense, if needed.
An Adventurer truck camper removed from the truck and ready for sale.
The resale value of truck campers might surprise you. If you have one you’re ready to sell, contact National Vehicle for a free valuation

Making a complicated process easy

The team at National Vehicle makes this complicated process easy because they’ve done it for thousands of private RV sellers and buyers. You may only sell an RV once in your lifetime, but the professionals at National Vehicle will help hundreds of RVers, just like you, sell their RVs this month. 

Don’t wait. Get a free valuation today and learn what your RV is worth.  

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2 thoughts on “How Much Is My RV Worth?”

  1. Thanks Peggy, I need a used rear bumper for my 1999 Fleetwood Southwind 32V. I would like to replace the old one before selling it. Do you know where I might find one? Ion advance.

  2. Thanks for your article, I am reading it on Marrch 18, 2022. Not sure of the date you wrote it. My wife and decided to sell our 2018 Tiffin 32SA in January, weeks before the war in Ukraine and before gasoline shot up to around $4.00 per gallon.
    We have on trip planned in late April, it is a necessary trip to help settle my mother’s belongings, she died in Dec, 2021.
    Are there any places that will help me sell or any independent agents to help me?


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