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RVers Ask: How Do I Sell An RV?

Published on May 28th, 2021 by Debra Pamplin

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sales people inside an RV sitting at table

RVers Ask: How Do I Sell An RV?

There are so many reasons to sell an RV. Whether your intention for selling is to turn around and purchase an upgraded model or just because the RV isn’t being used, the sale process can be rewarding, yet challenging. Here are a few tips on how to sell an RV.

Maximize the value

It goes without saying that getting the maximum selling price is the number one goal when you sell an RV. Some ways to go about increasing the value include a bit of housework on your part. Some tips to get as much green as possible include:

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  • Inspect and take note of cosmetic and/or deep scratches along with other small damages. Fix the ones you can and make sure to list the imperfections in the sale ad or during a potential buyer’s inspection of the RV.
  • Wash the outside of the vehicle, shine up the rims, and deep clean inside and out.
  • Make sure all spare tires and covers as well as other accessories are in the correct place.
  • Place all your RV maintenance and service receipts in a folder.
  • If minor upgrades are made previous to the sale, keep those receipts as well and make sure this info is also shared within the ad. Things such as a new TV or a new stove, fridge, etc., are upgrades that make your RV listing a bit more appealing.

Creating RV listings

The written words in the ad are important but it’s the pictures that tell the real story. Be sure to include plenty of different angles and parts of the RV, to display accurately what is for sale. Be sure to be in a well-lit area with a nice background. If potential buyers only see poor quality, dark or cluttered pics, it is likely that they will scroll on to the next RV.

Be sure to list all the upgrades, repairs, and accessories included within the RV. If accessories are in the picture, be sure to list in the ad whether they are included or not. Things like extra kitchen small appliances, dishes, towels, etc. If it is strictly for picture quality, just make a note of that.

Be descriptive when writing your ad, but also be honest. If there is damage that is somewhat major or a mechanical issue that needs to be repaired, be sure to be upfront about it. If you recently paid for some major repairs, list that as well. When it comes time to list the price, get a valuation from a professional. List a realistic selling price without lowballing yourself. On the flip side, don’t list it so high that no one will entertain the sale.

President of National Vehicle, Kevin Tadlock, shares his thoughts on why pricing is so important:

“A properly priced RV will get more attention, allowing you the seller, to have more control and ensure that no money is left on the table.”

Kevin Tadlock – President of National Vehicle

Basic info should be included within the ad, such as mileage, year, make and model, square footage, and interior layout. Be descriptive about storage space, bathroom space, and open floor space as well.

Be prepared

Once the ad is live, be prepared for emails, text messages, and phones calls. Lots of them. This will give you plenty of opportunity to weed through and separate the serious from the curious.

Treat all potential buyers as if they were prepared to hand over a cashier’s check. Be a friendly seller and refrain from being unreachable. Return calls within a reasonable time frame to keep from losing the potential RV buyer. Be prepared to show the vehicle numerous times and be cautious if a test drive is requested and agreed upon. If you have a bad feeling about the situation, listen to your gut and gracefully end the meeting.

Recording the sale

A bill of sale of an RV is required when there is a sale or transfer between a buyer and a seller. It is a legal sales document that serves as proof of the sale and is required in the U.S.

The transfer of title as well as proof of ownership are both results of a legal bill of sale. It is always a good idea to keep a copy of the bill of sale for your records as well. 

Pass the sales process to the pros

Selling an RV can be time-consuming, challenging, confusing, or all the above. If the stress or demand becomes too much, consider taking the sale off your plate.

Why do all these steps yourself when you can invest in a professional team to do all the legwork for you. The professional team members of National Vehicle are standing by to appraise, list, and garner the sale for you. They take all the guesswork out of selling, and all the time and potential hassles of finding a buyer.

Kevin Tadlock shared, “At National Vehicle we are experts at accurately pricing used RVs, getting them in front of the right audience and helping connect buyers and sellers all the way to the sale.”  

Say goodbye to the grueling sales process and hello to sweet profits. Reach out today and see how easy it can be to sell your RV!

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5 thoughts on “RVers Ask: How Do I Sell An RV?”

  1. How Do I Sell An RV?
    The same place I bought our RV, (Craigslist)
    We got great deal buying our RV (cash)and I got what I wanted selling my Daycruiser (cash) on Craigslist.

  2. Sold two RVs in last few weeks. Received cash for both and both sold next day after listing on Craigslist. Careful. Scams expected.

  3. This maybe helpful. Find out what a consignment dealer would ask for your unit and the net proceeds to you the seller would be. You now have your working sell range.

  4. It is vitally important to know what the CURRENT dealer to dealer actual cash value (ACV) is on your RV when either selling or buying a used RV. There are service(s) out there that will provide this information for a modest fee potentially saving sellers and buyers thousands of dollars.

    • Can you please list some services? A list of at least the internet addresses of services you value as providing accurate ACV would be a big help. Thanks.


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