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You Can Mount This Propane Grill On Your Trailer Hitch

Published on July 1st, 2022 by Kendall Jennings

Four young men gathered around a truck with hitch mounted grill cooking burgers beside the ocean - propane grill
HitchFire is the ultimate propane grill for RVers.

The HitchFire: A Hitch-Mounted Propane Grill You Can Take Camping

Having a propane grill is a must for most campers. It provides a reliable source of cooking food without the hassles of a wood fire. Easy to light and keep lit with instant heat, propane grills are the go-to.

There are really only two options for propane camping grills: BBQs and camp stoves. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, most notably size. Traditional BBQs can be huge surfaces with side burners and rotisseries; they may be great for your backyard but cumbersome to transport. Camp stoves, on the other hand, are easy to transport but are often too small.

Many of the camp stove options are cheaply made and not ideal cooking surfaces. Most camp stoves require a table or flat surface to set up on. Some stoves have folding legs, which usually make them either unstable or large to store. The ultimate propane grill would be a large, quality cooking surface and not take up valuable storage space in your vehicle.

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Enter HitchFire, the ultimate propane grill for travel and adventure.

What is HitchFire?

Inspired by adventure, road trips, and the love of the outdoors, HitchFire is an innovator in the outdoors market. From the founders of Tepui, the leader in rooftop tents, this is a true outdoor company.

The best outdoor and camping products always come from people who are passionate about the outdoor lifestyle. So, there is no surprise why HitchFire is such a success.

HitchFire built its reputation by offering top-quality products and backing them up with customer service. They have embraced the outdoor lifestyle and crossed over their quality and service to HitchFire. This results in the best hitch-mounted grills on the market.

Between the Forge 15, F-20, and all the accessories, HitchFire has you covered when it comes to grills and won’t disappoint with any of their products.

Hitch-mounted grills

Having a grill capable of feeding a family requires more than just a small camp stove. BBQs are ideal, of course; however, they are not made to be transported due to size and weight. When packing for trips, space is always a consideration you have to make. Often a full-size BBQ doesn’t fit in that space.

The alternative is camp stoves, which are much easier to store but are often too small. They also require a table to set up on. This alright for making coffee in the morning or maybe to heat up some soup, but not great for actually cooking meals.

HitchFire has combined size and convenience and found a way to easily transport the grill either for a weekend trip or cross-country tour. For those towing an RV, there is even a kit available to integrate your onboard propane system to the HitchFire grill. With a rear hitch mounted to your RV, you now have an outdoor kitchen.

SUV with hitch mounted grill and wooden cutting board parked beside the ocean - propane grill

Quality build and materials

What makes the HitchFire grill unique is the hitch-mounted swivel that allows for easy storage and ergonomic cooking space. Integrating the storage and cooking area into one unit requires multiple parts working together.

Building a solid hitch mount storage of any kind can be tricky. The movement of the vehicle over rough roads takes its toll on cheaply made units. Combine this with the fact that this setup isn’t a solid unit but a swivel unit, and it requires quality materials and design to work.

HitchFire utilizes the same 2″ hitch mount common on many vehicles with ratings in the thousands of pounds. This is the foundation for the sturdy swivel that makes up the rest of the unit. The Square tubing transitions to round tubing, extending at 90 degrees to the hitch to provide the flush mount to the rear of the vehicle.

The second piece of round tubing is hinged on top, completing the articulating arm that houses the grill mounting surface. The large-diameter tubing and tight tolerances on the swivel make for a very solid feel both while traveling and cooking.

Ergonomics and feel

Being bent over a campfire or camp stove is by no means an enjoyable way to cook. Having the grill at a comfortable height and mounted to a sturdy surface is a much better option.

The HitchFire grill alone is a step up from most camp cooking experiences; add to it a food prep area also mounted to the same unit and you’ve got a kitchen wherever you go.

The stainless steel grilling surface and solid handles and knobs make this feel like a higher-end backyard propane grill. With the available cutting board, side burner, and skillet options, you can have a pro cook station attached to your vehicle at all times.

HitchFire propane grills

Currently, HitchFire offers two propane grills: the Forge 15 and the F-20. Either option delivers the same great quality, and both grills use the same hitch-mounted swivel arm.

The Forge 15 has two 7500 BTU burners for a total of 15,000 BTU of cooking power. The grills are spread over an 18″ x 22″ area, offering 355 sq/in of cooking surface. This can be enough to feed 8-10 people. Individual burner controls allow for temperature control and propane efficiency.

On either side of the grill, there is a large area for cooking utensils and extra ingredients. A large easy-to-read temperature gauge ensures the grill is right where you like it.

A step up to the F-20 propane grill offers all the features of the Forge 15 but with two 10,000 BTU burners, for a total of 20,000 BTU.

Stainless steel grate and extra-large flame tamers deliver an even more professional cooking experience. Combine any of the accessories from the HitchFire catalog and you have all you need to prepare quick, delicious meals.

Both the Forge 15 and F-20 grills offer a 2-year warranty, and HitchFire customer service can be contacted by email or through their toll-free number.

Being away from home shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy hot, delicious meals. HitchFire propane grills give you the ability to use a quality cooking surface and easily take it with you wherever you go.

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