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Helping The RV Consumer – The Birth of The RVACA

Published on April 14th, 2020 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on April 1st, 2021

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To understand why and how the Recreational Vehicle Association Consumer Association came to exist, it’s important to first understand where it came from. The RVACA is a direct byproduct of The RV Advisor. The RV Advisor is a member-based organization that supports and protects the RV consumer, providing information and services on a non-bias platform. Founder and CEO Gigi Stetler created The RV Advisor based on her nearly 35 years of experience in the RV business.

Why does the RV consumer need protection? In order to enjoy a product that is sold without false information, deceptive advertising, and incomplete information about the product. You should be expected to do some research, but should not be expected to become a walking encyclopedia of RV knowledge just to purchase a reliable RV.

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The RV Advisor is a consumer organization advocacy group that helps protect consumers against unsafe products, predatory lending, and false advertising. They help RV buyers understand what they are reading, and ultimately signing.

The RVACA is the action arm of The RV Advisor. As an association, the RVACA generates activity based on the needs of the consumer. They will encourage networking among consumer-members for promoting unity and education. By joining the RVACA, you are telling the RV community that you’re at a competitive advantage by staying informed and standing with others on par with the industry.

By aggregating data from our members and sources, then determining what needs to be done to make modifications, the RVACA is able to use the power of support to implement change. During the practice of working with Government entities, both the RV Advisor and the RVACA are able to assist the buyer.

The RVACA believes that by having common ground to stand on, RV enthusiasts can better enjoy and appreciate their love for highways, byways, expressways, and even off-road hideaways. To join the RVACA, visit .

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