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Grand Design Momentum 397TH: Is This The Best RV For Full-Timing?

Published on March 24th, 2023 by Chris Dow

Why The Grand Design Momentum 397TH Toy Hauler Is Our Top Choice

Are you considering hitting the road full-time with your partner? Looking for the perfect RV to fit your lifestyle?

The process of choosing an RV can be overwhelming, with so many options available on the market. However, after careful consideration and extensive research, my wife and I settled on a 2020 Grand Design Momentum 397TH toy hauler, and after three years of full-time living, we couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Why the Grand Design Momentum?

The Grand Design brand stood out to us from the moment we started shopping for RVs. Their units are known for their high-quality look and feel, both inside and out. But what really sets Grand Design apart is their commitment to customer service and their willingness to stand behind their warranty. We’ve had a few repairs and warranty claims over the past three years, and every time, Grand Design has taken care of us quickly and hassle-free.

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We’ve also found that there’s a vibrant and supportive community of Grand Design owners out there, with tons of resources available to help new RVers navigate the lifestyle. Choosing a Grand Design Momentum gave us peace of mind and a sense of belonging within this community.

Why the 397TH floor plan?

After considering various floor plans, we ultimately chose the 397TH for three main reasons:

1. Washer and dryer

We loved that the washer and dryer space was located in the bedroom area, making it easy to access and use. It’s also great that it can be closed up and hidden when not in use.

2. Office/Garage space

As full-time RVers and business owners, having a separate garage/office space was important to us. Rather than haul a toy, we wanted to bring along a second vehicle that could handle long highway drives. The length of the Grand Design Momentum 397TH garage space was perfect for allowing us to haul a small car.

3. Accessibility with slides in

One additional benefit of the 397TH is that even with the slides in, we still have full access to the refrigerator, bathroom, and bedroom. This has been incredibly helpful during travel days, allowing us to take breaks and rest without having to set up the entire RV.

RV site holds a Grand Design Momentum 397TH , a small Fiat car, and a Ford F250.
The Grand Design Momentum 397TH holds our Fiat and so much more. Photo: Chris Dow


Choosing the right RV can be a daunting task, but the Grand Design Momentum 397TH is one excellent option for those looking for luxury, functionality, and reliability. At least it was for us!

Grand Design’s thoughtful floor plan, awesome owners community, and top-notch customer support have made our full-time RV lifestyle a joyous and comfortable experience. I hope this provides some helpful insights and information for anyone considering the Grand Design Momentum 397TH as their full-time RV.

F250 pulls 5th wheel and houses a small car.
Get the full walkthrough of Chris’s 5th wheel in his Insane RV Tour video. Photo: Chris Dow

About the Author

Chris and his wife travel and work full-time in their fifth wheel, creating informative content and interesting revenue streams for digital nomads and remote workers. Subscribe to their YouTube channel and find them on all of these platforms:

2 thoughts on “Grand Design Momentum 397TH: Is This The Best RV For Full-Timing?”

  1. Not the best as far as I am concerned. Until I was almost in the 7th grade we had an outhouse. If we needed to go, didn’t matter if it was raining, snowing, hot or cold, day or night, we had to leave the house to go. That was not fun. Similar with this rig. You have to go while traveling, got to find a place to pull over and stop, get out of the truck, with any kind of weather, walk back to the trailer, go, then back to the truck, same weather.

    For me, if you are going to have a camper, have one where you can pull over, park, leave the front, go in the back, out of any weather outside, go, then back to the front again. That is the only way I will do it. Got a high top van, long wheelbase, that will be a custom van, including a DIY composting toilet. Civilized camping. Interior will be all DIY custom, very few items will be store bought. Why buy what someone else ‘thinks’ you want, when you can make what you actually want. Drinking and cooking water will be distilled, no filters. Portable indoor shower, with heated water by stove or solar. A load of other custom ideas also. And if anything breaks, I will be able to fix it, because I will have made it. This way I get exactly what I want, and not what someone else ‘thinks’ I want.


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