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7 Reasons Why You Will Go RVing In 2021

Published on October 16th, 2020 by Patrick Buchanan
This post was updated on July 26th, 2023

m01229 from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

7 Reasons Why You Will Go RVing In 2021

The verdict is in, you will go RVing in 2021. Perhaps this year you were one of the few that didn’t hop on the Go RVing bandwagon. You waited, and you resisted. You figured that surely, cruises will come back. Airlines and hotels will figure out a way to make travel safe again, won’t they?

Yet, here we are in October and Reuters is reporting cruise companies are dismantling their ships. Forbes is stating that airlines will never be the same after reporting 30,000 layoffs. Las Vegas is slowly opening back up, and now more than ever, we’re hoping that what happens in Vegas will really stay in Vegas.

Let’s go RVing

Let’s go RVing, said almost everyone in 2020. The need to get out of the house after the ongoing COVID quarantine has never been more evident to those in the RV industry. For those selling or servicing RVs, they have seen their strongest months in the history of RVing. RVBusiness reporting that,

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“The RV industry’s unprecedented resurgence continued through the summer, with retail performance setting a new record for the month of August – the third month in a row for such a feat.”

Companies involved in renting RV, such as Outdoorsy and RVShare reported massive increases in rental activity. 

Go RVing instead of flying

Understanding the popularity of RVing in 2020 can be traced to several factors. Let’s look at 7 Reasons Why You Will Go RVing in 2021.

1. Everyone wanted to go RVing already 

Why did the world go RVing in 2020? RVing in general was already on the upswing, enjoying a huge rise in popularity that last few years. The convergence of great mobile technology and a generation of folks unwilling to be tied to a desk helped fuel a growth that saw the annual sale of units eclipse a half-million in 2017.

The COVID situation only exacerbated that trend. The RV industry has enjoyed a stretch of good years and was counting on a few more. When COVID hit, the industry “Uh Oh’s” could be heard all the way from Elkhart. Little did we know that 2020 would become the Summer of the RV.

2. RVing is a safe activity

RVing is a safe activity. If you’ve ever seen a rookie RVer pulling a 40-foot camper, you might argue otherwise. However, when viewed from the perspective of a COVID world, RVing is about as safe as you can be. When you go RVing, you are in charge of your transportation, your meals, and your accommodations. You are in control of everything you and your family sees, touches, eats, and sleeps in. 

With the pandemic, we were told that our homes are the safest place to be. No one said those homes couldn’t be on wheels, which is essentially what an RV is. All of the safety measures we used to keep safe in our own homes, with our loved ones, translated to those homes on wheels.

3. We all crave the open road

Deep down we all crave the road trip. American pioneers hit the road, such as it was, in the Westward Expansion of the 19th century. Many of our own parents or grandparents desired to explore Eisenhower’s new Interstate Highway System in the ’60s & ’70s. Although the world around us seemed to shut down in 2020, the roads were still open for the most part, and RVers have flocked to them. 

In modern America, our problem is time. We work hard, probably too hard. Though we crave the open road, we often don’t give in to those cravings. A cruise or an all-inclusive resort saves us valuable vacation time. It’s easy to fly in, hop on a ship, and cruise around the ocean for 6 days. We can have a great week and be back to work by Monday morning. Whether it’s Vegas or Disneyworld, Cabo or Cancun, the quick and efficient vacation had taken the place of the family road trip.

4. We go RVing because we have time

2020 has changed how we think about time and working remotely. Suddenly that office you absolutely had to be in every day is unnecessary. Spending an hour or more in traffic, sometimes each way now seems absurd.

Like cubs straying from the lion’s den for brief periods, we realized we could work from the living room instead of the home office. Then we moved to the backyard, and after that the RV. We began to realize that home is where you park it, wherever that may be. 

We figured out that we now had time to hit the road and could be away from the office for days or even weeks. Kids no longer had rigid school schedules to adhere to. No more soccer practice, dance lessons, or marching band. Even when school resumed, it was with remote learning. Who’s to know (or care) if your kid is at home on Redwood Drive or in the Redwood Forest?

5. We go RVing because we value our freedom

As Americans, we aren’t used to being told we can’t do something. Even though we want to eat out, we can still cook at home. We love getting together for live sports and concerts, but we can always watch at home.

Vacation is another matter. If all the vacation opportunities are shut down, that leaves us stuck at home. Vacation time is when most of us do everything we can to get away from home. Because we have that desire to get away and feel the need and freedom to do so, many have turned to RVing.

RVing gets us out of the house to go on a real vacation. It also lets us exercise our freedom to move around, without the fear of stepping on anyone else’s toes. Within the constraints of the law, we can do some real social distancing, without feeling trapped in our own homes.

6. There is so much to see

One of the best reasons to go RVing is because there really is so much to see. Obviously well-known destinations like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore should be on your list.

But there is so much amazing scenery just getting to and from those attractions. Simply driving through Monument Valley is fantastic, you don’t even have to stop. The fall colors of the Northeast, the beaches of the Southeast, and the mountains in the West should all be experienced at least once. Niagara Falls, Devils Tower, and Yosemite are all great destinations. Even with the current COVID restrictions, you can get into or near enough to most of the popular destinations to enjoy them.

7. There are no guarantees for 2021

Getting to 2021 is no promise that it will start or end any better than 2020. If we make the assumption that restrictions and closures will come and go like they have this year, then an RV makes perfect sense. You’ll still want a way to travel safely, and an RV does that for you. 

If conditions dramatically improve in 2021, then your RV will be that much more versatile. You can still use your RV for road trips, getting to family gatherings, and even as a spare office if you find your company has realized the full potential of remote work and shut the corporate location down.

RVing is here to stay. Improvements in mobile internet speeds, remote connectivity, and campground WiFi enabled more people than ever to work remotely. Roadschooling is a new alternative to Homeschooling. RV technology and variety is greater than ever too. There is an RV for every style and every budget. Get ready to go RVing in 2021.

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