Furrion Wireless RV Backup Camera: An owner’s review

As soon as I bought my first vehicle with a backup camera pre-installed, it has become standard and required equipment as far as I’m concerned.

I have three little kids, and I’ve just heard too many heart-wrenching stories of parents accidentally running over their kids, so for me it’s essential for making my vehicles safe.  You can read my review of the backup camera I stalled on my truck here (super convenient for making sure the hitch and ball line up!).

In addition to the safety aspect, a backup camera is EXTREMELY convenient for backing the trailer into a storage unit, backing out of a one-way road, or backing into a camp spot without hitting a stump.

Furrion FOS48TAPK-BL Wireless Backup Camera

I had several brands to choose from when picking a backup camera.  There were a few that were a little less money than the Furrion on Amazon, but I decided I wanted the name-brand Furrion camera.  Too many of the less expensive brands had negative reviews.  Furrion has a good reputation.

I paid about $350 for my backup camera kit from Furrion, but you can click here to check the current price on Amazon for this exact same model (Affiliate link).


I’m not very handy.  I pretend to be, but I often end up making projects look worse than before I started.  I was nervous about installing this backup camera despite the fact that my Rockwood 25′ trailer came pre-wired for a backup camera.

Fortunately, the install was much quicker and easier than I could have imagined.  I was completely done in 20 minutes, and I could have cut that time in half except for one issue I ran into.

The install is quite simple.  Remove the screws for the mount on the back of your trailer, and simply screw in the new camera and included mount.  I put silicone in the screw holes for good measure to be absolutely certain that I wouldn’t get water in the trailer from those holes.  Then go inside your tow vehicle and plug in the monitor.  They come pre-paired to work together.

Unfortunately, when I plugged in the monitor… nothing.  I tried putting it in reverse to see if that would fix it…. nothing.  I spent a few minutes wondering what could possibly be wrong and even thought that perhaps my unit was defective.

Fortunately, I realized that the camera simply wasn’t getting power, and the reason it had no power is because my Ford F-150 has automatic headlights that turn on when it’s dark.  This meant that the trailer wasn’t getting power unless it was dark.  So I flipped the headlights on manually and BOOM!  The camera worked perfectly.

Performance and Image Quality

I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the camera itself.  My main concern when purchasing a backup camera is that it is wide enough for the vehicle.

Mounted on my travel trailer, the field of view extends to three feet to both sides of the trailer at a point 3 feet back from the bumper.  This means that it’s plenty wide to notice that tree just to the side of the trailer so that it won’t scrape along the sides.

The color image during the day is bright and clear and handles dynamic range exceptionally well (a very bright highlight from the sun and a deep shadow in the same image).

The night image is quite good.  There are six infrared lights along the sides of the cameras to illuminate the area behind the trailer so you can see at night.  The night vision is more than adequate to see clearly.  The image in night mode is black and white.

The monitor shows an overlay of the path the trailer is taking with green (far away), yellow (medium range), and red (almost hitting the trailer).  This is helpful to visualize what you’re seeing behind you so that you can get an idea of the scale and distance.

Pricing and Where to Buy

I bought my Furrion backup camera on Amazon.  Click here to check the current price of the product on its Amazon listing.

I got the camera for a FRACTION of the cost that I saw at camping world, and now that I know how easy the install was, I’m glad I didn’t pay to have them do it for me.

If your trailer has a backup camera pre-wired, then this is an EXCELLENT choice!

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