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It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Find RV Inspectors & Technicians

Published on August 29th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

closeup of RV inspectors working on vehicle
These online locators make it easy to find RV inspectors and technicians in your area. Photo: Shutterstock

Find Qualified RV Inspectors And Technicians In Your Area

If you own an RV, you know the importance of finding good RV inspectors and technicians. RVs are complicated vehicles, and they frequently need repairs, tune-ups, and checkups to ensure that everything is in good condition. It can be tricky to find a qualified professional in your area, but the RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA) and the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA) have updated their online locator tools to help everyone get the assistance they need.

The RVTAA and NRVIA work to connect RV technicians and inspectors with clients. Both associations have undergone changes in their websites to make it quick and easy to find RV inspectors and technicians in your area. According to Gilda Mitchell, the Director of Membership Benefits for both
NRVIA and RVTAA, the biggest improvement was to the locator feature on each site’s home page.

When RV owners need to find a qualified RV inspector or technician, they just need to input their location and filter through the nearby options. These updated tools help owners and RV service providers alike. Users can also apply search criteria so they can find professionals that are suited to the problem at hand. Whether you need a specific piece of equipment to be repaired or just want to perform an inspection of a secondhand RV, there’s someone who can help you!

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map of RV inspectors tool
RVTAA and NRVIA locator. Photo via website

Benefits for RV owners

As long as there are RVs, there will be a need for inspections and repairs. These vehicles are expensive, so it’s worthwhile to perform regular checkups. Although many people can perform basic RV maintenance by themselves, there are times when it’s necessary to bring in a professional.

Find local help

In these cases, it’s vital to know where to find help! The updated locator tools from RVTAA and NRVIA will help you find qualified experts in your area. Your days of bouncing between auto shops and RV websites are over.

You may have a preferred technician when you’re at home, but you can’t always return to the same place. For instance, if you’re traveling through an unfamiliar state and run into RV problems, you’ll need to find a nearby technician. The locator tools will connect you with qualified professionals.

Search by qualification level

Another great feature on their online locators is the ability to filter results based on qualification level. For instance, when you search for technicians, you can look for those who are either registered, certified, or master certified. These levels are important because they enable you to pick someone who is best equipped to deal with your situation.

“We made the changes to better help people find professionals who can provide the type and quality of service they desire.”

– Gilda Mitchell

Registered technicians are qualified to perform basic maintenance and simple repairs. They are easier to find but don’t have enough experience or training to deal with major RV problems.

The next level up is certified technicians. These people are trained to troubleshoot and perform repairs on all systems of a standard RV. They have a good working knowledge of these vehicles and can diagnose and fix most problems.

If you want the best of the best, search for a master certified technician. These people can perform all of the services listed above, plus they have more experience working with unique RVs. Their level of experience comes in handy if you have a complicated problem or an uncommon RV.

The same thing is true when you’re looking for inspectors. Users can search for either certified or master certified inspectors (depending on their needs). It all comes down to a matter of experience and training. Just remember that those who are master certified will also be more expensive to hire!

Find more information about local RV inspectors and technicians

Another useful feature of the online locators is the information they provide. In addition to showing you the name, qualification level, and location of each service provider, you can also click on the profile to learn more about each of them.

You’ll be able to view the provider’s profile then navigate to their website. From there, it’s easy to look over reviews and feedback they have received from customers. This level of information will help you select an inspector or technician that you feel you can trust.

Benefits for RV inspectors and technicians

If you’re an RV inspector or technician, this update is great news for you as well! The RVTAA and NRVIA have performed a massive overhaul to improve their services and technology. This push was designed to help customers and service providers alike.

Connect with more customers

For starters, this update will help you connect with more customers. If people don’t know you exist, they’re not going to hire you to work on their RV! These online locators put you and your business on the map. Everyone is looking for ways to market themselves, and the locators from these RV associations have made it easier for everyone.

Find specialized work

Some RV inspectors and technicians have specific areas and products they are qualified to work with. If you have a great deal of experience working in these areas, the tool will help more customers find you.

For instance, the tools enable customers to search for technicians who are specially trained to work with products made by Lippert, Dometic, Aqua-Hot, and Splendide. If one of these falls under your area of expertise, you’ll be able to find more work!

Showcase your skills

Inspectors and technicians who use this locator are able to craft their own profiles. This is a great place to show off your qualifications, skills, and specialties. Throwing in a few positive reviews doesn’t hurt either! Your profile is critically important because it’s the first impression you make on a potential customer. If you can demonstrate your expertise, you can set yourself apart and gain loyal customers.

In addition, if you have special certification levels (registered, certified, master certified), you can add this to your profile. If people filter their searches based on skill level, they’ll be able to find you more easily.

Update your profile as you move

It’s easy to make changes to your personal profile, and you can adjust your certification level if you gain more training. In addition, you can update your location if you move somewhere else. Whether it’s a distance of a few streets or a few states, your business will still show up on the locator tools. Just make sure to update them with the relevant information!

You also have the freedom to turn your profile on or off, depending on the amount of work you want to receive. These changes were made with RV inspectors and technicians in mind.

“We are constantly adding new features to help our members who run independent businesses to succeed in a competitive environment.”

– Renee Wynsma (director of administration for RVTAA and NRVIA)

These updated locators are guaranteed to help RV owners find professional help and service providers find more work. It’s the best of both worlds!

To locate technicians, visit To find inspectors, visit Or, to track all of your RV maintenance and repairs in one place, visit

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2 thoughts on “It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Find RV Inspectors & Technicians”

  1. Those at the NRVTA are mostly new techs, it’s a great school they have, but the techs on their locator are mostly graduates, if you didn’t attend their school and get your certification from them you don’t get on their locator so not all come up, it’s easier to just google rv repair in your area, read their reviews and choose. If your looking for something specific like Aqua-Hot, dometic, lippert… they all have locators on their sites.


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