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Comparing the Top RV Rental Companies (and Which to Choose)

Published on March 29th, 2019 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

If you are interested in renting out an RV and are not sure which RV rental company is best and should have your business, then you have come to the right place. I will be discussing with you the top RV rental companies to help you make your decision.

Which Top RV Rental Company to choose? The best RV rental companies are Outdoorsy and RVshare. Both of these RV companies are peer to peer RV rental companies, meaning they come from individual RV owners. The prices for these companies are very reasonable and the websites are easy to navigate with a variety of RVs available.

If you are interested in knowing what makes these companies the best and hearing about other RV rental companies out there for you, then read on. I will also give you some advice on choosing RV rental companies.

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Comparing the Top RV Rental Companies:

There are so many RV rental companies out there. With all of them claiming to be the best, it is difficult to determine who is the best RV rental company.

However, I will list out what features each RV rental companies has and their pricing. These are the most important things in determining which RV rental company to use.

Before I begin discussing each RV company, it is important that you have some background information to help you understand the companies.

There are 3 types of RV rental companies:

  • Peer-to-peer RV rental
  • Corporate RV rental
  • RV rental marketplace sites

Peer-to-peer RV rental platforms are where you will get your RV from an individual RV owner. This is summer to renting out vacation homes.

Corporate RV rental companies are companies that rent out their own inventory. The company owns the RVs and rents them out to you.

RV rental marketplace sites consolidate corporate rental companies into their own platform.

X= pro of company Blank= con of company

Cruise America
El Monte RV
USA RV RentalsXX
Escape CampervansX


Outdoorsy is a peer to peer rental platform. So, with Outdoorsy, you could be renting out an RV from campers around the U.S.

A great thing about Outdoorsy is that people have to fill out an application to rent out their RV. So, you can often trust the individual.

What’s so great about Outdoorsy?

  1. They have a 24/7 Rental Roadside assistance. This is an incredible deal. Even if you are unsure of the RV, they will continue to help you throughout your whole trip.
  2. You can search for an RV online. They have a very simple searching simple to find the perfect RV for you. And, you don’t have to worry about calling anyone.
  3. There are over 5,000 5- Star reviews on the company. This is a top rated and people pleasing company. The ratings show the quality of the company.

Another benefit of using Outdoorsy is that they have RV rental options all over. There are pickups locations in:

  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Mexico

This RV rental company has many options in all places. It is almost guaranteed that you can find an RV in almost every location.

What’s the pricing like for Outdoorsy?

Well, the prices vary depending on where you are and who owns the RV. You will find that the prices can change from city to city.

This is because the owners of the RVs set the prices for the rental. That means that there is not a concrete price for everywhere.

However, here are some general guidelines to what their pricing is like.

RV TypePrice/Night
Class A:$170-280
Class B:$95-205
Class C:$145-205
Travel Trailer:$45-130
Fifth Wheel:$55-155
Pop Up Trailer:$45-105

For any RV user, this company is a great company to use to rent from. They have very fair prices and the system is easy to use.

Outdoorsy is a good peer-to-peer RV rental company.

“Have rented twice through Outdoorsy. Easy process and great value. Enjoyed meeting the RV owners and building trust that I would take care of their equipment like it was my own. Definitely will use this site for my next camping adventure.”

ben leonard


RVshare is another great RV renting company. This company is also a peer to peer rental system. The system is similar to Outdoorsy in that you must be approved to rent out an RV.

This is a great thing to be able to have trust with the owner before purchasing the RV. Their system is also a very easy online website to use.

What’s so great about RVshare?

  1. They have a 5% cash-back loyalty program. This is a great incentive for being a loyal customer of theirs.
  2. They offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance. This is so great for any trip you take with RV. You will have a feeling of safety while driving with this feature.
  3. There are thousands of RV options. It will not be hard for you to find a great RV in your area. There are many renters out there.

Another great thing about the RVshare company is that they have a secure online payment system. The last thing you want is to spend a large amount of money with a sketchy payments system.

RVshare does not give you that cringy experience. Their payment system is reliable and secure.

What’s the pricing like for RVshare?

Again, there is a similar experience to Outdoorsy. The prices vary dramatically between different states and cities.

The prices depend on the owner renting out the RV. But, a general guideline to RVshare’s pricing is:

RV TypePrice/Night
Class A:$170-280
Class B:$95-205
Class C:$145-205
Travel Trailer:$45-130
Fifth Wheel:$55-155$55-155
Pop Up Trailer:$45-105

The prices for the RVshare a very similar to Outdoorsy. These prices are great for renting out an RV.

This was my first experience renting an RV and it was outstanding! David and Kim were extremely helpful and accommodating during this process. The RV met and exceeded all expectations and every question I had for them was quickly answered and responded to.”


Cruise America

Cruise America is another commonly talked about RV rental company. This company is a corporate RV renting company. So, they own their own fleet of RVs around the U.S. and Canada.

What’s so great about Cruise America?

  1. Your RV is guaranteed to be clean and safe. Unlike the peer to peer companies, these RVs are checked to make sure they are in pristine condition for your use.
  2. Each RV has a uniquely printed colorful image of iconic destinations in America. This makes your RV very aesthetically pleasing as you drive around.
  3. Their RVs are categorized into 4 sizes, making your choice simpler. Their sizes are compact, standard, intermediate, and large.

Probably one of the best thing about using this corporate RV renting company is that your RV will be in great condition.

Because it is a company, they work hard to make sure their RVs are clean and looking great before passing it off to you. This is not a guarantee with the peer to peer RV rental system.

Another great thing about Cruise America is that they offer one-way RV rentals. They offer more than almost any RV renting company. This is a great deal for you at a cheap price. However, you would have to pay to fly or drive back home.

Now that I have discussed the good things about the company, here are some of the downfalls of Cruise America.

What’s the pricing for Cruise America like?

Unfortunately, Cruise America is a very pricey company to rent RVs from. Compared to the very reasonable prices seen before, these prices are not as great.

On average, the prices for renting an RV with Cruise America is around $100 per night.

BUT, you will also be charge 35 cents for every mile you drive. And, that number does add up to be quite a heavy price.

AND, there is a generator charge of $3.50 per hour. Which again, can add up very quickly.

AND, you will also be charged for things like bedding and kitchenware. Although these are basic necessities, you will have to pay extra for them.

Another downfall of Cruise America is that there are not as many locations as with the peer to peer RV rental companies.

Because they have to have one location for all of their vehicles in the area, there are few locations. Depending on where you are, you may have trouble finding a Cruise America site near you.

Overall, the ratings and reviews for the previous 2 companies are much better. Cruise America has some negative reviews and not weaker ratings.

“We rented From Cruise America in Tampa Fl. and had no problems. The motor home was extra clean on the inside and Bonita (Mgn.) explained everything we needed to know and was very helpful. Do note there is a dump fee if you don’t dump your tanks before you return .and a charge for used propane.”


El Monte RV

El Monte RV is another commonly known RV rental system. This RV rental is another corporate type. So, they own their own fleet of RVs and sell them out.

Their fleet includes Class A and Class motorhomes as well as 5th feels. This is a wider variety offered in comparison to Cruise America.

Although they offer a wider variety of RVs in comparison to Cruise America, there is still not as much as peer to peer RV rental companies offer.

What’s so great about El Monte RV?

  1. They have a customer loyalty rewards program. This is always a bonus to be a part of a company that gives back.
  2. They give free generator use will all of their rentals. In comparison to Cruise America, which charges for generator use, this company does not have a fee for generators.
  3. The RVs are pet-friendly. With peer to peer RV rental system, you often cannot bring in pets. But, El Monte RV allows pets in their RVs.

El Monte RV rentals also have the option of renting for one-way. Although there are not as many offered as with Cruise America, there is one thing they offer to make the one-way better.

For some of their rental locations, El Monte offers airport transfers. This is very generous of the company to do for their customers.

What’s the pricing like for El Monte RV?

The prices for El Monte RV also depend on the season, location, and availability. But, here is a general guideline of their prices:

RV TypePrice/Night
Class A$175-225
Class C$75-200
Starter Kit$20-60

The sad truth is that El Monte also charges for mileage and other basic necessities. They charge around 32 to 40 cents per mile.

Bedding and bath towels: $45-55 per person

Basic Kitchenware: $120-130 per vehicle

Stepping away from pricing, there are still some cons to El Monte RV. There are only 29 locations in 14 states currently.

If you are in the Western U.S., you are in luck because more locations are in your area. But anywhere else, it is pretty difficult to get to an El Monte RV location.

“This is our second time renting from El Monte RV and we will definitely rent from them again! We were very skeptical because of those terrible reviews. We were so glad that we didn’t get discouraged by it because the staff and manager at El Monte RV were great! Both RVs were fairly new and clean when we picked them up.”

Jo C.

USA RV Rentals

USA RV rentals is an RV marketplace site. This website consolidates corporate RV rentals from companies all over the U.S.

The USA RV Rentals combines RVs from places like Cruise America, El Monte RV, Road Bear, Sunshine, Britz, and others.

This online platform gives the chance to see a large variety of RV options.

The locations in which you can rent these RVs are in Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, Las Vegas, New York City, Portland, Reno, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and more.

So, you are in luck if you are near one of these large cities. In almost all of the locations except for Phoenix and Reno, there is also the possibility for unlimited mileage.

What makes USA RV rentals so great?

  1. They have an easy to use website. Similar to the first two companies discussed, this website is easily navigated. You simply type in your pickup and drop off location, pickup and drop off dates, and a number of people and you are on your way to finding a great RV.
  2. The company has obtained a BBB rating of A+. This means that the company is trustworthy and maintained well.
  3. They have the lowest price match guarantee for corporate rentals. Although you will receive a high-quality corporate RV, the prices are closer to peer to peer RV rental pricing.

This company, although less known is actually a reliable source for renting an RV. They are able to offer corporate RVs (which are often higher quality) with an easy purchasing experience.

Many people these days do not want to make a call for their purchases. This system is simple and online. But, you will get a beautifully clean RV, which you don’t get as often when the RV is owned by an individual.

The prices for USA RV Rentals are extremely varied. This is because they are renting between different companies. So, you can find a wide range of RVs and RV prices on this website.

A con towards this RV rental site is that RV liability insurance is an added fee. The insurance is something you will want, but it costs around $10-20 per day.

Another con of this website is that the quality and amenities will vary depending on the rental company. Because every company offers a different experience, this website offers a blend of all of those experiences.

“Very nice almost new RV. Delivered clean and ready to go. Did early pickup which worked very well too. Nice staff and RV was as advertised.”

Scott Rodgers

Other Notable RV Rental Companies:

Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is a corporate RV rental company. This company has depots in Atlant, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, and Vancouver.

This is another company in which you will need to be near a large city to be able to rent out one of their RVs.

Their RVs are not your typical looking RVs, which is why they are titled campervans. They look more like regular vans. This does not have as much space, yet you are still able to sleep in these vans.

What’s so great about Escape Campervans?

  1. They have a unique design. This may not be for everyone, but their vans are all hand painted with unique and colorful designs. This gives a very stylish ride.
  2. They give you 100 miles free of charge daily. This is an incredible service, with other company charged for every mile. If you are only traveling 100 miles, then you will get the ride free.
  3. The campervans are fuel efficient. If you have driven an RV, then you know that they use up a lot of gas. However, these smaller campervans are more fuel efficient and will, therefore, save you money on your ride.

Escape Campervans offers three different types of campervans for you.

TypePassengersBedAge of RV
Big Sur4-51 Queen2016
Indie Camper3-51 Queen
1 Single
Mavericks4-51 Queen2012

Escape Campervans is a good choice for anyone looking for a shorter trip with fewer people. These campervans do not have the same cozy feel as RVs have.

However, they are cheaper and more fuel efficient. So, if you will not be riding for long with fewer people, then this is a great choice for you.

These campervans, although smaller, do still over some storage, a stove, a fridge, and sleeping space. It is a great alternative to a tent, however not the same as an RV experience.

“Incredible experience with Escape this week! We had a very comfortable trip to Tahoe, San Francisco, Big Sur, and Sequoia. The rooftop sleeper could not have been more comfortable! Exceptional service and incredible trip. Cannot say enough how great this company is!”

Caroline Fletcher


The Jucy company has a prominent presence in Australia and New Zealand. However, this corporate company is now gaining popularity with the states.

Jucy is another company that offers campervans. The van has great features that will fit into a camping trip. Again, this campervan is not the same as an RV, but it is a more modern and compact version of the RV.

What’s so great about Jucy?

  1. Jucy has a fun design. Coming from out of the U.S., the Jucy brand is unique with its green and purple design.
  2. The campervans are equipped with all features of an RV. The campervan has a fridge, gas cooker, DVD player, and beds. It has a different style, with the same features.
  3. Jucy is the most fuel efficient in North America. This is high praise for the company. But, they have been able to give a campervan that will save you tons of money from gas expenses.

Jucy offers two different campervans for you to rent out.

TypePassengersBedAge of RV
Jucy Trailblazer42 Double2012-2014
Jucy Wavefarer21 Double2013

This camper is a great choice for anyone that is looking for the same experience of an RV, with fewer expenses. You will get a great ride with this campervan company.

The downside to this company is that they have not yet completely grown within the United States. Their depot locations are in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

If you have the chance of being in one of these cities, I would recommend this campervan rental company. There are many positive reviews out there applauding this company.

This campervan will elevate your camping experience. And, hopefully, you will have a great trip with it.

“Just the perfect car decked out for a perfect road trip. Truly I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

Wende LEan

My RV Rental Company Choices:

family vacation, rv (camper) travel with kids, happy parents with children on holiday trip in motorhome

My personal choices of RV companies are Outdoorsy and RVshare. These two companies do a great job of giving you RVs that are affordable.

The great thing about these RV rental companies is that they offer their RV in all areas. You have a much better chance of finding an RV in a smaller area with one of these websites.

For me, coming from an extremely rural town, I have no chances of renting an RV out from a company with few locations. Yet, Outdoorsy and RVshare give me options for all kinds of RVs in my area.

In our modern day, we have been able to simplify everything to make things easier on the customer. This is the perfect example of that.

These two websites are so easy to navigate and will give a great RV renting experience. There is no hassle with calling or searching hard to find a good RV. All your options are laid out perfectly for you on this website.

Also, you will be given reliable RVs at a reasonable price. Most corporate companies charge more for their cleaning and high-quality RVs.

However, these RV owners have to apply for renting out their RV, and it shows. They take good care of their customers and make the RV look nice.

However, if I were going to be taking a trip with fewer people, I would choose Escape Campervans.

The reason I would choose Escape Campervans over Jucy is simply that they offer those 100 miles free per day.

Although this is not the same as an RV, they do a great job of giving all the things you would have in an RV.

Personally, the overall trip expense is important to me. With the fuel efficient vehicle, I would not have to spend nearly as much as I would on a typical RV.

I think Escape Campervans is a great way to camp for cheaper. It is a major step up from tent camping, with everything available to you in the campervan.

No matter which RV rental company you decide to rent with, I hope that you have a great trip.

If you are close enough to a city where you would be able to rent out from some of those corporate RV rental companies, then those would be good choices too.

Remember that as you are camping with your rented RV, just have a good time. Live in the moment and enjoy the trip.

There are almost trips that end up being perfect. But, just go with it and enjoy the ride. I hope you have safe travels!

Related Questions:

How much money can I make renting out my RV?Most people renting out their RVs are making an extra income of $7,000-13,000. However, other RV owners are making closer to $25,000-31,000 a year. The yearly income from the RV depends on the location, the price set for the RV, and the company used to rent the RV.

What is the process of renting an RV online? To rent an RV online, the first step is to choose the company. Once the desired company is found, then type in your trip start and end dates, location, and type of RV desired. Then, the only thing left to do is to choose from the RVs listed in the area.

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