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Class A RV Covers: The Best & The Worst

Published on December 17th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

Class A RV in the fall - before putting on Class A RV covers

Class A RV Covers: The Best & The Worst

When an RV is not in use, it’s important to shield it with an RV cover. From the smallest teardrop trailer to the largest fifth wheel, all RVs can benefit from some level of protection. If you own a Class A RV, choosing appropriate Class A RV covers is an important part of the deal.

Covers come in varying sizes, designs, and levels of effectiveness. It’s always better to have something instead of nothing, but there are certainly some covers that stand above the rest. When there are great products, there are always going to be knock-offs and cheap substitutions as well.

Below we have a guide that will help you select the best Class A RV covers and avoid the worst. Make sure your RV stays in great condition by using one of the recommended good products!

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Best Class A RV Covers

King Bird Upgraded Class A RV Cover

King Bird stands at the front of the pack by a long shot! In another breakdown we did of the best RV cover for the snow and wind, this brand was also at the top of the list. This cover is made with a 5-layer design that provides protection against all sorts of damage. Your RV will be shielded from wind, UV radiation, debris, and anything that might try to tear through the cover.

Four tire covers are included in the purchase. It also comes with accessibility panels that enable you to enter and exit the vehicle without removing the whole cover. The Class A RV covers are suitable for RVs that are between 40-43 feet long. If you want to buy this cover or read customer reviews, click here.

RVMasking 6 Layers Class A Windproof Camper Cover

Another good Class A RV cover comes from the RVMasking store. This product isn’t quite as popular as the first one, but it has received positive reviews across the board. The covers from this brand can fit RVs that are between 31.1-42 feet long.

As the name suggests, these covers are made with a 6-layer design. This grants the covers extra strength and makes them resistant to many different types of damage. They are all waterproof but are still lightweight and breathable enough to prevent moisture buildup within the RV. Each cover also comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can be guaranteed that they will last a long time.

This product has been given the distinction of being Amazon’s choice for Class A RV covers! To purchase this cover from RVMasking, visit the Amazon product page here.

Umbrauto Class A RV Cover

This cover might not be the most popular choice in the world, but it’s a solid product that offers a good value for the money. It’s fairly average in terms of customer reviews and construction, but it will perform well. It’s more affordable than the previous two options, so if you want something reliable but not too fancy, an Umbrauto cover is a good choice.

This cover is made with a 3-layer design. It is meant to be quick-drying and breathable, so water won’t stick around and encourage mold growth. The various sizes of these covers can accommodate Class A RVs that are between 31-40 feet long.

These covers are windproof and have vents built-in to encourage breathability and prevent billowing. Each cover also comes with a 3-year warranty. If you’re interested in buying this cover or reading customer feedback, visit the Amazon product page here.

Worst Class A RV Covers

4 Seasons Waterproof RV Covers

This Class A RV cover is on the lower end of the quality and customer satisfaction spectrum, but it’s not too terrible. If the Umbrauto cover listed above is in the top middle, this cover is in the bottom middle. There are certainly better covers to purchase.

On Amazon, this product has an overall score of 3.6/5. About half the reviews are positive, but there is a spectrum of complaints that brought down the overall score. 23% of buyers gave this cover a 1/5, so that’s a pretty discouraging metric.

Common complaints included that the cover was flimsy, hard to set up, or was too small for their vehicle. This cover is being marketed as a cover for Class A, B, and C motorhomes as well as travel trailers. Sometimes a one-size-fits-all product isn’t actually good for any specific purpose! If you want to read reviews yourself and compare ratings, check out the Amazon product page here.

Trekpower Class A RV Cover

This cover from Trekpower made it on the worst list because there is hardly any information or customer reviews for this product. Other Trekpower products only have 1 or 2 reviews, while others have none at all. It’s hard to trust the quality of a product when you don’t hear back from the people who have bought it.

Judging by the very few customer reviews, this cover ships in 2 separate packages. One contains the tire covers while the other contains the actual RV cover.

Shipping was extremely slow and sometimes people only received 1 of the two packages. Both the product and the customer service seem to be lacking when it comes to the Trekpower Class A RV cover. It only has a 2.1/5 on Amazon, but if you want to see more details, click here.

Camping World RV Covers

Finally, we come to the worst of the worst: Class A RV covers from Camping World. Customers have aired out their frustrations on and have shared stories about slow shipping, poor customer service, and flimsy products.

The prices of Class A covers from Camping World are also quite a bit higher than most Amazon products. Some cost up to $800, which is well beyond the range for most of the products we’ve seen. Because of these issues, it’s best to stick to covers that are tried and true.

Review the list of the best Class A RV covers above and hopefully, you’ll find one that fits your budget and RV size!

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