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Class A Diesel Motorhomes: The Best & Worst Floor Plans For 2022

Published on March 28th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

interior shot of Entegra Cornerstone, one of the best Class A Diesel motorhomes for 2022

The Best (And Worst) 2022 Class A Diesel Motorhomes

2022 is a promising year for Class A diesel motorhomes. These are large and luxurious vehicles that just get better every year! To help you navigate the new releases, we’ve pulled a few of the best and worst floor plans of this year.

Of course, these terms are subjective. One floor plan might be perfect for some people’s needs, while it seems impractical for others. There is no definitive best or worst design on the market, so these floor plans will mainly be ranked due to their size, ease of navigation, and use of space. Their ranking is not indicative of the quality of the build/materials.

Our top 3 and bottom 3 floor plans are described in detail below. Maybe you’ll find that you have different opinions, but this is a good place to start comparing the new designs of this year. Let’s dive into the newest Class A diesel motorhomes and see what you think!

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Best Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Allegro Red 37PA

Our first floor plan comes from Tiffin. Ironically, models from the Allegro lineup appear on our best and worst ranking list! In terms of the overall build, they are fairly similar, but the floor plan distinguishes them from one another.

The Allegro Red 37PA is a wonderful design that is nice and spacious. The main living space at the front features large opposing slideouts. Once everything is fully extended, there’s plenty of free space in the center. The living room also has a sofa bed and an optional drop-down bunk above the driver’s cab. This makes it a nice secondary bedroom.

The main bedroom sits at the rear. Buyers can choose to add a king or queen bed back here. A queen bed will offer a bit more space on the sides, but either option has plenty of walking room at the foot of the bed.

The bathroom is one of the best parts of this design. It has 2 entrances (one in the main bedroom, one from the hall). This makes it easily accessible to everyone. The bathroom itself is also quite spacious and features a vanity with 2 sinks, a toilet in one corner, and a shower against one wall.

Entegra 2022 Cornerstone 45Z

Next up, we have a motorhome design from Entegra. Class A diesel motorhomes are their specialty, and you can find tons of floor plans on their website. The Cornerstone 45Z has a fantastic layout that is wonderful for full-time RVers and families who want to vacation in style.

The rear bedroom features a king bed that sits within a slideout. This provides plenty of walking space near the foot of the bed. The rear wall of this motorhome has a large walk-in closet complete with a stacked washer/dryer.

A bathroom sits between the bedroom and main living space. The toilet and shower are in one room and a vanity with 2 sinks sits across the hall from them. This makes the sinks easily accessible to anyone in the motorhome. A sliding door can close off the bedroom and bathroom from the rest of the space, which provides some privacy.

The living room and kitchen are in the same area, but a large L-shaped couch provides a great separation of space. The kitchen occupies the back half of the space, while the couch and dinette both face the entertainment center and fireplace. People can stretch out and relax without staring at the kitchen the whole time!

Newmar Ventana 3407

Our final pick for the top 3 Class A diesel motorhomes is the Newmar Ventana 3407. This is somewhat small for a diesel motorhome, but it has a well-thought-out design that makes it easy to navigate. There are plenty of seating and sleeping areas, but it doesn’t feel cramped.

The rear bedroom has a king bed, storage space on almost every wall, and a washer/dryer. The bathroom is right next door, so it’s accessible to anyone in the bedroom or in the main cabin. This is a fairly simple bathroom, but it has all the necessities.

It sits across the hall from the kitchen, which includes a large pantry, refrigerator, stove, dual-basin sink, and lots of cabinets. The final section is the living room. This hosts a buffet-style dinette and a large sofa bed. Once it’s fully extended, this makes a great secondary bedroom that is far enough away from the main bedroom to provide privacy for both parties.

Worst Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Allegro Breeze 31BR

Our first floor plan comes from the Allegro Breeze lineup. There are only two floor plans for this design, and the Breeze 31BR is the smaller of the two. It’s still a fully functional motorhome and most of our nitpicks are minor.

The bathroom is the main pain point in this design. It manages to squeeze in a toilet, shower, and sink, but the size is much closer to a half bath. There just isn’t much room to navigate at all, and this could be a nightmare for larger passengers, kids, and anyone else who has trouble navigating tight spaces.

The rear bedroom is also a bit cramped. There is hardly any space on the sides of the bed. Thankfully, due to a slideout, there is a bit of room at the foot of the bed.

The kitchen setup is mostly contained to a single area, but the refrigerator sits in a slideout across the room. This setup makes it harder to keep everything in an easy-to-reach layout. A person would also need to walk in front of the TV to get something from the fridge, which might annoy passengers. A fireplace also sits nearby, so you’ll have to be very careful to keep the fridge closed and prevent food from spoiling!

Jayco Embark 39BH

Next up, we have a Class A diesel motorhome from Jayco. The Embark lineup is mostly great, but we have a few issues with the 39BH floor plan. The biggest issue is the proximity of the two main sleeping spaces.

The rear bedroom does have a door that separates it, but a pair of bunk beds are right next to the bedroom. This doesn’t give anyone any privacy, and it could be a chokepoint if multiple people are trying to get into/out of bed at the same time.

The rear bedroom also has access to a private bathroom. This is nice, but there’s a lot in this single space. It has a toilet, shower, linen closet, sink, and a stacked washer/dryer. If you’re trying to do laundry in here, you might feel a bit cramped.

The kitchen also has a similar problem to the floor plan above. The refrigerator is across the room, which messes with the flow of the space. These aren’t huge issues, but they are enough to set this design apart from the others.

Winnebago Journey 34N

Finally, we have a 2022 design from Winnebago. They make a few Class A diesel motorhomes, and the Journey 34N is one of the smallest. The rear bedroom does have some space along each side of the bed, but there isn’t much storage space to speak of.

The positioning of the bathroom and kitchen is one of the biggest drawbacks here. The bathroom sits on one wall, while the refrigerator and dinette sit almost directly across. If everyone is sitting down and eating, but someone uses the bathroom, the two are uncomfortably close together.

Once again, the refrigerator and pantry are separated from the rest of the kitchen. This back and forth could be quite annoying, especially because the dinette is in the way. Overall, this design is just not as comfortable or spacious as many others.

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5 thoughts on “Class A Diesel Motorhomes: The Best & Worst Floor Plans For 2022”

  1. I think the Ventana 4334 layout is a great idea. Waiting for them to put it in the Dutch star. Not really a fan of carpet in a motorhome so none of these would be on my list.🤫

  2. Terrible kitchen layout. How can you cook on the stovetop with the tv right there? Things splattering all over it. And the refrigerator down the hallway, very inconvenient. No counter space at all. Nope, not a good layout.

  3. Winnebago I agree with the tv issue of something spilling or just cooking grease splatting hitting the tv. Does this come with a generator. with they would tell us the price of all the units they show.

  4. Nice review, Emily. I would love to have seen how functional these units are with all slides retracted. It is important to us to be able to walk to the bathroom, and to be able to access the refrigerator, microwave and dry food storage without crawling over anything,


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