11 Unforgettable RV Camp Spots on the Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii offers some of the most beautiful scenery experiences in the world. There are beaches, hiking trails that lead to the tops of volcanoes, and a diverse culture you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You will feel on top of the world (literally). Most RV camping spots in Hawaii are more rustic and … Read more

Airstream Camper Depreciation: Do They Hold Value?

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11 Best RV Campgrounds in Arkansas

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13 Great RV Retirement Communities in Georgia

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Can Airstreams Get Water Leaks?

If you are gearing up to purchase an Airstream, you probably want to make sure it isn’t going to leak on you. Can Airstreams get water leaks? Airstreams can leak. Over time and with wear and tear, the seals on your Airstream will break down, resulting in a leak. However, Airstreams are known to last … Read more

Class B motorhome covered with snow and ice.

Does My Camper or RV Have a Rubber Roof?

When deciding to take a look at my rubber roof on my camper to see if any repairs were needed, I wondered why rubber roofs are becoming more common on campers and RVs. It turns out there are several reasons. Rubber roofs are cheaper to maintain or repair, have low weight, are less slippery, and … Read more