Beginner Info

How Much Does a Truck Camper Cost?

A truck camper, also known as TC, is not a vehicle on its own, but a camper specifically designed to fit over the cab of your regular or long-bed pickup truck.  It is sometimes referred to as a slide-in or cab-over camper.  These campers are versatile and loved by many […]

Upgrading the Camper with Friction Fit Shelves

The travel trailer virgins made their first primitive camping foray over a four-day and three-night weekend. By primitive we mean there was no Wi-Fi. Heck, there was no phone service. We still had full hookups including, of course, water, sewer, and electricity. But not being able to have Netflix or […]

Do RVs Have Wi-Fi?

How many times has this happened to you? You leave your house and go out for a while. During your adventures, you assume your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi, only to find out the hard way that wasn’t the case when you get slammed with an astronomical data overage […]

Vintage RV

How Much Does a Vintage RV Cost?

Does the thought of owning a vintage RV sound appealing to you? There’s a prestige to owning such a vehicle and a certain culture of individuals that follow the vintage look. But what’s so great about vintage RV’s besides their unique aesthetic? Behind their classic looks comes quality construction and […]