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My 15 Favorite RV Kitchen Accessories

If you have a modest camper trailer, then you know space how is a commodity. You want to live the way you would back home, but everywhere you look, there’s no extra room for anything else. You’re probably especially likely to feel this way in the kitchen. With your mini […]

How to Repair a Torn Camper Awning

It’s a beautiful day to be driving your camper. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you can feel the warmth coming in from your driver’s side window. Why not stop and take a break, maybe make camp for a couple of hours? You pull off to a […]

11 Tips for Driving an RV

You just bought your first RV. Congratulations! After spending a few weeks getting all the necessary equipment for your trip and mapping out your route, you’re ready to hit the road. You climb into the driver’s seat, putting the keys in the ignition. Goosebumps prickle on your skin, the excitement […]

7 Awesome Little Camper Trailers with Bathrooms

When nature calls, sometimes you have to answer that call…well, out in nature. This isn’t ideal, but when you’re camping, sometimes it’s the only option you’ve got. Or is it? Space was probably a huge consideration for you when you bought your camper if you’ve already bought it. You wanted […]

Travel Trailer Camping Guide for Beginners

This post is a beginner’s user manual for a travel trailer.  I purchased a travel trailer a year ago and have learned a lot of things that most of the more experienced people never explained to me, so I’m hoping that his post will steer you in the right direction. […]

The 27 Mistakes I Made With My RV This Year

I bought a travel trailer this year and have been learning a lot from the school of hard knocks.  In this post I want to share some of the mistakes I’ve made with my trailer, as well as mistakes I’ve seen from other RVers as we’ve traveled around. Hopefully, you […]