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What Is The Average Camper Price In 2021?

Published on May 7th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

RV campers at dealership

What Is The Average Camper Price In 2021?

RV sales soared during 2020 as people looked for new ways to get out and enjoy some fresh air and new sights. According to Nasdaq, total RV sales went up by 53.5% last year and the market is filled with innovation and new products. But with this industry boom, you might wonder what you can expect the average camper price to be in 2021.

There are many different types of camper, ranging from the smallest teardrop trailer to a 40+ foot long motorhome or fifth wheel. Because of the different shapes, sizes, and brands, it’s hard to make a general statement of average price. However, below is a table containing the average price you can expect for each type of camper.

Type of campersAverage camper price
Pop-up Camper$16,900
Teardrop Trailer$23,900
Travel Trailer$35,100
Fifth Wheel$70,000
Class A Motorhome$375,800
Class B Motorhome$134,000
Class C Motorhome$148,000

Below, we’ll explore the different varieties of campers you can expect to see in 2021, as well as the average price range for each of them and a few of the best models that are available this year.

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Pop-up Camper: $16,900

Pop-up campers are the perfect blend between RVs and tents. They provide extra sleeping space on the road, but have collapsable designs that help them stay compact when not in use.

Pop-up campers can be hard or soft-sided, depending on the material used in their extensions. Some use tent-like fabric to create an open-air experience, while other use hard-sided extensions that provide better insulation.

The camper price for these models is surprisingly low considering how much extra space they can provide. Pop-up campers can sometimes fit multiple beds as well as a small kitchen area and sometimes even a bathroom!

The cheapest 2021 pop-up campers are about $8,000 while the most expensive are about $25,000.

Best 2021 Pop-up Campers:

Teardrop Trailer: $23,900

Teardrop trailers are popular choices for people who love outdoor camping and adventures that require a small, light living space. These models are miniature travel trailers that are light enough to be towed behind most vehicles.

In most cases, these trailers are only big enough to fit a bed, some storage space, and possibly an outdoor kitchen or shower on the back. They’re generally one of the cheaper camper options you’ll be able to find and the price ranges widely between brands.

The cheapest 2021 teardrop campers are around $8,000 while the most expensive are around $60,000.

Best 2021 Teardrop Trailers:

For more options, check out our recommended list of 12 teardrop trailers that maximize space.

Travel Trailer: $35,100

Travel trailers are some of the most varied campers when it comes to size, layout, and price. They are extremely popular because of this range of choices. Travel trailers can be towed behind any vehicle that is strong enough to pull them. You don’t necessarily need a truck to haul these campers around!

They usually include at least one bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen/entertainment space in the middle. Many models also include slide-outs, which increase the floor space when the vehicle is parked. Travel trailers are better than teardrops or pop-up campers when it comes to living full-time in a camper.

The average camper price for travel trailers is between $25,000 to $35,000 but you can find some models that are well above or below this range. The cheapest travel trailers cost about $12,000, while the most expensive ones are around $40,000.

Best 2021 Travel Trailers:

Fifth Wheel: $70,000

Fifth wheels are some of the largest and most luxurious RVs on the market. Their large size and unique design means that they always have to be towed by trucks. This intimidating price range and large layout can be off putting to some customers, but many people can’t imagine life without their trusty fifth wheel.

These campers often have the most spacious floor plans of any RV and many of them are designed for heavy travel and year-round use. They usually come with multiple sleeping areas, full kitchens, and several slide-outs. Some even have extra storage space in the back to carry ATVs, jet skis, and other equipment.

The cheapest fifth wheels are around $40,000 while the most expensive models can be well over $100,000. When you factor in the added price of a truck that’s powerful enough to tow it, fifth wheels can cost quite a bit!

Best 2021 Fifth Wheels:

Class A RV: $375,800

Class A RVs are popular choices for people who prefer motorhomes over trailers. Motorhomes connect the driver’s area directly to the living space, which makes it easier for passengers to enjoy the RV even while they’re on the road.

Class A motorhomes are basically the shape and size of large buses. The driver’s cab is merged seamlessly with the rest of the unit, forming one smooth, continuous vehicle. These RVs are usually the largest type of motorhome and the newer designs are all luxurious and high quality. They usually include several slide-outs as well.

Due to their large size and top-notch amenities, Class A RVs come with a large price tag. Even the cheapest Class A models are about $50,000 and some of the most expensive ones can cost over $1 million! That’s a hefty camper price, but the quality and luxury can definitely be worth it.

Best 2021 Class A RVs:

Class B RV: $134,000

Class B RVs are smaller and lighter than Class A models, but they have similar designs. These motorhomes are built on the chassis of long, tall vans, so the driver’s cab and living space are still connected. They are easier to drive, park, and maneuver than almost any other type of RV.

The space of Class B motorhomes is somewhat limited because of the small square-footage permitted by the van skeleton. Slide-outs are not common with this type of camper, although there are sometimes pop-out roof sections that create more head space. These vans do provide sleeping space, storage, and sometimes kitchens too!

There is a wide price range for this type of camper. The cheapest Class B motorhomes sell for $70,000, while the most expensive can be up to $500,000. For more information on these motorhomes, check out our article about the best Class B RVs for winter travel.

Best 2021 Class B RVs:

Class C RV: $148,000

Class C RVs are a nice blend between Class A and Class B. They offer larger floor plans than Class B models, but keep the smaller size and greater maneuverability. They’re smaller and more fuel efficient than Class A motorhomes too!

These motorhomes are usually built on the chassis of a large van or truck and still have the joined driver’s cabin and living space. Class C models also have an overhang over the driver’s seat, which can be used for storage space, or an extra bunk! They don’t usually have slide-outs, but the interior space of most models can contain a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

The average camper price for these RVs falls somewhere between a Class B and Class A. The cheapest models can be sold for about $90,000 while expensive ones are about $160,000.

Best 2021 Class C RVs:

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6 thoughts on “What Is The Average Camper Price In 2021?”

  1. Hi Emily, thank you for the great article.

    I am surprised by the average price of teardrop trailer. Our “Naked” model with no add-ons starts at $14,950 and the total price depends on specific owners and their choice of add-ons and modifications but even that is still below average.

    If there is anyone interested in more, feel free to check out our website:

    Adam, DROPLET Trailer

  2. The average life span of most travel trailers is less than 15 years. I think I will stick to the fiberglass and aluminum campers. Those seem to hold up over time.

  3. There are many Teardrops less than the minimum $8K figure mentioned above:

    Rustic Teardrop Trailers – Koala Bear $4,950
    Ted Ball, Cumberland WI – $2,500
    TetonX – Jake $7,000
    PeeWee Campers – Knockabout $6,500; Small Fry $5,000
    Gateway Teardrops – S $4,000; U $4,500; G $7,700
    Vintage Trailer Works – XSport XT $5,300; XTS $6,600;
    The Teardrop Trailer – Tin Top Woody $5,500; Silver Bullet $6,000; Diamond in the Rough $7,700
    Road Toad Campers – Abode $5,900
    New Wave Teardrop – 6 Crest Models $4,200 to $6,500
    Drifter Trailers – Primal Outdoors Edition $7,500

  4. What about toy haulers? Are they factored into prices for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motor homes?


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