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The New Brinkley RV Debuts Their First Model

Published on October 28th, 2022 by Emily Lawrence

video screenshot of Brinkley RV debut

New Company Brinkley RV Introduces First Prototype

The RV industry is full of brands that are competing to be the biggest and best. With huge names like Winnebago, Grand Design, and Forest River fighting for the spotlight, it can be hard for new companies to stand out. But Brinkley RV is a new company that shows enormous promise. It was founded by industry veterans and has just revealed its first prototype design.

The Brinkley RV Model Z is a fresh take on a classic design. This fifth wheel has been referred to as a “re-creation” vehicle because of the way that several elements have been improved and reinvented. The model was unveiled at the 2023 Elkhart RV Open House, and it has received positive reviews due to its clean lines and unique design.

The Brinkley RV Model Z is still in development, but the prototype is already quite impressive. The interior style has been described as “midcentury modern.” Some people love the aesthetic, while others are more hesitant. Either way, there’s no denying that this RV (and the company that created it) are going places.

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Model Z Details


  • Dry weight: 11,923 lbs
  • Cargo carrying capacity: 2,572 lbs
  • GVWR: 14,495 lbs
  • Hitch: 2,142 lbs
  • Length: 34’11”
  • Height: 12’6″
  • Width: 8 ft
  • Tires: 17.5″ H
  • Fresh water capacity: 75 gal
  • Gray tank capacity: 90 gal
  • Black tank capacity: 45 gal
  • Solar: 370 watts
  • Slideouts: 3

Floor plan

There may be more floor plans in the future, but we currently only have one Model Z design to look at. It’s certainly a promising start, though!

This is a mid-profile fifth wheel that features smooth curves and clean lines. The exterior is truly striking, and it’s highlighted by some recessed LED lighting over the windows. There’s also a large pass-through storage compartment, a quad-step entryway, and an extended Safe-T-Rail grab handle. The back of the vehicle even has a small storage compartment that can be used to transport camping gear.

Like most fifth wheels, the main bedroom of this vehicle is situated at the front. The bedroom features a queen-size bed that can be upgraded to a king. This bed sits partially within a slideout, so there’s plenty of space to navigate the rest of the room.

The front-facing wall contains a gorgeous closet door and space for a stackable washer/dryer setup. Storage comes in the form of built-in cabinets and a sliding dresser top that opens up to reveal a hidden storage compartment.

The bathroom

A full bathroom sits in the hall just outside the bedroom. It’s big enough to contain a shower, linen closet, toilet, sink, and a small vanity.

The back half of the RV is used as a combination living room/kitchen. Thanks to the opposing slideouts, this is a nice, spacious area with lots of room to stretch out. A large kitchen island sits in the center of the room. This has a built-in sink, sliding garbage can, and even dog bowls for your pets! In addition, overhead cabinets line most of the walls in this rear portion, so there’s always space for your gear.

The kitchen and living area

The kitchen is also quite impressive. Within a single slideout, there’s a 16 cubic-foot refrigerator, a residential microwave, a combination oven/stove, a fireplace, an entertainment center, and plenty of work space and storage compartments.

The opposing slideout contains a set of theater seats, a table, a set of chairs, and a multi-purpose ottoman. It’s a perfect place for eating, relaxing, or getting some work done. The rear wall of this fifth wheel is occupied by a tri-fold sofa that can convert into an extra bed. Multiple people can sleep comfortably in this floor plan!

If you want to see a full walkthrough of this prototype, check out the video below.

Interior design

The owners of Brinkley RV really put their best foot forward when they released this model. It’s an impressive prototype that boasts a classy design and some interesting features. The interior design is one of the most unique things about this vehicle.

For starters, it doesn’t feature the crown molding that many other RVs have. Sometimes this is used to hide sloppy work and rushed wall builds. Instead, the Model Z has precise lines that feel nice and sharp.

Although the exterior of this vehicle is decorated in stark black-and-white designs, the interior color scheme is warm and inviting. The cabinets and furniture have a pleasant creamy color that is accented by golden handles and kitchen fixtures. Warm lighting is recessed into the ceiling, and some lights even hang down to create lovely focal points.

The theater seats and dining chairs are also a lovely golden color, which makes the entire space feel cozy. Glossy black appliances make the kitchen feel modern, while the natural-grain wooden floors keep things grounded and natural. It’s a truly wonderful combination of styles!

The bathroom is also thoughtfully designed. It follows the design aesthetic of the living room and has lovely counters and plenty of storage space. The shower has a square head with tons of small jets. Multiple smaller jets are also built into the wall so you can enjoy multiple streams during your shower.

Unique elements

Although this RV is a mid-profile fifth wheel, it has a lot of advanced features that you would usually only find in high-end luxury models. The goal is to create the best quality of life for customers, even if the vehicle is a bit smaller than usual.

For instance, all the cabinets have magnets installed that help them stay closed, even during travel. Cabinet clips are finicky and sometimes can’t keep the doors closed all the time. These magnets are powerful enough to keep everything locked into place. The doors also have soft-close technology so you won’t accidentally slam them shut.

The kitchen island also has LED lighting installed underneath it, so it creates a nice cozy glow. This ambient lighting enhances the visibility of the kitchen, so you won’t stub your toes at night. There are tons of hidden storage compartments in the dining table, ottoman, side tables, etc.

Other features

This fifth wheel is also equipped with solar panels. Some modern RVs are leaning toward this trend, but you often have to request solar panels specially or add them yourself. They come wired and ready to go when you buy a Model Z vehicle.

The windows of this RV are also exceptional. Each one is expertly framed, which enhanced the clean lines and geometry of the rest of the vehicle. They are also equipped with a pull-down blackout shade and a pull-up daytime shade, so you can customize the amount of natural light you receive. There are tons of windows throughout this design, so you’ll be able to truly appreciate your surroundings when you camp.

There’s way too much to cover in a single post, so please check out the video tour above for a full breakdown of all the special features of this RV. It’s an upscale design that really shows a lot of attention to detail.

The future of the Model Z

The first fifth wheel from Brinkley RV has been well-received. Critics and enthusiasts are impressed by the innovations and design choices of this vehicle. Although the Model Z that was revealed is just a prototype, it suggests that great things are on the horizon for this company.

The Model Z is projected to be released sometime in 2023. Brinkley RV estimates that new models will cost about $100,000 each. Make sure you keep your eyes on this company because this is an amazing starting point!

What is Brinkley RV?

The RV industry is competitive, especially for newcomers. But Brinkley RV has managed to make a big splash, largely due to the experience of its founders.

Five RV industry experts banded together to form this new company. They all work as equal partners and have brought their various skill sets and expertise to the table. The main leaders are Ron and Bill Fenech, Ryan Thwaits, Micah Staley, and Nate Goldenberg. They have all held positions with leading RV brands such as Thor Industries, Grand Design RV, Dutchmen, and even Barletta Boat Co.

Although they believed that the RV industry was good, they wanted to create their own company so they could raise the bar even higher.

“Every decision we make is based on the customer. And our goal is to have the most customer-focused, user-friendly fifth-wheel in the marketplace.”

Micah Staley

The Model Z is their first official release, but they plan to expand their offerings in the future with additional fifth wheels, toy haulers, and maybe even motorhomes (source). With such a strong debut, you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this brand! They have the potential to become major names in the RV market.

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