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8 Best Small Pull Behind Campers For 2022

Published on December 24th, 2021 by Emily Lawrence

truck and nucamp RV, one of the best small pull behind campers

8 Best Small Pull Behind Campers For 2022

Everyone wants to have a place to eat, sleep, and relax during a long road trip or camping excursion. But sometimes the massive sizes and price tags of traditional RVs are too intimidating to invest in. Luckily there are lots of small pull behind campers that can get the job one for a much lower price!

Below we’ve compiled a list of 8 of the best small pull behind campers for 2022. Each of these weighs less than 3,000 lbs, and pretty much all of them can be pulled by vehicles that aren’t built for heavy-duty towing. Some are even light enough to be towed by a motorcycle! Check out these 2022 options to find your perfect lightweight camper.

1. Earth Traveler T250LX: 298 lbs.

You won’t find a lighter camper than the Earth Traveler T250LX. This updated model is just a tiny bit lighter than their older model, but any vehicle from this company is manageable for a tow vehicle of any size. If you have a motorcycle that’s capable of towing a couple hundred pounds, this could be the perfect match for you!

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With its super lightweight carbon frame and fold-out sections, this is a nice little camper you can take anywhere. It comes with 2 large outdoor lounge cushions, interior LED lights, and insulated walls and ceilings.

See more details about the Earth Traveler T250LX here.

Earth Traveler T250LX

2. Tiny Camper 4×8 Rugged Rhino: 890 lbs.

True to its name, Tiny Camper has created a great addition to the world of small pull behind campers with the release of the 4×8 Rugged Rhino. This is a squaredrop trailer that can stand up to rough and tumble road conditions. It comes with hardwood floors, a 5,000 BTU A/C unit, a marine heater, and built-in storage space in the form of shelves, nets, and cubbies.

This model also comes with a protected rear galley so you can do some cooking out in nature. The galley is equipped with a sink, pump, workspace, and plenty of storage space below the counter. The whole unit is coated with a durable Rhino Liner.

See more details about the Tiny Camper 4×8 Rugged Rhino here.

Rugged Rhino trailer

3. Droplet XL: 1050 lbs.

The Droplet XL is the newest addition to the Droplet teardrop trailer lineup. While the previous models were ideal for short weekend getaways, this new one is suitable for slightly longer trips! The main cabin is occupied with a queen-sized mattress, but there’s still a bit of extra room for storage as well.

There are windows all around the cabin, including a skylight. Lots of natural light can get in and passengers can enjoy stargazing as well. This teardrop trailer also comes with an upgraded galley. There’s room for a fridge, stove, sink, and storage. The workspace is easy to access and requires little/no setup.

See more details about the Droplet XL here.

4. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB: 1300 lbs.

The Bushwhacker is a nice little cabin on wheels. It’s small enough to be pulled by most vehicles, but large enough to accommodate a few campers in comfort. The 10FB is a new model that is currently available in dealer stock only. It contains two side-by-side mattresses that face a wall with a mounted TV.

Wall-mounted cabinets provide interior storage and there’s also a radio, A/C unit, and built-in lights. The rear galley provides a nice cooking space that doesn’t intrude into the main cabin. Passengers can enjoy this kitchenette and the stove, sink, and cooler that it comes equipped with. This unit will ensure you and your family have a cozy trip!

See more details about the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB here.

5. Meaner Bean: 2,000 lbs.

From here on out, the small pull behind campers get a bit larger. Most of these can still be pulled by a wide variety of vehicles, but just make sure you check your vehicle’s towing capacity before you commit to a 2,000 lb. + trailer.

On that note, an unladen Meaner Bean weighs in at exactly 2,000 lbs! This teardrop trailer comes in a variety of colors and decoration styles, and upgrades are available in almost every area. It’s highly customizable, but even the base model is bound to deliver good results. Each one comes with a queen-sized mattress, 15″ steel wheels, and a sturdy fiberglass shell.

See more details about the Meaner Bean here.

6. Casita Liberty (Standard): 2,210 lbs.

Casita is a brand that prides itself on making small pull behind campers that are perfect for people who love exploring the outdoors with a comfy living space in tow. This miniature travel trailer can sleep 2-4 people and has overhead cabinets installed on almost every wall. That means storage space is available everywhere you look!

Each model comes with a dinette/double bed that can be upgraded to a king-sized bed if the customer so chooses. There’s also an interior kitchen, complete with a sink, stove, refrigerator, and microwave. Buyers can choose between 2 interior color options as well, which enhances the level of customization.

See more details about the Casita Liberty here.

Casita Liberty trailer

7. Little Guy Mini Max: 2,320 lbs.

Calling a trailer a “mini max” might seem like a contradiction, but this teardrop trailer somehow lives up to both parts of its name. It has a small frame (17′ 2″), but it manages to pack a ton of amenities into that space. These campers are built to be cozy and adaptable. They also come with a few special home comforts!

For instance, this is the first camper on the list so far that includes a wet bath. A bathroom is a necessity for lots of travelers, so it’s nice to know that even small models can fulfill this need. The Mini Max also comes with a convertible dinette/bed, an entertainment system, and even an interior kitchen (complete with a large refrigerator).

See more details about the Little Guy Mini Max here.

Little Guy Mini Max, one of the best small pull behind campers

8. nuCamp Tab 400: 2,840 lbs.

Finally, we have the largest and heaviest model that can still be managed by most tow vehicles. The Tab 400 is the largest model that nuCamp currently offers, and this large floor plan gives it all the necessary space to fit a variety of luxurious amenities.

This teardrop trailer has enough space to comfortably sleep 3 people. It has one permanent bed and one sleeping area that can be converted from a dinette. It’s also equipped with solar panels and a large wet bath. This trailer also comes with an interior kitchen and lots of storage space. Everything is designed to be neatly tucked away when not in use, so clutter won’t build up.

See more details about the NuCamp Tab 400 here.

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  1. I’m interested in the top of the line and price of the Tab 400 Teardrop. If you could send me all the top of the line on all eight small pull behinds and there prices that would be great. Please and thank you!

  2. Are there not ANY small lite trailers the size of the Earth Traveler, but are designed to raise up to over 6′ 6″ inside with all amenities also inside? The weather is not always nice enough to cook outside, so a rear outside kitchen is unacceptable. We have a Pop Up trailer right now, but it’s 7′ 6″ wide box is not streamlined at all, plus it’s 2000 lbs.

  3. I’m curious why the Scamp (13′ or 16′) has not been included in the “8 Best Small Pull Behind Campers For 2022.” I note that the Casita Liberty (17′) has been included.


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