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Best RV Washer/Dryer Combos On the Market

Published on July 8th, 2019 by Jim Harmer
This post was updated on April 20th, 2021

A washer and dryer displayed for use in an RV

Thanks to the internet there are many options and resources out there to make shopping convenient and purposeful (sometimes). It can take time to find just the right products for you, because even though it’s really handy to shop online, one of the biggest issues with the internet is sorting through all the content.

There are hundreds of thousands of options for something as simple as a t-shirt, so how do you pick something that is a little bit more significant to your wallet and comfort while you are on vacation?

Shopping for camping supplies is no different than anything else, it takes a lot of searching and investigating, hopefully, this post will help you out.

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The purpose of this post is to give you the best options for RV washer and dryers, both high tech and common kinds you will see.

Here are the 5 best washer dryer combos on the market.

  1. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine
  2. Panda PAN56MGP3
  3. Giantex Portable Mini Compact
  4. Della
  5. Splendide WD2100XC

For each washer dryer combination machine, we will look at the pros, cons, costs and other features you can expect to be included (or not included). Happy shopping!

1. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

This washer and the dryer combo is a nice 13-pound capacity unit. Something that I left out of the title of this machine is actually its full name. SUPER DEAL Portable Compact Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine w/Wash and Spin Cycle, Built-in Gravity Drain, 13lbs Capacity For Camping, Apartments, Dorms, College Rooms, RV’s, Delicates and more”.

Now we can see why abbreviations are super useful in the English language.

If you click on the highlighted portion, it will take you to the Amazon link, so you could purchase your own. With 4/5 starts from over 250 reviews on just one site alone, I’d take that as a good sign.

It’s not only perfect for your RV, but you can also take it out and use it for apartments, dorm rooms for you college students (or yourself) and your RV. Meaning that it is portable and convenient- saving you time and money.

Because it is smaller than household washers (8 lbs washer and 5 lbs spin cycle limits) you may not be able to do all your laundry at one time, but its a pretty substantial amount that is offered.

I don’t know what kind of camping other people do, but the only two things I really bring with me that need to be washed are mostly towels or other cotton based clothes and swimsuits. This washer would be perfect for just a few things that you just have to keep clean.

You could probably take this as a pro or a con, but washing time takes about 15 minutes and spinning takes about 5 minutes. The con part is that it won’t completely dry your clothes, but will take about 90% of the moisture out of it. So you will need to hang your clothes up on the line or over a chair to finish drying.

Another pro is that it is really easy to drain the dirty water out of the machine and doesn’t require a lot of set up to be placed in your RV. All you will need is to find an outlet and a spot to stuff it.

The price listed for this one comes to about $110 US dollars. Quite a steal for a high quality and durable machine.

Below are the technical specs if you would like to take a look!

  • Overall dimensions: 23″(L) x 13.5″(W) x 26″(H)
  • Washer:12″(L) x 13″(W) x 14″(H)
  • Dryer:7″(dia) x 9″(depth)
  • Product Weight: 23.85 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 12 lbs. (Washer: 8lbs., Dryer: 5 lbs.)
  • Power: 110V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Motor Speed: 1300RPM
  • Material: Plastic
  • UL certified
  • Color: Blue & WhiteNo Assembly (instructions included)

Panda PAN56MGP3

With 4/5 star rating on this machine as well you find a lot of neat things to love about this particular unit. Coming in at about $220 dollars, the sleek style and affordability of this unit is definitely a brand you could get behind for your camping trips.

This particular model is Amazon’s Choice product in this category. This link will take you to Amazon’s website, which you can check out to possibly purchase. Panda PAN56MGP3.

Pro: space saving design so it can fit in multiple places and not take up a lot of space.

Pro: holds 11 lbs of clothing. It has one compartment for both washing and drying to make things just a little bit easier. Not to mention the buttons and controls on this machine are really easy to use.

Pro: 3 pronged, 110-volt machine, so you can plug in almost anywhere to use! The washer directly connects with your faucet and comes with the kit you would need to make that happen.

Possible con: it is a little bit bigger in dimension than some portable washer dryer combos out there, but according to other customer reviews, its a highly efficient and high-quality product, there are just more benefits to it.

Here are some specifics to this washer dryer that you may find helpful!

  • 10 washer programs
  • 8 water levels
  • stainless steel drum- which will last you longer than maybe something that is plastic.
  • Direct connection to faucet including quick connect adapter kit and hoses
  • quiet when in use.
  • 310-watt motor rate (saves energy)
  • Capacity: 1.6 cubic feet
  • Top loader

Giantex Portable Mini Compact

This one you guys will love. A little bigger than most models.. ok, maybe a lot bigger. Almost an 18 lb capacity machine. Definitely, you get a lot out of this machine for an affordable price. The pricing on this one is about $130 US Dollars.

It has over 2000 positive reviews, a 4/5 star rating, and the number best seller on Amazon this machine has definitely gotten around with consumers. With simple, easy to use controls, you can see why so many people love this machine.

The official description for this one if you’re having a hard time finding it online is, Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine.” Click this link to check out the product!

Pros: the large capacity for your clothes. It can hold about 11 lbs for the washing section. The dryer capacity is about 6.6 lbs. The potential con here: you may just have to spin your clothes dry twice or hang them up after a while.

Pro: Quick washing. This only takes about 15 minutes for washing and spinning takes about 5 minutes per load. Some washer/dryer combos I’ve looked at have the seller talking about how they will start their machine and come back in a couple of hours and then it would be ready.

So speedy and clean is a huge perk of this one. It is also super easy to use as well. It has a twin compartment at the top for separate washing and drying.

With most washing machines in the 21st century, it saves you the work and time of washing your clothes by hand. The worst is when you have to plan your trip by outfit limit. You can just put your laundry in and go have a blast without having to wait around at the laundromat.

Just for a quick snapshot of features, here is a small list of what you can expect.

  • 17.6 lbs capacity
  • 300-watt washing power
  • 110-watt spinner power
  • Overall dimensions: 31 x 27 x 16 inches
  • top loader
  • 32 lbs (shipping weight)


I’m not exactly sure why every title of the combos also includes half the details about the product, but at least you know what you’re buying! The total phrasing on this one if you were to search it is, “Della Small Compact Portable Washing Machine 11lbs Capacity with Spin Wash and Dryer.”

This machine has a range of prices you can find it for depending on where you are buying it from. Typically the range falls between $98- $135 US dollars.

You can find it the easiest on Walmart’s website, but some models from Della do exist on Amazon. Della Small Compact Portable Washing Machine 11lbs Capacity with Spin Wash and Dryer. This link will take you to Walmart’s website, for your convenience!

This is a top loader with two separate compartments for the washer and dryer units with like it said above, 11 lb capacity just for the wash, but for the dyer, it is a 3.3 lb capacity.

Some other pros and cons can be found below.

Pros: Easy to operate with three easy steps. 1. put in clothes. 2. fill with water. 3. set timer and press start. Which is really nice. I use only about three different settings on my home washer on a regular basis, so I like simple things.

Pro: ideal for smaller loads of delicate clothing like undergarments, socks, towels, and printed t-shirts. All the essentials!

Below is a quick bullet-pointed list of the specific features for the Della. Sometimes getting the geeky side of what you’re buying with all the specifications and not just the selling points.

  • Washer Power: 260W
  • Spiner Power: 140W
  • Voltage: 115/60Hz
  • Spin Timer: up to 5 minutes
  • Wash Timer: up to 15 minutes
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX4
  • Wash Capacity: 11lb (5.0KG)
  • Spin Capacity: 3.3LB (1.5KG) 
  • Overall Dimensions: 23-1/2″(W) x 15″(L) x 27″(H)
  • Package Includes:
    1 x 5Kg Electric Compact Washing Machine
    1 x Inlet Hose
    1 x Drainage Tube

Splendide WD2100XC

Each of the washer/dryer combinations I have listed has been a pretty good price range, requires a bit of self water filing and drainage with hookups to the sink, but the last combination I decided to include is a bit of an outlier.

The Splendide WD2100XC can be found on Amazon and is one of the higher end, best functioning combinations out there. This model also is the most like a household washer/ dryers, but it is a little bit cooler, in my opinion than others on the market.

First, it is a compact, front loader machine. It also looks and functions controls wise as a household washer and dryer, so you won’t have to relearn a dial language.

Second, it has a washer and dryer capability in just one opening. So, after you wash your clothes you don’t have to worry about switching loads, it will automatically drain the water out and then start to dry your clothes.

Not just spin the excess water out of your clothes, but use heat and tumbling to dry to your clothes, so all you need to do is just do the worst part–at least in my mom’s opinion, folding the clothes.

At the bottom of this though, I thought I would include the video about how to actually use this specific washer and dryer. It’s really informative about what to expect and does explain a few honest cons about the product.

Some basic features of this machine can be summarized in a few points outside the video. You’ll also see that the approximate cost for this combination is about $1,205 US dollars.

  • Max Spin: 1200 RPM; Cycle: 10 wash/3 dry
  • Max Wash Capacity: 15 lbs.; Max Dry Capacity: 11 lbs.
  • Super-silent technology
  • Automatic water level control
  • Dimensions: 33-1/8″ Height x 23-1/2″ Width x 22-5/8″ Depth

General Buyer Tips

A dog in a dryer with its head poking out

If you have looked at these washer/ dryer combinations and still don’t think that they meet your fancy. I decided to include some tips or helpful information that will help you narrow down your search to the tumult of finding the right match for you.

  1. Generally, washer dryers in RVs are pretty small
  2. Don’t overpay! There are so many options out there and the above five are just some of the best ones out there.
  3. Vented versions of washer/dryer combos are better. This is because they will dry more effectively.
  4. This combos hold about half of what your home washer can, but they can still get your clothes just as clean.
  5. There are combination washer/dryers that are a little more technically advanced. They have a full hook up set up inside your RV. they take a little more time to wash and dry your clothes, but they completely do all the work, except for the folding.

If you’re not even sure if you want to get a washer dryer, keep in mind that for some this saves them a lot more money and hassle. From

Below is a video I thought would be a good informational video about how the washer-dryer combinations work and I found it really helpful.

The woman in the video explains what to expect and just general settings and tips about how to use it.

Or if you really want to see how to run the first four kinds of washer/ dryer combinations. Below is a video about how to start those and how to measure the amount of water that is needed or suggested for your washing.

Overall, every combination will have some pros and cons to them. There will be great features and bugs in a few products, but when you’re camping, all things considered, it’s possible to find the right fit for you.

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  1. One thing I learned about the RV washer dryer combo vs stackable debate is that both units have their own desirable attributes. If you want to wash larger loads of laundry in less time, the RV Washer Dryer Stacking Kit is a better choice. The washer-dryer combo is best when you want an easy install with limited headroom.


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