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Average KOA Campground Costs: A guide with 30+ example prices

Published on June 24th, 2019 by Camper Report
This post was updated on April 26th, 2021

The KOA or Kampgrounds of America is one of the most organized camping sight companies that exists. They provide over 500 different sites throughout the United States and Canada. Any where you go, you can experience the “Hilton” of the camping world when you stay at one of their locations.

But how much does it usually cost to stay at one of their sites? This post will give you the basic rundown for each state- including Canada’s average rates, so you can plan for an awesome vacation.

On average, KOA campsites for RV’s range from $41- $80 US dollars; for camping cabins and other lodgings it ranges from $54- $250.00 US dollars and tents range from $24- $80 US dollars a night.

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Every KOA site is unique and different from even the KOA sites within the same state. My purpose of this guide is to give you comprehensive finance chart of averages per state and give you some example pricing.

This post will contain the average cost for two adults for two nights. If it is just you, some site will have cheaper rates. Some KOAs will also give you a maximum amount of people you can have. Depending on the size of your RV that could also affect prices on the sites.

As a tip, each KOA comes with the same basic amenities, however, some KOA sites have some exclusive amenities, destination views, or other advantages that some sites won’t have. Each site includes:

  • Level & Spacious Sites
  • Clean Restrooms
  • Hot Showers
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Fire Pits & Picnic Tables
  • KOA Convenience Stores
  • Pet Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Group Tent Camping Options

Super sweet right? I’d highly recommend (after you pick a state) to check out the specific KOA campsite to see what cool perks might be available. Overall, happy camping and enjoy your vacations!


Sweet Home Alabama! The skies really are so blue here. The camping spots here are located in Hillsboro, Lillian, and Ozark. Unfortunately, the Ozark here doesn’t connect with the Ozarks in Missouri, but it is still is a wonderful place to go!

Below is a chart that represents the average cost per night for a cabin, tent, or RV. This is a pretty generalized rate as it doesn’t include on or offseason. So you may, when you go to reserve a spot find that you save a little bit of money!



Ah, I love Alaska. Seriously, no other place has the dynamic of this state. The beauty of the mountains, lush forests, and crisp weather makes camping here nothing less than a must see, must be there camping spot.

The rates here are phenomenal especially when you consider that the KOA’s located here are total destination spots. Camping sites located in Homer/Baycrest, Seward, and Valdez will just take your breath away.

I had the opportunity to talk to one of the employees of the site in Seward and this KOA site is actually brand new. If you’re like my mom, newer is better when it comes to camping. Friendly staff awaits you!

For tent camping, as an average between on and off, the season is approximately $52.00 a night plus full hookups. Camping cabins (some include bathrooms some do not) come to about $108.74 a night. Again this is for two people over a period of two days.

Some camping cabins require a two day stay minimum.

Last but not least the RV camping cabins come to about $49 US dollars a night. Since these are more “destination” sites, the pricing may be a little higher than other KOAs but it’s well worth the cost.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy. You’ll love camping here. The weather is great, the prices unbeatable. Arizona’s KOAs are definitely sites to see. Some locations even have tepees instead of tents you can rent out. Thirteen sites all over the state of AZ take your pick and have a blast.

Tent camping, Camping Cabins, RV sites, and other lodging options are available.

The averages here come to about $48 dollars for a tent site (tepee sites a little more than that.), about $100 dollars for cabins and RV spots come to about $63 dollars.

Camping Cabins are a really neat feature for the KOAs. In Arizona, you don’t have to do just a basic roof over your head and grab a sleeping bag, but they also offer Delux Camping Cabins that have a few more amenities inside of them. Those do go up in price in some locations to $250 (sleeps up to 8 people and has full bathrooms and large beds)


Just south of Missouri, the weather is fine, the summers are perfect for adventuring! KOA is located in Eureka Springs, Hot Springs National Park, North Little Rock and Marion.

These are in the middle to upper parts of the state and Marion is right on the border of Memphis so you can go catch a country concert while you’re there.

Here are some of the averages for good ol’ Arkansas KOAs. Tent spots come to about $24 a night, RVs go to about $53, and cabins come to an average of $143 dollars. Arkansas is easy on the wallet.

As a fun fact, North Little Rock KOA has lots of activities near the site including golfing, shopping at antique and flea markets, fishing, dancing, dinning, movies, and tennis courts.


Not short of options, California has 31 KOA sites within the state. California is a great place to pick a KOA at because of the diversity of each site. If you go to Northern California you’ll get the beautiful mountain ranges and cool weather. Southern California is all about the heat and the beach. Pick your favorite.

Since there is such a diverse amount of campsites, I’ll do my best to establish an accurate average! Tents typically go for about $43 a night, RV’s with full hookups are about $78.63, and basic cabins are about $80 with deluxe cabins averaging $214.75.

If you’d like a 10% discount, some campsites offer it when you check out with a Value Kard Rewards membership.

Some unique things about the KOAs here (not all of them are like this) are that some of the campgrounds do not allow tent camping or personal vehicle camping.


Pikes Peak, the Royal Gorge, Ghost Towns, Fort Collins, Rocky Mountain National Park, The Denver Broncos and the Colorado Rockies. Enough said. By choosing a Colorado KOA you’ll get to experience this state in all sorts of fun and unique ways.

Camping here is great. In this state, there are 27 locations you can choose from all beautiful. The average for KOA’s here is pretty affordable. Tents come to about $40 dollars, RV spots are about $59, and cabins are about $68.

Here’s an insiders tip, if you want to shake up your living quarters, some camping sites have yurts, teepees, and Glamping Tents. Carbondale, Colorado’s KOA has some of those special accommodations. When you’re on vacation, why not mix it up a bit! (prices may vary!)


If you choose to go camping in Connecticut, you’ve got two fabulous campsites to chose from. Mystic KOA located in North Stonington and the Niantic/ I- 95 Exit 72 KOA. Both are located in the lower east coast areas. Definitely a great place to view the beautiful countryside of the eastern United States.

Niantic/ I-95 Exit 72 KOA is located right on the coast, so you are close enough to enjoy the beach and city life is just two hours away from New York City. The costs to stay here per night are $70.62 for RV’s and Tents are $46.62 on average per night.

The average cost for both sites come to about $71.06 for RVs. Average for lodging comes to about $98 US dollars. Tents per night come to $54.41.

The tent site pricing isn’t limited to/quoted for just two people per night, some sites allow up to 4-8 people per site. So save yourself a few dollars and go with some friends!


Ok, KOA… you outdid yourself in Florida. With 22 sites located all throughout the state, you can enjoy a variety of activities and cultures. Located in some of the most popular Spots, these KOA’s are an affordable destination everyone will love.

Palm Harbor KOA comes to an average of $73 dollars a night for RVs and tents average $49 per night just as an example! Overall for the state of Florida RV campers average $53.83 dollars a night, tents 43$ a night and lodging $117 a night.


Whether you want to be up north by Tennessee or all the way down south to Jacksonville, you can find a KOA in most major and familiar areas here. Prices are great and the qualities even better.

What I personally think is super fun is that some KOAs have special lodgings, so if you want to stay in a teepee or a glamping tent, you can have a little more fun than just “going on another camping trip.”

As a specific example, Savannah South KOA located in Richmond Hill averages a good price. Check out the table below to see the averages of what you could be paying when you go. The second part of the chart is seeing the totals overall for the State of Georgia.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Savannah South$53.60$79.67$47.50
Overall Georgia State$47.95$106.00$35.83


I’ve camped a lot in the Idaho area and you won’t be disappointed with the location and prices that KOA offers here. With locations in Boise, Craters of the Moon in Arco and Lava Hot Springs, you’ll come to enjoy the beauty of Idaho.

A little more pricey on the RV end of it than we have seen so far, Idaho KOA’s still offer affordable prices. On average RV camping comes to $69.97, tent spots are $51.90 a night. And lodging finishes it off with $120.44 US dollars.

Even though the lodging is high for an average, they do offer a variety of prices and high-quality cabins you can choose from when you make your reservations.


In the state of Illinois, I have chosen to highlight Rock Island/ Quad Cities. They have a wide variety of activities and sites for you to enjoy. I thought they encompassed a unique part of Illinois as this site has lots of water activities and high ratings.

At this site, you can expect about $60 for RV rates per night, $158 for a deluxe camping cabin and $45 for a tent site. The average for the state is close to Rock Island except the average lodging prices are lower.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Rock Island/ Quad Cities$60.00$158.00$45.00
Overall State of Illinois$56.32$108.22$33.73


You can camp right on the edge of the lake with the Angola/ Hogback Lake and you know what that means… BYOB (Bring Your Own Boat.) This is a super fun place to go camping and the site I’ve chosen to highlight with unbeatable prices and quality for this state.

Angola’s RV prices come to $53.50 dollars, lodging $130.00, and $39.00 for tents. They have some high-quality camping cabins if you are looking for something a little more like home when you leave home.

The average for Indiana’s KOAs comes to approximately $48.39 for RV spots, $90.70 for lodging, and tents come to $34.58 per night. Most of the KOAs are located in the middle of the state around Bloomington all the way up to Elkhart.

You can choose to camp right in the center of Indianapolis with the KOA located right off the main city, so you can enjoy the resources of civilization too. It’s important. I love camping, but also I love a good night visiting places around town.

KOA SitesRVs LodgingTents
Angola/ Hogback Lake$53.50$130.00$39.00
Overall State of Indiana$48.39$90.70$34.58


Iowa, the underestimated gem of the United States. You don’t have to camp in Hawaii or California to enjoy a luxury campsite. With four different KOAs to choose from, you’ll be satisfied where ever you go.

In Des Moines, you’ll find a site that has a lot to offer. Not only is it the birthplace of John Wayne, but you’ll also love the other amenities nearby. (My grandma would be sold on the John Wayne part already; she loves him.) What are you waiting for?

Des Moines West comes to $76.99 per night, lodging/ camping cabins are $77.99 and tents run to about $31.24.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Des Moines West$76.99$77.99$37.99
Overall State of Iowa$61.50$124.99$31.24


You may be surprised that Kansas isn’t all prairies and buffalo, some of Kansas may be that way, but there are definitely fantastic places to find a great vacation spot.

The Goodland Kansas KOA has a sweet sunflower field that you just have to go see and the prices here are pretty great. You’ll see from the chart below that for such a vibrant area, you’ll save big. RV’s can stay on average for just $41 dollars a night, lodging comes to $52.00 and tents are $28 dollars a site.

Goodland represents the economic costs of camping in Kansas. With the averages coming to $52.55 for RV’s, lodging $70.96, and tents $28.80 us dollars a night. Keep in mind that the lodges do range from just a “roof overhead” type of a place to “this looks like a hotel” making prices fluctuate.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Goodland Kansas$41.00$52.00$28.00
Overall State of Kansas$52.55$70.96$28.80


For the state of Kentucky, Bowling Green is just an example of what you will find throughout the state. It’s located on the more southwest side giving a lushness to the campsite. You’ll find that RV, lodging/ camping cabins, and tents are a good fit for you.

RV spots are $62.00 dollars a night, lodging (including lodges for big groups and camping cabins) comes to 184.00 a night, and tents are $40.00 a night. This site is open all year, so during off-seasons, you may be able to find a better deal.

Overall, Kentucky’s rates are about $52.67 for RV spots, $111.32 for camping cabins and lodging, and $33.67 for tents per night.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Bowling Green$62.00$184.00$40.00
Overall State of Kentucky$52.67$111.32$ 33.67


Oh Louisiana, what a place to be. Great food, friends, and fun things to do! In Lafayette, you can have a blast! You don’t even need a license… for fishing that is. Prices here are about $44.95 for RV spots (with no slide outs), $62.92 for lodging and tents come to about $29.95 a night.

The overall state is $50.63 for RVs, $103.96 for lodging, and tents are pretty cheap spaces here coming to about $29.23 on average.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Louisiana$50.63$103.96$29.23


Augusta/ Gardiner KOA quite the highlighter for Maine. One great quality about the KOAs here is that they offer, most of them, have full hookups that are included in the costs, so you can travel carefree knowing you will be taken care of.

The nightly rates go as follows for Augusta’s KOA:

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Augusta/ Gardiner$47.97$95.94$29.00
Overall State of Maine$64.52$140.88$41.86


Maryland has two KOA campgrounds– Hagerstown/ Antietam Battlefield and Washington DC/Capital. Pretty neat sounding spots right? You’ll love your stay being such historical places.

By now you can see the patter of how we have chosen to highlight specific KOA’s in hopes it will give you some specifics so you can get a feel for each state you want to camp in. Enjoy the charts!

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Hagerstown/Antietam Battlefield$84.25$194.50$62.00
Overall State of Maryland$82.13$108.90$53.33


Enjoy the sites of Boston/ Cape Cod and North Hampton/ Springfield. They have wide open spaces and very nice camping cabins! Each KOA site comes with fire pits and has high ratings from fellow campers! Enjoy the east coast.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Boston/ Cape Cod$91.67$192.61$56.65
Overall State of Massachusetts$71.49$178.46$51.98


In the state of Michigan, the Emmett KOA stands out for exemplary service and amenities. RV campers can stay here for $82.00, lodge friends average $147.60 and tent rates come to about $55. Overall the state averages RV spots at $73.11, lodging $151.11 and tents are $44.96.


The land of 10,000 lakes is one of the most beautiful places to go and visit. With lush waterside campsites, you’ll totally enjoy your stay here. With seven different locations to choose from you will be able to find your perfect Minnesota fit!

Taking a closer look at the KOA sites here, I chose to highlight the Rochester/ Marion because of its fantastic prices and convenient location. RVs average about $41 dollars a night, lodging comes to about $66 and tents are about $33 dollars. This site is open from March to October so you can have the beauty of spring, dead of summer or enjoy the color changed leaves.

The overall state of Minnesota is a bargain like Rochester. RV stays, with full hookups average about $48 dollars, lodging is approximately $64 dollars and tent sites are about $32 a night.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Minnesota$48.19$63.50$32.55


Keeping it simple, Mississippi has two locations for their KOA campgrounds. One in Starkville which is in the northeast section of the state. The other is located almost right on the border of Alabama.

The Meridian East/ Toonsuba KOA can be rated with the following prices. RV’s are about $45, lodging $69, and tents come to about $38 dollars a night. The overall state of Mississippi ranges to about the same as Meridian. Averaging about $47 dollars for RVs, $77 dollars for lodging and $35 dollars for a tent spot.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Meridian East/Toonsuba$45.00$69.00$38.00
Overall State of Mississippi$47.96$76.30$35.30


If you have never been to Branson Missouri, you need to put it on your list. They have a little bit of everything for visitors. Including, but not limited to the famous play mills and quilting shops. You won’t be bored on your trip and you can enjoy a wallet-friendly stay.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Missouri$61.45$124.33$34.75


Large, spacious and lush are three words that come to my mind when describing Montana. The KOAs here are located in some sweet spots… 19 sweet spots to be exact. If that doesn’t tell you there are some great camping spots here I don’t know what will!

You have a wide variety to choose from including close Yellowstone National Park sites. Choose wisely and have a blast!

The KOA in Billings Montana has some higher rates for RV’s coming to about $95 dollars a night, lodging is about $85 dollars and tent camping is about $42 dollars. Overall the trend in Montana comes to about $70 dollars for RV spots, $86 for lodging and about $40 dollars for tents.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Montana$70.00$86.00$40.00


The Grand Island KOA is one of the two campgrounds in Nebraska. Both are located on the east sides of the state, but you can enjoy a variety of camping options like group family lodging. With RV rates coming to $40.79 a night, camping cabins/lodges being about $159.89 and tents sitting comfortably at $28.79.

The average for both campsites for RV’s are $43.79, lodging is about $141.59 and tents are at an affordable $27.34 a night.


Nevada is interesting for camping options which makes it pretty straight forward to determine the price. The KOAs here are mainly RVs only with limited camping cabins and tent sites.

The Wendover KOA is the only one that offers RV, tent, and lodging. Here are the averages for Wendover: RV’s $49.00; lodging $60; tents $26. Averages overall for the state come to about $36.99 for RVs, lodging is about $64.00 while tents come to $26.00 a night.

New Hampshire

A beautiful place to be and the state where that famous concert took place in the 70s. The Lincoln/ Woodstock KOA has great prices and actually some of the cheaper lodgings in the US for KOAs. RV campsites come to just under $60 dollars, lodging is less than $100 and tents sites are just under $40 dollars.

For the Overall state you can expect another great trend of Less than $80 dollars a night for RV sports, $108 and some change for lodging and under $50 dollars for tent sites.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Lincoln/ Woodstock$58.89$94.89$39.89
Overall State of New Hampshire$74.45$108.92$44.60

New Mexico

As a culturally diverse state with Native American, Latino, Hispanic and more influences to the area, you will love camping in such a rich area. You’ll find Albuquerque at the center of the diversity as the chosen highlight campsite you’ll love what it has to offer.

The Albuquerque KOA has $52 dollar RV sites, just under $70 dollars for lodging and tents are just under $45 dollars. The overall state of New Mexico has fabulous prices as well with RV spots going for $52.57, lodging under $80 dollars and tent spots under $40 dollars.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of New Mexico$51.57$78.32$38.73

New York

The Big Apple has got some bigger prices for its KOA but the location is worth it, especially if you want to avoid the hotel craziness and get a little more nature into your vacation.

One place I chose to select for you was the 1000 Islands: Associated Islands KOA with low RV and tent rates per night you’ll find something to suit your needs. RV cots come to about $40 dollars a night, tents are about $32 a night and if you want a nice lodging or camping cabin spot they come to about $225 dollars.

Overall the state of New York offers about an average of $65 a night for RVs, lodging comes to about $141 dollars and tent camping is about $40 dollars.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
1000 Islands: Associated Islands$41.81$224.77$32.61
Overall State of New York$64.56$141.92$40.54

North Carolina

Located throughout the state you will love to see all of North Carolina, if only we had the time. But if you are debating between which sites you want to be at let a few highlights help you out.

Asheville was a great option that I looked into offering $62 dollars a night for RVs, about $77 dollars for lodging and about $45 dollars for tent sites. The overall state of North Carolina comes to about $70 dollars for RVs, a higher price for lodging coming to about $114 and tent spots being about $35 dollars.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of North Carolina$70.99$133.79$34.98

North Dakota

Lewis and Clark camped through here, wouldn’t it be neat if there were somewhere you could camp…. wait! There is! North Dakota offers two different sites for you in the middle of the state and more northern areas.

Bismark KOA lies just off of the banks of the Missouri river. A beautiful– and may I add economical place to vacation. If you were to stay in an RV it would be about $50 dollars, lodging $60 and tent about $30.

Overall North Dakota has the same low rates throughout. So it really gives you the choice on where to go and not your wallet. Best of both worlds. For RVs it will be about $50 dollars, lodging $65, and tent spots are about $30 dollars between the sites.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of North Dakota$48.33$65.00$30.33


Oh, hi-o… what a great place to camp! Overall you find unbeatable prices for over 16 different KOA sites. Some borders the shores of Lake Erie and others get you real close to the bustling city life of Cincinnati. Whichever you choose you can expect a great average price.

RV spots typically go for about $62 dollars with full hookups, lodging is about $131 and tents come to a nice amount of about $37.64 a night. You might be surprised that Ohio will be one of your favorite places to go camping.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Averages for state$62.33$131.00$37.64


When parking your RV you are always looking for a nice even spot of ground and something comfortable to lay on if you are in a tent. Rest assured Oklahoma is a grassland.. literally. Miles and miles of grassy fields, perfect to camp in.

For the state, you will find a great environment that offers activities like the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum at an affordable vacation price. RVs are about $55 dollars, lodging comes to about $115 and tents are about $27.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall average$55.75$115.00$27.00


You will really enjoy Oregon. Famous for breathtaking forests and rivers you will be able to commune with nature.

There is a minimum stay of three nights for the lodging as it is quite unique at the Oregon Dunes KOA. You literally can sleep in a train caboose! How fun is that! Definitely something different and adventurous for the kids.

The overall state of Oregon comes to about $46 dollars for RV spots, $110 for lodging and about $40 dollars for tents.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Oregon Dunes$83.00$185.00$37.00
Overall State of Oregon$46.00$110.00$38.50


I would say Pennsylvania is a nice place with great average KOA prices for you and your family to stay. They are very accommodating with an average price for RV areas (with full hookups) for about $50 dollars, lodging with a variety of different styles coming to about $142 dollars a night and about $40 dollars to stay here with a tent.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Average for Pennsylvania$50.00$142.00$40.50

South Carolina

Just like North Carolina, but obviously a little better if you like a little warmer weather. One element of South Carolina is that it is a great place to do a statewide road trip or if you’re just passing through. This is because basically, all the KOAs here are all in a row across the middle of the state. Kind of fun!

The average prices are $61 dollars a night for RVs, $119 dollars for lodging and $38 dollars for tents.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of South Carolina$61.00$119.00$38.00

South Dakota

Deadwood/Black Hills KOA in South Dakota is a smaller site but small doesn’t mean less quality. You will find that this place is pretty scenic. Staying here with your RV is about $48 dollars a night, lodging comes to about $70 and tents are about $39 a night.

Overall for the state, you will see a trend for RVs to be around $50 dollars, lodging is about $98 dollars and tents come to about $33 dollars.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Deadwood/ Black Hills $48.08$70.12$39.20
Overall State of South Dakota$50.00$98.00$33.00


This site is the only ten I see to find yourself camping in. With prime locations and low prices, you will enjoy your time here in the birthplace of country music. RVs can stay here for about $45 dollars a night, $75 dollars for lodging/ camping cabins and about $27 dollars for tents.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Tennessee$45.00$75.25$27.60


Nothing screams “patriotic” more than camping in the Lone Star state enjoying nature. Want to ride your bike through Dallas? Then camping at the Dallas Arlington KOA is the place for you and it is open all year round! Check out the chart below to see fantastic charts.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Dallas Arlington$94.00$156.00$39.00
Overall State of Texas$67.00$85.50$45.00


With rich pioneer heritage, you will feel just like one of the trekkers back in the 1800s and really feel the desert flower which is Utah KOAs. With unrivaled camping prices with cabins coming in at about $56 dollars a night, RVs stay for about the same and tents are about $30 dollars a night.

KOA SitesRVsTents


Home of the late US President George Washington, you will love the east coast colonial vibe. To stay here is actually not as pricey as you may think for such a historically rich area. Check out the chart below to see the awesome rates.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Average of Vermont$61.50$133.00$35.00


Good old Virginia. Coming in with some good prices for RVs at about $52 dollars a night, lodging being an average of $83.25 and tents being about $34 dollars, you will enjoy the cedar trees and wildlife that exists here affordably.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Virginia$52. 00$83.25$34.00


This is probably one of my favorite states to visit either to camp or just tour the city. You can’t go wrong staying here in the more western United States area. Spokane is one of the cities I have visited in Washington and is one of my favorite places to be.

Racking in unbeatable prices for such a beautiful area with 4.5-star ratings out of over a 1000 reviews you’ll love it there. Check out the prices for one of the neatest places to visit for a vacation. (Maybe I’m biased, but beautiful lakes do it for me in making the best camping spots.)

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Washington$55.25$145.00$32.75

West Virginia

With a variety of terrain, you can choose from three diverse KOAs in Sutton, Harpers Ferry, and Milton. Pools, mountain ranges, and beautiful countrysides. You’ll not just love the costs, but where you stay. “You get what you pay for” applies in the positive for West Virginia.

In totally you’d be paying about $55 dollars for a full hook up RV stay, $111 for lodging and approximately $45 dollars for a classic tent vacation.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of West Virginia$55.50$111.00$44.50


Mostly located off Highway 90, the Wisconsin KOAs are throughout the state with great prices and activities at each site. This state isn’t just famous for cheese or snow, but also breathtaking sites.

Not to mention Wisconsin has one of the lowest prices per KOA campground. Not to mention some of the KOAs here are located near popular cities, so you can still score some nightlife fun!

With an overall average from each RV, lodging sites, and tent sites you’ll see that you will have about a $53 dollars RV stay (per night), $85 dollars for lodging/cabins and about $43 dollars for a few nights if you go tent camping.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Wisconsin$53.00$85.00$42.50


Nice and simple, Wyoming, for me, has been one of the good old reliable places to go and camp. Most of my summer trips growing up included camping in this state. With sagebrush and fur trees, it makes you feel like a wild west character.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife as well as affordable prices. Tent sites at these KOAs are about $32 dollars a night, lodging comes to about $84 and RV sites average about $45. Not too pricey to see some of nature in action with animal sightings often occurring.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
Overall State of Wyoming$45.00$84.00$32.50


If you are thinking about traveling outside of the United States, Canada actually has about 9 KOAs. There is one in almost every provenience. So whether you decided you just want to stay a night to see the Northern Lights or are passing through, you’ll love the budget-friendly stays.

For example, the Cranbrook/ St. Eugene KOA in British Columbia averages about $72.50 for RV sites, $130 for lodging, and $40 dollars a night for tents. British Columbia as a whole comes to about $53.47 for RVs, lodging about $97 dollars and tent sites are about the same coming to about $40 dollars.

Canada as a whole has a diverse amount of prices and options at their KOAs, so as an average you can expect to see about a $54 dollar charge a night for RVs, $82 dollars for Lodging and about $38 dollars per night for tent camping.

Overall, each KOA is unique and different amenities, however, we hope that each of these sections provided some helpful information for you before you start out on a great adventure.

KOA SitesRVsLodgingTents
British Columbia$53.47$97.60$40.93
Overall Country$54.00$82.00$38.00

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1 thought on “Average KOA Campground Costs: A guide with 30+ example prices”

  1. We have purchased a small self-contained Camper and plan on taking it out soon with a trip to Tennessee, would like information and location on KOA’S around Columbia Tennessee.


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